Plat stab is horribly out of place in that build, while sharpshooter is debatable. Every campaign I feel less and less like the reasons to have anything else are compelling enough to forego the strength of being able to move and disable something. Also note that marksman's rifles have reaction shot range of 36, while LMGs and sniper rifles have reaction shot ranges of 30. What crit chance ? After I install the alien sight range mod of course. cwayne59. Disabling shot is pretty much always great but there is plenty of time where the unlimited squadsight is more powerful. reload / shoot (1 ammo used) ad infinitum - in four turns you get 6 shots. I do tend to really miss disabling shot whenever I don't have it, though! DT is great but if I'm taking prec shot and DT I'll just take BEO over LNL. It can allow you to start the chain with higher HP enemies and continue on for longer. :). What then is the purpose of the Sniper rifle? © Valve Corporation. The rest are already high, anyways. Now in Long War it seems like only the Marksmen rifles can shoot beyong a soldier's individual range (by 5 tiles). snapshot snipers are fairly amazing, and probably my favorite sniper build. All true. XCOM: Enemy Unknown > General Discussions > Topic Details. You cannot use the gauss long rifle and double tap perk effectively. The only advantage I see is not having the limited squadsight range but I feel the absence of disabling shot, precision shot, and the -10 aim hardly is worth the ability to move with a sniper rifle when marksman rifles exist. For comparison, visual range is 27. I'm wrapping up my current campaign, but I plan to try the next highest difficulty and use these exclusively. Sniper rifles have a range of 200. And with a height advantage the extra range extends further, up to almost infinite range at extreme heights. Lance Corporal: Low Profile – Gunslinger – Lone Wolf. Until you have a class fully promoted it is hard to judge the worth. VPT is an incredible perk on any ITZ build. Makes ITZ much more effective as a killing strategy. Thanks for that! Snipers (not scouts) get squadsight by default. Is there something I'm missing? I didn't realize squad sight got bonus range from elevation. Couldn't Snipers fire using Squadsight during Overwatch in vanilla? I tend to leave ITZ work to Jaegers and it doesn't play nicely with double tap. As others have mentioned, snapshot snipers are amazing once they get lock N load and ITZ, but feel a little bit lacking until then; they're what MOBA players would refer to as a "carry". Great summary. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Infinite range as long as you can see the alien with the buggy line of sight. Also means I don't need to bring an Arc Rifle anymore... One problem is, that after playing this way I forget how to handle certain situation when I don't have disabling shot. This effectively means unlimited range. What is it about the Sniper Ability Tree that makes this preferable to using a Scout? Otherwise, both have visual. This effectively means unlimited range. So good. All the things people have said are true but I just wanted to chime in to say that the more I play the more I just build Disabling Shot Markman's Rifle Snipers. Yes, you miss the fact in most situations there is no good cover for 8 soldiers at efective combat range. On a Scout, Marksman Rifles have the same range as normal rifles, but they still do more damage and more crit chance. I personally think that snap shapshot snipers are well suited to the gauss long rifle build with lock and load and double tap. Sep 23, 2016 @ 5:02am Long War: Sniper with Marksman Rifle I've been reading about people giving some of their Snipers a Marksman Rifle. Long War adds many new types of primary and secondary weapon. Disabling Shot can be picked up by Mayhem Engineers with an Arc Rifle. On a Sniper soldier, the Sniper Rifle has the advantages of a higher crit chance (don't forget that shooting beyond normal range reduces crit chance by 20% though) and more or less infinite range (just like in the base game), whereas the Marksman Rifle can be used after moving without any penalty and no need for Snap Shot, but it has only normal rifle range +5 tiles. So you are either using lasers, or waiting for plasma at a time when you have one of the most awesome robotic killing weapons in the game. If you use precision shot with a marksman rifle for one long range shot. Upvote for you! Wut. The sharpshooter is one of them. Limited squad sight is much more powerful than you might think at first. Every second double tap is wasted with a gauss rifle and any perk other than snap shot: Assuming gauss + hicap + ammo + lock and load = 4 ammo, Turn 2 single shot (3 ammo gone in total), Turn 3 double tap is wasted, you take one shot and end turn. This is only a slight increase over most weapons - the norm is 30. I tend to build 2 deadeye disabling shot snipers, 2 snapshot ITZ snipers, and 1 prec shot DT sniper, roughly in that order. The only thing you left out is that anything beyond default range gives you -20% crit. Why are you taking plat stab on a snapshot-LNL build? For comparison, visual range is 27. Rapid Reaction + Marksman is a very fun combination. Like Sniper Rifles, Marksman Rifles incur aim penalties at close range but perform well at long range. You get 6 shots every 4 turns versus only 4 shots in 4 turns if you take precision shot or disabling shot. All rights reserved. From what I can tell, the sharpshooters are simply soldiers who carry a sniper rifle. It is a big deal. On the other hand they become less instead of more accurate if you are close to the enemy. sniper rifles are pretty much exactly what they were in vanilla. If you as a soldier have squadsight, then a sniper rifle has unlimited range, and a marksman has visual +5. I am very convinced after watching you and various others' Disabling sniper builds in action that this is the way to go. The Sharpshooter Class is a soldier class in XCOM 2. With an squadsight sniper at back you only need 7 good cover tiles. This is an ITZ sniper, not a Prec Shot Sniper. Flying armor does breathe a bit of new life into disabling shotters with their limited squadsight however. Death from Above grants one action point. Snipers stack enough Aim late game that they don't miss the 10 penalty much. Most of these weapon types have a corresponding weapon at each technology level. Marksman Rifles have far less crit and exceedingly limited range compared to Sniper Rifles. Almost every aspect of the original game is altered, creating a longer, more complex campaign that presents players with more strategic choices and customization options. ITZ snapshot is a fine build, and you probably want some sort of ITZ by ~november, but the other ITZ sources come online sooner and disabling shot can solve so many problems throughout the early game. There are classes which are weak early game but become powerhouses in late. If you have a Marksman Scope (a manufactured item specifically for Scouts), you get also the +5 tile extended range.

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