The TRBX605FM’s looks, quality, and versatility overshoot its asking price. The 600 Series are available with a gorgeous body finish: translucent black, dark red burst, matted amber, or natural satin. Posted by David Dixon | Aug 6, 2019 | Full Reviews, Gear | 0 |. Yamaha TRBX605 5-String Flamed Maple Bass Guitar, Dark Redburst Visit the Yamaha Store. They hit a home run with this one. We love that you don’t need a screw driver to make battery changes. We preferred the active sound to the passive, but it was nice to have an optional passive tone there for a backup in case we lost the battery, or when we desired a more vintage sounding tone. There is a master volume and pickup balancer for blending (or not) between the bridge and the neck pickup. The TRBX605FM (MSRP $1070) sells for approximately $650 and ships with D’Addario EXL170-5/0.045-0.130 strings. The electronics were very intuitive, and each of the three EQ knobs, and the balance knob, had center detents. We’re also constantly on the hunt for “beater basses” – instruments we can take to the club gig and not panic that a misplaced ding or two will kill the beauty and value of our pricey boutique instrument. Place your order and make your first monthly payment today, and your gear will be in your hands in about two days. The first of these features is the active/passive toggle switch – a very popular feature with the 500-series which has made a return for this 600-series. The Yamaha TRBX605FM Series combines advanced design, precision engineering and time-honored craftsmanship to create a bass that doesn't compromise on comfort, tone, style or road-ready durability. related to all Yamaha basses. As you would expect from humbuckers, this bass has a low noise floor, and has a fat/full sound when blending the neck and bridge pickups. Good tone, smooth fret edges too so no more sandpaper hands. 12 of 13 people (92%) people found this review helpful. Conversely, when you roll off the neck pickup, you get more of a high end/treble type sound. Would work for a wide range of music styles, and hits well above its price class. We also ran a variety of effect pedals in our signal chain to color the tone. My initial thought was that this is a great instrument for the intermediate player or a beginner ready to get out of the “starter pack” stage – or a touring musician on a budget who wouldn’t mind if this piece got some road wear [The TRBX605FM sells for $649.99 before tax throughout most music warehouses and other providers]. The finish of the headstock matches the finish of the body. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier There are a lot of tone-sculpting measures included in this bass, courtesy of the 3-band active EQ, pickup blend knob, and the aforementioned active/passive circuit toggle. The low B string was always tight and authoritative sounding, and it exhibited excellent definition. The layout of the knobs is such that they look orderly, and “out of the way” enough for any style of player. If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 714-522-9011, Submitted April 9, 2019 by George Garcia in Las Vegas, NV. The straight string pull from the nut to machine head reduces overtones and aids tuning stability. Some decent weight to the body but the neck and headstock are decently light so it feels balanced to me. If you do not have an account simply enter a user name and password to create one. In passive mode, the Treble control worked well as a passive tone knob. First of all I was hoping that the "burst" on this bass wasn't to bright, I like darker myself. It is indeed a beautiful piece to behold. Even though they make many different products – and I mean MANY – they all seem to be very well-made, especially their instruments. We get a lot of messages from music educators asking what reasonably-priced bass we would recommend for students who are ready to move beyond their first instruments into something more legitimate, and the new TRBX605 easy makes that short list. Extremely value-packed, versatile, good-looking bass from a company known for high-quality products. This is a perfect bass to fill that role for us, where we still require solid tone and the right feel, but without worrying that we’re going to ding up our pricey studio instruments. Stay up-to-date with all our recent articles, podcasts and more. The focus of this review is on their newest line in their popular TRBX series, the 600-level flamed maple series, which was first introduced at the 2018 Winter NAMM Show. But beyond the sweet aesthetics, this bass offers an array of useful tones that will cover a variety of musical styles. ), Paul Gilbert: Humble Shredder Pushes Stones Uphill, AAS Chromaphone 2 Acoustic Object Synthesizer, Soft Synths & Virtual Instruments Reviews, Album Review: Gary Numan, Savage (Songs From a Broken World), Drum Workshop SSC (Specialized Shell Configuration) Kit, JACKSON® ANNOUNCES THE NEW X SERIES SIGNATURE DAVID ELLEFSON 30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT™ BASS CBX IV, EBS launches a signature Acoustic Preamp with Stanley Clarke. Alder/Maple body construction; Flamed maple top; Maple/Mahogany 5-Piece Neck; Slim 1 1/2 " (38 mm) nut width An additional feature that can help avoid this situation altogether is the low battery indicator on the back panel. We’ve reviewed and regularly play some flagship models (like Yamaha’s amazing Nathan East signature bass, reviewed here), and the characteristic Yamaha feel is present here at a fraction of the cost. The stock .45-.130 gauge D’Adarrio strings did feel a bit close together, with the nut width being a bit slim at about 43 mm, or 1 and 11/16”. We like this spacing for our five-string basses as it’s not too wide and still plenty fast to play when you’ve got the need for speed. 3.6 stars or better: Outstanding, WIHO Award, 2 stars or better: Suited to specific needs, Bass Guitar Effects, Pedals & Controller Reviews, Audio Interfaces, Mixers, Mic Preamps, Channel Strips, Hardware Processor Reviews, DAWs, Audio Processing & DSP Hardware Reviews, Recording/Live Sound Effects Processing Reviews, Recording/Live Sound CDs, DVDs & Book Reviews, Guitar Power Amps, Simulators & Modeling Tech Reviews, Rack Effects Processors & Guitar Synth Reviews, Drum Machines and Percussion Modules Reviews, Recording/Live Sound Audio Interfaces: USB, Thunderbolt Firewire Reviews, Recording/Live Sound Mixing Board Reviews, Guitar Effects Pedals (Stompboxes) Reviews, Andy VanDette: Mastering the Masters (and Indie Artists, too! Yamaha 5-String or More Electric Bass Guitars, Lightweight body with stunning flame grain, Cut or boost bass, middle and treble frequencies, On/off active or passive circuit tone choices.

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