But the flowers are edible and flavorful themselves, so I kept them in. Sampling the flowers before using them gives a better idea on how much to use in each dish. Advertise | They do not contain any toxic substances and can be safely consumed in many dishes. Simply steep oregano in vinegar for a few weeks and then strain. Oregano is one of those herbs that tends to grow prolifically. What do you do with the flowers of your oregano plants? Salt and pepper to taste, add a little garlic and at least a tablespoon of fresh oregano. Anna is passionate about flowers, nutrition, organic food, and everything related to gardening. While you can make tea with a more intense taste only by using the leaves of oregano, the drink made out of the flowers of this plant has a lighter taste. The plant is used up until the first buds form. Combine about a quarter cup of red wine vinegar with a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, and about a quarter cup of olive oil. It makes a sort of tall carpet, and it covered with tiny blossoms in the spring. Even a baking rack will do; just allow air to circulate on all sides. It also works well with other savory ingredients like garlic and olive oil. 10 Gardening Forums You Should Join In 2020. However, oregano is difficult to grow from seed and may not grow true to the mother plant. About | For instance, I love to add these flowers on homemade pizza, in salad toppings, or simply to decorate a plate. ; January 2002, ND State University Extension Service; Growing Herbs for the Home Gardener; Erv Evans, et al. Try adding cheese and oregano to omelets, frittatas and other egg dishes. The ... read more. Headache Relief Tea. Oregano is antifungal making it a potential ally for folks struggling with athlete’s foot. Hang them in a well-ventilated, dark area and until thoroughly dried. This means that the owner of this website might be compensated for any qualifying purchases made via these links. [ Home | When I make pizza sauce, I like to get a huge pot bubbling, but you can sauce about three pizzas with the following: A small onion and four cloves of garlic sautéed until translucent. Do use oregano in moderation. Once they are dried, you can use these to create unique house decorations. If dried in the right conditions, the flowerheads should keep their shape, petals, and color. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service; Edible Flowers; Sandra Bastin, Ph.D.; January 1997, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service; Growing Herbs; Kate Copsey, et al. Once you get a feel for the flavor Oregano adds to your food, you will start looking for other ways to use it. Do Not Sell My Personal Information] If you intend to cultivate oregano the next year and you want to save up some money, instead of buying the seeds, you can collect the seeds directly from your plants. The small, pink or white flowers growing on the ends of oregano stems add color to the herb garden. The leaves of the oregano plants have a stronger aroma before the plants start blooming. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Try adding cheese and oregano to omelets, frittatas and other egg dishes. Add some bacon or ham for flavor, some jalapenos for heat, and a goodly amount of oregano, and cook it down for a couple of hours. However, that doesn’t mean they are not suitable to be used in culinary. Above: Younger sections of my plant hadn’t flowered yet; here is the more traditional look of oregano as an herb, sans flowers. You cut the potatoes the long way into thick wedges and toss them in olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste, and bake at 450 degrees until the potatoes are cooked through. It is so common in in cuisines in widely-spread parts of the world precisely because it adds that "special something" to such a wide variety of ingredients. ; February 1998. Read articles about: Cooking, Herbs, Oregano, Recipes. Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. Follow her on Google. © 2020 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands Another usage for the flowers of oregano plants is for the preparation of teas. The flowers are edible parts of the oregano plant. Seeds, divisions, or cuttings are the three ways to propagate oregano: Oregano seeds are tiny, patter them on seed pot and cover with a thin layer of soil. The seeds need not be saved. Leave a comment below. Spread the potatoes onto a baking sheet, top with snipped oregano leaves and squeeze on some lemon juice. Oils infused with oregano flowers are decorative as well as tasty. For the folks who are more creative and are passionate about DIY and home decor, the oregano flowers can also represent a way to let their creativity free. Additionally, I’m going to share with you a few uses of the oregano flowers. Media Kit | Cucumber; Melon; Pumpkin; Pepper; Squash; Broccoli; Tomato; Cabbage; Cauliflower; Eggplant; Basil; Avoid growing oregano near garlic or onions if you have a problem with thrips. My favorite dish to make with this variety of oregano is lemony Greek potatoes. Bean dishes also benefit from the addition of oregano. Oregano is a staple in Greek cuisine, and if you cook a lot of food from that region, try your hand at growing Greek oregano, which has a stronger, more intense flavor than plants sold as Italian oregano (Origanum x majoricum, actually a cross between Greek Oregano and Marjoram). You can sensibly substitute Greek or Italian Oregano in recipes that call for Mexican Oregano, even though they are not exactly the same. The University of Kentucky cooperative extension notes that oregano flowers edible are used in vegetable dishes and pizzas bus also as a decorative salad topping. These are known to be not as fragrant as the leaves of this plant, but this makes them more suitable for other appliances. She began as a writer and publisher for the Natural Toxins Research Center and has spent her time since as a landscape designer and part-time writer. Do pair it with the right herbs and spices. However, the flowers are useful in cooking and have decorative value for the home and garden. What Is An Annual, Perennial, And Biennial Plant? To make easy charro beans, soak a pound of pinto beans overnight, then toss in some onion tomato and garlic. You can also spray them with a bit of dried flower preserving spray (get one from Amazon) to keep their natural look for an extended time. I use ... read more, Our neighbors had peacocks when I was growing up. Oregano pairs well with a variety of cheeses, from provolone to feta and is especially tasty when the cheeses in question melt, allowing the herb's flavors to suffuse throughout the cheese. Clippings must be taken from an established plant with good roots. This tea is also believed to help you get rid of coughs, sore throat, and some digestive problems. Anna BrownAdded: August 15, 2020Updated: August 15, 2020. I’ll find a good use for the blooms afterward. While you can propagate the oregano plants from cuttings, another way to grow oregano is by seeds. For the purest oregano flavor, cut the herb before it flowers. Above: Tie the herbs in a bunch to hang dry, or lay them flat on an herb rack. Oregano is a great companion plant for many vegetables because it can help deter pests. After oregano blooms, it may produce seed. Contact Us | As a librarian turned freelancer, Amber likes to research the history and botany behind the modern garden. Bees, butterflies, some species of flies, and all kinds of pollinating insects seem to adore the pollen from the flowers of oregano. Wait until the plant is about 4 in (10.2 cm) tall, and use a pair of shears or scissors to lightly thin the outer growth. Most herb growers know that oregano leaves have the strongest and most desirable flavor before the flowers bloom. Oregano has traditionally been used to relieve headaches. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas A&M University in Kingsville. Trim your oregano for thicker growth. by Amber Royer (dandylyon85) September 21, 2011. Should you just let these flowers grow, or would it be better if you pinch them off when they appear? That’s when the oregano flowers are more suitable to be used than the leaves of this plant. One thing to mention is that the flavor of the oregano flowers is not as strong as one of the green leaves. Dry the flowering tops of oregano and its close cousin for use in craft projects. You can cut off the oregano flower clusters and let them dry in a partially shaded place.

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