***************** I just read your Revival Focus blogpost on pastoral authority (see Leading versus Lording: An Examination of the Extent of “Pastoral Authority”) and had a question about it. I need the freedom to do it as a woman. For me, this passage provides parents a goal to bring their children up into a personal walk with God that’s real by the time they’re twenty. In the realm of pastoral authority, I believe it would be mediation for a pastor to dictate God’s will to his people. His reasoning is as sloppy as his reliance on Scripture. 6:1-2), which means to respect and obey with the right heart attitude. “The only goal of Power is POWER. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. Answer: Respect is the act of giving particular attention to someone or something, especially when that attention is accompanied by a high regard. I’m a woman, and I’m not deceived by Benny Hinn, but some men are. To me, feminism means equal pay/rights for equal jobs/duties.”. There are free Kindle reader apps you can download at Amazon so you can read it on your PC, iPad, iPhone, etc. I want them to see that there is another voice out there so perhaps they will consider contrary views. Anyway, this doesn’t bode well for gender complementarianism. But the basic idea is the same: “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. ( Log Out /  I do not remember the Bible writers commanding women to “submit” and that if they do not, they are in sin and should be chained and tossed into prison. They make my skin crawl. 2 Tim. The definition of feminism is the advocacy of equality for women in all spheres of life. Conflict is inevitable, but in most cases, you can be pretty sure that your parents are looking out for your best interests. The word translated children, similarly, is only vowels away from a word for “mock, abuse and defile.” What is more, the Septuagint, the oldest translation from Hebrew, translate it as: O my people, your exactors (praktores) glean you, and the ones exacting (apaitountes) lord over you; O my people, the ones declaring you blessed mislead you, and the roads of your feet they disturb. You mean SCRIPTURE(TM) didn’t drop down out of Heaven all written by God Himself in Kynge Jaymes Englyshe? , You know, women are so easy to deceive, need so much protection, are so low on the totem pole, & really serve no function other than babymaking & house keeping, that I have the perfect solution—make them all Avoxes!! A Grown Child’s Attitude Toward Parental Authority Now that I’m over 18, should I still submit to my mom and dad? 86 Bible Verses about Parental Blessing 1 Timothy 5:4 ESV / 25 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful But if a widow has children or grandchildren, let them first learn to show godliness to their own household and to make some return to their parents, for this is pleasing in the sight of God. That idea of submission is not true submission. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways” (1 Corinthians 13:11, ESV). The really bad problem with feminism is not that it teaches that there are no differences between men and women (although occasionally it does teach that selectively, when it suits it to do so), but that it teaches that there is a major difference between men and women: that men are evil oppressors and women are their saintly victims. Does Scripture Teach 1) Consistent Male Headship, or 2) that Parents have Equal Authority in Raising Children? In these cases, we believe it’s important for adult children to stand their ground firmly but lovingly. Yes, double my gift to save twice the lives this Christmas! The wife was being both the husband and wife, so to speak, but the gender complementarians were still wanting to hold her up as being a womanly women submissive thing example, even though she was leading her husband. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. What ND48’s post has brought up is that pats/comps, when they insist that the male gets all the final say so, even within the house, and concerning domestic duties, has made the woman’s role moot. They make my skin crawl. The rape statistics tell a different story, but as is evident, their terminology does not include “made to penetrate”. Sit down with your child to talk openly about mutual expectations. John Allman–Have you been too long at the pub again? Resources OK, maybe I misunderstood. Aren’t we supposed to treat others as we want to be treated? what *they* say, not that *you* say that they say it). It’s important for parents to have the goal of “launching” their kids with the leadership and help of God. Read the link, and it strikes me that what is most offensive about theonomy is really what is not said. Doesn’t that count? I later found out from my mother that my confused nature as to who he was sort of hurt his feelings. All Rights Reserved. My son, observe the commandment of your fatherAnd do not forsake the teaching of your mother; Bind them continually on your heart;Tie them around your neck. Doesn’t mean others are inferior, just a different role. But this is what I have to say to patriarchalists like this man: If I, as a woman, am to be kept out of the domain of the workplace, then have the heart not to curb my right to freely exercise my maternal instincts, common sense, unique talents, and decision-making abilities within the domain you claim God has given me – the domain you claim I am naturally suited for – by requiring me to do it the way a man thinks best! Romans 13:3-5 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Unless they also find a wife useful for things they don’t feel like doing, such as “sammich making” and TV channel flipping on days they are too lazy to change the channel themselves or make a snack for themselves. If the link is readily available, more people can comment in that blog, refuting what he says (and hopefully their comments won’t be deleted). To my understanding their is not a verse in The Bible that says 'parents have authority', but there are a lot of verses that imply the authority of parents. I have just read you post addressed directly to me. So much for women actually having a role… this is where patriarchy devours itself. What is the popular or general journal called in English? I have deep faith in God, seek His will in every decision, and have spent most of my adult life in some form of ministry career. “The definition of feminism is the advocacy of equality for women in all spheres of life. I don’t agree with complementarianism, but, if they’re going to argue from within that context: I’m sorry I cannot remember where it is, but someone on another blog mentioned that there is a Bible verse (which I think is in the New Testament) which says that the wife should be the leader in the home, not the husband. While adult children should be expected to go their own ways as they turn 18 and get ready to leave the nest, they should continue to honor their parents. But that said, there are a certain portion of those in leadership–whether that be that of husband, father, mother, pastor, elder, deacon, employer, whatever–who view their position as an opportunity to lord it over others, implement a high amount of “dues paying” as a precondition for respect, make arbitrary decisions and not explain them, and the like. (This is reflected in the workplace fatalities for men and women; more than thirty men die at work for every woman killed at work. The link still goes there either way? Brenda, I think it’s more like he lost his tinfoil helmet. We consider ourselves soul mates. . Some Christians do things like cover up and excuse child sexual abuse in churches by church staff, or some, like preacher Piper, advise abused women to stay with their abusive spouses. That may be the verse. Men today are easily deceived. Can you tell I’m not afraid of conflict? You don’t have to have a Kindle device to get the electronic (Kindle) book version, for that book or any other one. Resources In God’s eyes and under His leadership, your child transitions into a separate and self-determining person. John Allman – – – say what? Double your gift for struggling families! In some ways, the moment is culturally defined. I’ll consider getting a copy. Just because you have knowledge does not mean you get to flaunt it and shame someone who asked an innocent question. Copyright © 2010, 2020, Focus on the Family. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And I too see a disconnect by gender comps or patriarchists who seem to feel that Eve’s sin (of eating the apple via being deceived) was more serious or worse than Adam’s (who knew but who ate the stupid fruit anyhow)…. In his book The Ins and Out of Rejection, Dr. Charles Solomon points out the subtle form of rejection a child receives when he is not allowed to mature into a responsible adult.

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