The daughter had said those like her had to work harder to receive love because their situation was tenuous. (function(d, s, id) { After she’d left Dong-baek, she’d been willing to do anything. There are lots of goodbyes this hour, but our characters try to make the best of difficult situations. Part of the problem with growing up in poverty is that there are a lot of gaps in what the child learns, important lessons in hw to deal with life and people. How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Codependency does no one any favors. At the station, our cops are worried the Joker will worm his way out of a harsh sentence by claiming mental illness. I'm actually surprised at how well planned the story seems and how well rounded and nuanced every character is, they feel like their life goes on outside the drama. Sure enough, after the (frustrating) breakup, Dong-baek and Yong-shik both drown themselves in work. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Required fields are marked *. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Sometimes I have thought about watching this drama, in order to give Gong hyo jin a chance, but really when I read pieces of the recap or the last comments or some of your comments, I know I won't want to anymore. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; “Even the disappointing reveal as to the Joker's motivation is all to realistic- yet one more example of the banality of evil.”. Heung-shik claims his father couldn’t stand the cats being noisy and couldn’t help it. If you want him to be okay with you dating, you need to include him and make him feel safe with this new person in your lives. Dong-baek was always hungry, and Jung-sook couldn’t even afford to buy her ice cream. Synopsis When the Camellia Blooms. or - DB being shunned for being a single mother Noticing Yong-shik’s exasperation, he tears up as he says he hates his dad too. Yes, she's wrong, there is a better way, but how on earth is she supposed to have known that by herself? And to top that all off, she then has to deal with a fatal illness. Jung-sook had bought her a meal and told her to say she was seven and wanted to go to school next year. Thank you. Pilgu was delighted when his mom came to Seoul to take him home, because once she corrected him, he knew he was still his mom’s number one. I had hoped the Joker’s motivations would at least prove interesting, but they went the generic they-disrespected-me route. We flash back to when they visited the hospital together. However, that doesn’t mean you just go, “Oh well. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. She only needs to tell them her name and age. Her story is very real and compelling as it is, and don't need fairytale spin. Most of the dialogues in this episode continue to show how much the characters care about each other, especially with the relationship between DongBaek and her mom which has always been the most impactful and moving storyline for me. Kyu-tae gets emotional at the peanut victory. (function(d, s, id) { But unlike her, she could still smile. (Jung-sook had claimed to get carsick.) The series was met with praise by critics and audiences for its production and solid actors' performances. The temporary separation between our heroine and her son unearths some unsettling truths. She’s fine living only for him. She started working at a bar and entertained men while they drank. I read what you wrote in such a way that I feel like applauding at the end of your comment :) . & Thurs. Instead, the show seems to be promoting the unhealthy idea that a mother has no identity outside of her child. She also started working as a maid for the women at the club. Dong-baek forbids her mom from dying and making her grieve twice. it was Dong Baek's punch that did it..she literally knocked some sense into JR. Jong-Ryul's problem has always been that he was too self-centered and kind of oblivious to the feelings of others, so it's not a strech that once he realized that money did not make his son happy or solve his problems and actually stopped and thinked about others and not just himself he matured a little.

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