I use these oils for my painting. Single pigments are used except where to do so would be less affordable; the result is a range with a pigment load higher than many artists’ ranges, exceptional for general use and ideal for working in large volume at the highest level. Created by Winsor & Newton, leading British colour-makers for over 180 years, it has been formulated to produce excellent results across the colour spectrum, with high permanence and lightfastness and good covering power and tinting strength. Good quality paint - a gift and the recipient was happy. Designed to closely resemble the spectrum of natural oil colour pigments, “Hue” oil colour offers a quality, affordable alternative. Not the best pigments but good value for money and certainly good enough for my standard. High quality oil paints from Winsor and Newton. Order here. We are dedicated to you, the artist! Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour, high-quality oils combining the best raw materials and most advanced technology at the best possible value. Can be extended with medium, good for thin washes, wet into wet and impasto paintingand is good value for money when bought in this quantity. Kensington and Hampstead – available Monday – Sunday. You can also paint onto oil paper, wooden panels or non-absorbent materials such as metal or glass. Fine tube of paint. Great value for money! I was very pleased with my winton oil paints. £10.95RRP: £21.00 Was: £12.95 £10.95From £10.95. Found in almost any art store, Winsor & Newton's Winton Oil Colour is the brand's student grade oil paint. The pigment fixes to the support upon dehydration and oxidation of the oil, forming a hard film on the surface. Want to get notified when it's back in stock online? Thank you Jerry's! Underpainting and experiments. Products good. Cancel, Call us on 01303 290 550 I'm a professional artist so the range of colour and the quality of paint on offer is perfect for my needs. Oil colour tends to become touch dry in 2-12 days. Excellent quality at a reasonable price. I use to for my oil paintings, the artist quality paint is of higher quality, would recommend to people with more advanced painting skills. It is one of my favourite oilpaint brands, good quality as always. I paint on large canvases and require large tubes, good coverage and mixing properties. Write to us at: I am an artist in oil painting. I have to say that I am pleased with the quality of the colours and the coverage. All surfaces will need to be correctly prepared before using with oil colour to ensure the paint grips to the surface, as well as avoid any risk of the oil base of the paint seeping through the surface. Great bargain! I order all of my gallery supplies & lots of frames! all artists painting in oils. The wide spectrum of 47 colours within the Winton Oil Colour range allows cleaner, brighter mixes and infinite hues, with exceptional covering power and strong intensity of tint. I find the quality of this paint good. Should you prefer to use synthetic brushes, any synthetic brush built specifically for use with oil paint will have very similar properties to hog brushes. I think the Winton oils are good quality and well priced. A high level of pigmentation is achieved by the use of moderately priced pigments, rather than reducing the pigment load. I'm hooked on Jerry's! Amazing price. I use them for my oil portrait painting. I am just starting painting (73) and am looking forward to using these paints. (9.30am - 5.30pm Weekdays). Excellent grade of oil paint for decorative painting. Good price, good quality! Would recommend to all for above use. A good quality oil paint at a reasonable price, and a wide range of colours. This can be addressed by the addition of solvent or medium. Purchase the Winsor & Newton® Winton Oil Colour™ Tube, 37mL at Michaels. These paints have been left to me by my artist father. One of the best values in oil color Winton Oil Paints represent one of the best values in oil color. Share Very good product, excellent quality and recommended for artists that use oil at any ability. Oil Colour painting requires the brush to have stiff bristles, with enough resilience to control and manipulate the colour. Winsor & Newton quality, very good value, well packed. True colours and great workability. The wide spectrum of 47 colours within the Winton Oil Colour range allows cleaner, brighter mixes and infinite hues, with exceptional covering power and strong intensity of tint. Good selection of colours, I would recommend to other artists. Winsor & Newton offer some useful Tips For Using Oil Paint Mediums.

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