Forum Posts. When Beerus examines the food closely, Whis reprimands him. Later that night while playing a game, the Oracle Fish asks Whis if his training is a bit too harsh. Beerus speculates that his attendant only agreed to do so with the reward of food, which Gokū and Vegeta confirm. Beerus demands more pizza, forcing Whis to stop Gokū and Vegeta's training, transporting the Saiyan duo along with his staff back to Beerus' Planet. Whis does seem to show some sense of self-preservation as he seems to constantly keep an eye out for a new Hakaishin to succeed Beerus when he dies as Whis ceases to function should there not be a Hakaishin for him to serve. Suddenly, Gokū locks on to Gohan's ki signature; Vegeta grabs Gokū's shoulder and they teleport from Beerus' Planet to Earth. Watching the battle, Beerus notes that if Vegeta worked together with Gokū, Freeza would have already been defeated; Whis interjects and says that the Saiyans' pride would never allow them to work together. [14], Beerus and Whis return to their home. Although the offer is tempting, Whis refuses it. RELATED: Dragon Ball Super: 5 Reasons Why Super Saiyan God Helped The Series (& 5 Reasons Why It Destroyed The Show). The Saiyans and Videl attempt the transformation again and manage to transform Gokū into the Super Saiyan God. Beerus threatens the fish by taking its Whis (ウイス, Uisu) is an Angel and the guide of the gods of the 7th Universe. Dragon Ball Super: There's a new Whis Race Villain as well, who is … [11] He is very analytical in his observations, as he was easily able to inform Vegeta and Goku of their flaws after just one sparring. Beerus notes that a festivity of sorts is happening. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. [6] He is also capable of speaking a variety of alien tongues. Beerus and Champa decide to settle things next time. He also knows about the Dragon Balls and its origin. Idk if unamped Flash is faster than that but he probably is. In the bath, Beerus asks Whis the location of the surviving Saiyans and is informed by Whis that the surviving Saiyans are on a planet called Earth. However, Earth is not destroyed. 0. RELATED: Dragon Ball Super: 10 Little Known Facts About Whis. The native is further angered and transforms, however, Beerus arrives announcing that Whis' time is up. Many fans have been left wondering if his words actually rang true, and even if he could defeat Vados, would he lose to any of his other siblings? His is very wise, as he is known to give advice to his students and others (Bulma in particular) to a great degree. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. At a restaurant, Bulma treats Whis to delicious food. RELATED: 10 Questions We Still Have After Dragon Ball Super: Broly. This topic is locked from further discussion. Before leaving, Whis decides to have his meal. Vegeta transforms into the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and overpowers Freeza. Articles that appear in Dragon Ball Super, Characters that appeared in Dragon Ball Super. As Gokū and Vegeta outrun the disappearing path, Whis is surprised to see Gokū and Vegeta handle the training well. Whis informs a flabbergasted Dragon Team that the Hakaishin is tired, and explains that while Beerus won't wake up in a good mood, he'll likely forget about the destruction of Earth. Beerus is disturbed at the prospect of condoning the restoration of a planet, but Bulma reassures that he and Whis will be rewarded with a large banquet. Whis advises Gokū that his confidence and being too relaxed will make him carefree and thus will cause him to be caught off guard most of the time. However, Whis notes that Gokū being too relaxed is also a problem and demonstrates that by hitting Gokū without him realizing it while noting that his overconfidence is also a problem. Desperate to get Whis to train him, Vegeta decides to cook for Whis only to fail. Was he born in conjunction with Universe 7's formation? However, after Gokū transforms into Super Saiyan 3, Whis gleefully notes that he will be able to eat some lunch after all. As Beerus' teacher, Whis taught martial arts to him but is not as strong as beerus. Given how strong Angels are, the only competition for someone like Whis in a fight would have to come from another Angel or even the Grand Priest. Martial arts isn't like street fighting. Suddenly, Vegeta fires a ki blast at Piccolo, causing Piccolo to let go of Whis.[21]. If he wasn't, when exactly was he born? Beerus and Whis enjoy the delicious food the banquet has to offer. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Before the training begins, Whis presents Gokū with a new dogi to wear while training. Hopefully Dragon Ball Super will answer this one sooner rather than later. Beerus meets with Vegeta, asking about the Super Saiyan God but he also shows no knowledge about it. [25], Gokū and Vegeta continue sparing with Whis. Although he treats Beerus with respect, he also keeps Beerus from going out of place with his duties, which is known to happen from time to time. After Gokū summons Shenron and learns about the true nature of the Super Saiyan God legend, the other Saiyans attempt to transform Gokū but fail. However, Whis informs Beerus that he has stored many pizza boxes in his staff but since he ordered Gokū and Vegeta to be sent there, them staff is currently in use. Soon, Beerus arrives after having trouble falling fast asleep. He also wears black high-heeled shoes with white spats. Shortly afterwards, Earth is destroyed, but Whis creates a bubble around a small piece of rock to protect himself and the others. After Gokū is pierced by Sorbet's ray gun, Freeza prepares to kill the Saiyan but Vegeta intervenes and prepares to fight the tyrant himself. [13], Beerus attempts to remember about his dream while calling out to Whis to see if "it" is ready. Vegeta welcomes Whis home while Whis tells Vegeta that he has brought Gokū along with him because he wants to receive training as well, although the Saiyan Prince isn't surprised since he knew Gokū would come sooner or later. Afterwards, Whis gives Beerus his pizza, but the boxes are all empty, courtesy of the Saiyan duo. His arrival angers one of the locals, whom he then converses with in their native tongue. Then, they must run a lap around Beerus' Planet while carrying the weights. [19], Whis sees that Vegeta is watching the battle between Beerus and Goku above and offers to let him watch the battle through his scepter, but the Saiyan Prince ignores Whis.

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