If the Battle Damage caused by this card is reduced to 0 (with the effect of "Kuriboh", "Waboku", etc.) Can your opponent chain a Quick-Play Spell Card, against “Spell Canceller” coming back from. At this time, does the effect of Trickstar Lightstage inflict 200 damage to my opponent? "Statue of the Wicked" activates its effect even if you destroy your own "Statue of the Wicked". Source: https://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/faq_search.action?ope=5&fid=20922&keyword=&tag=-1, Q: My opponent’s Geargiano attacks a Geargiano Mk-II on my field. Yu-Gi-Oh! Skybridge uses ‘and if you do’, which means that if the tellarknight cannot be Special Summoned, the target is not shuffled into the Deck. (1) Conjunctions are a slightly newer element of PSCT than the rest. January 2019 There is no way to have a monster with an ATK above 1000 attack directly using the effect of "Secret Pass to the Treasures". If multiple Zombie-Type monsters are Special Summoned simultaneously, "Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower"'s effect is only applied once (so send just 2 cards). The monster the opponent ha, d declared an attack on no longer exists on the. If a Quick-Play Spell Card is chained to the activation of "Tower of Babel", you do not get a Spell Counter for that Quick-Play Spell Card. RESULT: Player B's "Mega Thunderball" is destroyed. A: Even if the “Trickstar” monster targeted with the effect of Trickstar Lycorissica is in face-down Defense Position when the effect resolves, the effect is applied normally. The 1000 Life Points needs to only be paid once when this card is activated. Source: https://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/faq_search.action?ope=5&fid=20378&keyword=&tag=-1, Q: While Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World is face-up on my field, my opponent activates the effect of their Ryko, Twilightsworn Fighter when it is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up. The effect of "Witch of the Black Forest" only activates when she is sent from the field to the Graveyard, not from your hand or Deck, and not if she is removed from play. A: In this scenario, the Cracking Dragon targeted with the effect of Cyberse Wizard has returned to the hand by the time the effect resolves, so it cannot be changed to Defense Position. Q: I activate the effect of Supreme King Servant Starving Venom, targeting a Link Slayer on my opponent’s field. In this case, will the effect of The Immortal Hermit of Thunder that increases my Life Points by 5000 activate? You select 2 monsters in your Graveyard when you activate "The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension". Because of this, it is impossible to chain 2 copies of "Serial Spell" to the same Normal Spell Card. If a Zombie-Type monster is Special Summoned face-down (with "The Shallow Grave", etc.) Your opponent can use "Trap Hole" against "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight" because it’s a Normal Summon. "Sasuke Samurai" destroys the monster before damage calculation is reached. Assume both monsters are in Attack Position. Also, you MUST pay 1000 Life Points to activate. If the monster Special Summoned by “Tribute Doll” is sent to the Graveyard and Special Summoned in the same turn, that, If Player A takes control of Player B’s monster with. A: In this scenario, since 3 Ojama Tokens are Special Summoned by the effect of Ojama Trio, you will only have 1 available Main Monster Zone when resolving the effect of Starrelic – “Stargrail”. When "The Eye of Truth" is active and a card such as "Robbin’ Goblin" requires that the opponent discard a card from their hand randomly, the opponent should hide and shuffle his hand, discard a random card, and then reveal their hand again. Source: https://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/faq_search.action?ope=5&fid=20876&keyword=&tag=-1. If "Skill Drain" is active, you can activate a Union Monster's effect to attach it to another monster, but nothing happens and it remains a monster. active on the field prevent the opponent from being able to attack? You may Tribute a face-down Dragon-Type monster when you Special Summon "Tyrant Dragon". If my opponent chains Enemy Controller and gains control of Trickstar Candina, how does the effect of Trickstar Lycorissica resolve? If "DNA Surgery" is in play changing all monsters to Zombie-Types, and a monster that was not originally a Zombie-Type is Special Summoned, "Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower"'s effect is applied and you send 2 cards from your opponent's Deck to the Graveyard. Paying Life Points for "Toll" is a cost, so if a player cannot pay the 500 Life Points, they cannot declare an attack. Quando seu oponente ativar um efeito de monstro: seu oponente compra 1 card e, além disso, negue a ativação e, se isso acontecer, destrua esse card. Also, if Mistake is chained to Emerging Emergency Rescute Rescue, how does its effect resolve? If you Flip Summon "Spear Cretin" while "Skill Drain" is active, "Spear Cretin"'s effect is negated when it is sent to the Graveyard because it is a Flip Effect and "Skill Drain" negates Flip Effects. So if you drew 2 cards by its effect, you can increase your Life Points by 1000. Q: I activate the effect of Cyberse Wizard, targeting my opponent’s Cracking Dragon and changing it to Defense Position. “Imperial Order” and “Spell Canceller” cannot ne, gate the activation or effect of “Spiritualism.”. A: As in this scenario, if Trickstar Lycorissica is no longer in your hand when resolving its effect, no part of the effect is applied. If you activate "Self-Destruction Button", and an effect is chained so that the different in Life Points is less than 7000, "Self-Destruction Button" still resolves because its conditions were correct at the time of activation. In this situation, I activate the effect of Firewall Dragon that returns monsters to the hand. But because Player A's "Mega Thunderball" had reduced ATK, Player B's "Mega Thunderball" is not destroyed either.

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