As long as there is a feeling there, even if it is not easy to define, then it is worth pursuing. Xiu Xiu’s latest album, FORGET, was released via Polyvinyl Records on February 24, 2017. [6] In the spring of 2004, Stewart and McCulloch released what is considered by many to be the group's most accessible album, Fabulous Muscles. [7] Stewart described his lyrics as "never fictional". Seen as a return to Stewart's more dark and crabby demeanor, Xiu Xiu's fourth album La Forêt alluded to a frustration which Stewart had felt throughout the process of recording the 2004 record. How do you overcome unexpected, oppositional scenarios in a live setting? 15th – Boston, MA – The Hardcore Stadium (Cambridge Elks Lodge). The feeling is what would drive any choice. When recording and editing vocals, the point is to pick takes or moments that put across the feeling of the song. Continuing to focus on the subject matter of Jamie Stewart's personal life – as witnessed previously by Knife Play – A Promise acts like a concept record of internal despair. Xiu Xiu performed a long piece "Deforms the Unborn" based on the demonic possession of children at the Guggenheim Museum in May 2018. Xiu Xiu (/ ˈ ʃ uː ʃ uː /) is an American experimental band, formed in 2002 by singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart in San Jose, California.Currently, the line-up consists of Stewart (the only constant member since formation) and Angela Seo. [16][17] Speculations ran as to what reasons McElroy had for leaving the group after five years of recording and touring, though no explanation was given other than her subsequent membership in Manhattan-based darkwave group Cold Cave, which she soon after departed from in 2010. Currently, the line-up consists of Stewart (the only constant member since formation) and Angela Seo. I found out that the president of the NRA is a fan. Sometimes those are weirdly emphasized, like your example, sometimes they are the most plain, most direct. 21st – Seattle, WA – Kremwork Originating from San Jose in 2002 under frontman Jamie Stewart, the band has a long and colorful history of releases that defy definition and constantly push listeners out of their comfort zone. 8th – Harrisburg, PA – Cathedral Room at Der Maennerchor In an email sent to fans on January 28, 2013, Xiu Xiu announced that "Ches Smith, Mary Halvorson, Tim Berne, Tony Malaby, Andrea Parkins and Jamie Stewart just finished recording an album in NYC of free jazz and art song versions of all Nina Simone songs." [7], Xiu Xiu members Jamie Stewart, Angela Seo in Aarhus, Denmark, 2017, "No Show Joe Show: RedHeaded Stepchild makes a Front Street Pub crowd wait", "Rubber Soul: Los Dryheavers get into the protection racket", "Xiu Xiu Larsen Returns to Italy to Record ¿Spicchiology? Xiu Xiu draws upon musical traditions of British post punk, 20th century classical, industrial noise, experimental and traditional percussion musics, 50s rock and roll, field recordings, queer dance pop and kosmische musik. Citing an eclectic mix of sonic influences from British post-punk and industrial to modern Western classical, Xiu Xiu first began in “isolation” in San Jose, Calif., circa 2002. I.e., we had influences, but you might not hear them as clearly. In 2009, Stewart would break from tradition by ending his professional relationship with McCulloch. While this album has the liberty to play a little more loosely with flow since the tracklist is deliberately filled with jarring audio that isn’t meant to develop like a contemporary album, Xiu Xiu play to their strengths and therefore aren’t interested in letting their sound stagnate. Some elements of anxiety are coded into the instrumentation itself – track 4 is especially of notice as its brief use of strings cut in and out of the track without warning. Funny you caught that. [14], A third EP – Tu Mi Piaci ("I like you") – of songs originally recorded by acts such as Bauhaus, Nedelle, Big Star, The Pussycat Dolls, and Nina Simone was released in 2006, along with a collaboration with ambient artist Grouper, entitled Creepshow. 22nd – Portland, OR – Holocene Ha, I forgot about that. Most recently you composed music for a collaboration with Vaginal Davis and Susanne Sachsse of a reinterpretation of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Sometimes “middle” period songs get over looked. [18] The music video for the song "Dear God, I Hate Myself" received attention online in 2010. I suppose those will be older too soon and will make it back onto the set list. From open to close, Girl with Basket of Fruit reeks overwhelmingly of anxiety, more specifically as a fantastic expression of being anxious. Usually people in the audience will shush whoever is being an ass. I have no idea what else I would do if not that. Girl with Basket of Fruit, released February 8th, 2019, is a fairly contemporary release by Xiu Xiu’s standards. We've got that! Do you feel like your lyrics have become more cryptic and/or poetic over time? By normal standards, it is 36 minutes of aural whiplash, violently jerking the listener around with periodic interludes of spoken word ballads before tearing off once more into a pounding, glitchy beat. Marty is someone I trust to know what he is doing. RIYL: The Microphones, Swans, Animal Collective, Tim Hecker, Death Grips, Merzbow. SM: Hopefully Xiu Xiu will be able to integrate more and more experimental influences while staying completely pop. ", "Caralee McElroy Leaves Xiu Xiu, Jamie Stewart Writes Haikus • News •", "Interview with: Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu", "Xiu Xiu: 'Dear God I Hate Myself' (Video) (NSFW) | Prefix", "XIU XIU SIGN TO BELLA UNION « New music, features, reviews, news and free mp3s –", "Album: Xiu Xiu, Always (Bella Union) – Reviews – Music", "Xiu Xiu – Always / Releases / Releases // Drowned In Sound", "Eugene Robinson/Oxbow + Jamie Stewart/Xiu Xiu have a band together and it shall be known as SAL MINEO", "David Hartley (the War on Drugs) Talks Xiu Xiu's Angel Guts: Red Classroom", "Xiu Xiu Announce New Album FORGET, Share New Track "Wondering": Listen", "Xiu Xiu Cancel Tour, Citing Mental Health", A Soundtrack for a Polaroid of Two Trees in Indiana,, Indie rock musical groups from California, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2011, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Angela Seo – production, vocals, percussion, piano, synthesizers, programming, organ, harmonium (2009–present), Shayna Dunkelman – drums, vibraphone, synthesizers, percussion (2012–2018), Cory McCulloch – production, bass guitar, mandolin, synthesizers (2002–2009), Lauren Andrews – synthesizers, keyboards, piano, percussion (2002–2004), Yvonne Chen – synthesizers, percussion, trumpet (2002–2003), This page was last edited on 18 August 2020, at 22:35. As the group’s only consistent member, Jamie has continuously utilized his project to perform, record, and release challenging music that, when combined with his distinctly emotive singing style and oftentimes polarizing lyrics, has garnered the band critical praise and a passionate following. Xiu Xiu released their eleventh new album titled Girl with Basket of Fruit on February 8, 2019 via Polyvinyl. What is easy for some people is impossible to get into for others. [8] The two would tour relentlessly throughout that year, releasing not only the group's third LP, but also split recordings with This Song Is a Mess But So Am I and Bunkbed, along with the "Fleshettes" single – which featured a rendition of the Ten in the Swear Jar track "Helsabot" by McElroy. Jamie Stewart formed Xiu Xiu in 2002 after his previous band, Ten in the Swear Jar, disbanded. Apr. Apr. It speaks for other talents of the album, those being its consistency and flow, both of which are extremely well executed.

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