Thrice is a huge supporter of invisible children, and this song is their song to all of the children abducted by rebel forces in Africa. I don't know but I loved it so much I got it tattooed on my arm. Pynchon's V is one of the books that the graphic novel V for Vendetta is based on (as well as 1984 and various other books). /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ I could be wrong but I feel compelled to comment on this song*** Dustin Kensrue is extremely well read in philosophy, religion, etc, etc, so a lot of his songs have several layers of interpretation. 18 comments. u/Tupues. And 3) horrible government. Posted by. You represent Christ to people, and putting people down is not "Christlike" and does not prove anything. Meaning of VH1. 1) the invisible children cooperation :) <3 a song for those children. I think they are these forces that could drive us down into listlessness and despair. once again these bitter herbs the perfect compliment to all your cryptic words I nod but don't know what to say, but I know you and I believe you're who you say you are so I? We must rise above the corruption of this world and take back our souls. There are a couple of other images I found used in the album artwork that are also in the book as well, Here, I don’t know specifically, but I’m gonna guess it’s the fish in “Hold Fast Hope” which would make it the fish in the Bible story of Jonah. Search. Native guides will only go a short distance into these mountains. "We know that we'll never walk alone" because God is in us and all around us, he never abandons us, he has always been there even when we where sinners. Information and translations of VH1 in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The easiest term to understand, remastering an album simply means the sounds has been reprocessed to enhance playback. Does it have any references to history, mythology, litterature? Pynchon's V is one of the books that the graphic novel V for Vendetta is based on (as well as 1984 and various other books). There are great and I'm-not-sure moments. The graphic novel was turned into a popular movie by the same name. If you look up an interview that Dustin has with a Punk group, he says that the band joined the Invisible Children movement after the record was made, because they supported the idea and it was coincidentally related to Vheissu's themes. The entire Vheissu album is based on the novel V by Thomas Pynchon (read it, it's worth it!). 2) the whole bible deal y'all have posted here. I think the splinter cells have more to do with more than government. Open your minds up past the shackles of your fake religion and think about all the harm it's done to the rest if the world just like all religion. I think that this is a rebelion song agains operession and Orwellian "Big Brother" like slavery. Does anyone here know who this creature is? The search function helps you in finding items, pages, episodes or sections in the Index, or authors in the Secondary Bibliography. I may be wrong,,,, like I said,,,, I am NOT the writer of the lyrics.... but that is how I feel. Now I know people are going to disagree with me and probably argue against this, and that is fine. Just curious what the rest of you fellow Thrice fans have been liking this year! Thrice for the win! The song is about taking back your soul in a world that no longer lets one dream, where everyone thinks they have everything figured out. Another book. I do think the video can be taken as allegorical. Not religious in anyway guys. Come here to discuss music, discuss tour dates or anything else Thrice related. Image of the Invisible just means image of God. I see it as three things: What does Like Moths to Flame mean? BUT we should be striving for perfection, so that we may show God's love to the world. I thought the album was based off a a book. Thrice: The Artist In The Ambulance Meaning. Song meanings ©2003-2020 Login | Create Account. The source material does not have to be identical to the original; A CD can be a reissue of an LP, the term is platform independent; Literature should reference or state the release is a reissue; Often feature bonus material posters, books or extra tracks; Remaster. It was good to hear their music again after hiatus but Palms proves the right direction post Major/Minor. People need to listen and be aware. 33. nd I believe there are many interpretations that can be taken by the lyrics of this song and the video also. "We are the named and we are known" any rebel movement be it radical christians riseing up with God's heart for the nations or any other are named and known, that is what makes them radical and rebel's. Really? Might be a good place to start looking. "(NIV) we are in the image of the invisible God. Close. Vheissu is another site about the works of Thomas Pynchon (Long Island, 1937), author of complex, dense and dark (and funny!) New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. "We all were lost and we are found" At first I thought it meant the way we where lost and then found by God but that is not what it says, it says "we are lost and we are found" not "we are lost then we were found" or something like that. or dumbass! No one can stop us or slow us down So to say that it has no governmental meaning is just asinine. Idk why. I would say that the song is more about spirituality than "Christianity" per se. The great thing about thrice's songs is that they write songs with multiple meanings. "We all were lost and we are found No one can stop us or slow us down We are the named and we are known We know that we'll never walk alone " ^this song is not about anything but God. Or it's just Dustin doing his best to keep the cattle coming back and buying more thrice records. novels. As much as this song has the facts of God's teaching hidden throughout it, it also has the other views of the government, and on top of those two, it also has the message of being who you are, don't look to anyone to help you decide who you are, don't look at people to see what they look like physically, but look into their souls, look into their hearts. If you were to look at the bands myspace you would see that Invisible Children is their number one friend. song: "Image of the Invisible", We are the image of god and many people don't really know this but Dustin Kensrue ( lead vocals and guitarist for thrice) is a huge Christian and lots of songs that he wrote have massive amounts of biblical references. --> The Chorus is very inspireing to me and very biblical, but it could also be interpreted to any person with a mission. We know that we'll never walk alone" "Remove the cancer, take back your souls" - fight against oppression. As for being a Christian band, they are not. var opts = { share. Thrice has always had songs about how awful our government is. The second part of the chorus I believe is talking about how after we accept Christ into our lives, that we will never be alone because Christ is omnipresent and will be with us at all times and places.

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