Evaluate and make recommendations on disciplinary cases. Generally, two meetings are in Kent, one in Tumwater, and one on the east side of the state; however, all meetings during the COVID-19 emergency have been held by Webinar. Regulate the competency and quality of veterinary healthcare providers by establishing, monitoring and enforcing qualifications for licensure. The packets take an average of two to six hours to read. Your temporary Washington veterinarian license is valid for 180 days. Official veterinary school transcripts sent directly from your veterinary school. Intrigued by the city of Seattle, Olympia or Mount Rainier national park? Licensing Period: 1 year Grad of AVMA Approved College of Vet Med: Yes Requirements for veterinary practice in Washington: Here’s a quick overview of the veterinary licensing requirements for the state of Washington. Verification of Active Practice: No The WA state exam consists of Washington state jurisprudence 50 multiple choice questions regarding state laws and veterinary medicine practice regulations. The mission of the Veterinary Board of Governors is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public and their animals by regulating the competency and quality of veterinary healthcare providers and facilities. Not sure what to charge for relief services? Disciplinary calls: Eighteen to 20 per year. Candidates get more information up front about each job. Mentor newly appointed board members as needed. Attend a day-long initial orientation presented by Department of Health staff in Tumwater. Verification of Licensure/letter of good standing: Yes Official website: Washington State Department of Health: Veterinarian, Thinking you might take advantage of Washington’s veterinary licensing options? Cost of your WA vet license includes initial application fee $170 + state exam fee $210. Professional References: No A letter of good standing confirms that you are or have been a member of the RCVS, that you are not the subject of any RCVS disciplinary enquiries and that there are no disciplinary findings against you. Verification forms from each state you have previously applied for licensure (whether or not you were ultimately licensed in these states) must be submitted directly to the board. Behavioral Health Legislative Implementation, Behavioral Health Professions, Facilities and Agencies, Suicide Assessment, Treatment and Management CE, Substance Use Disorder Professional Trainee, Behavioral Health Professions Implementation, Co-Occurring Disorder Specialist Enhancement, Nonorthodontic Removable Oral Devices and Teeth Whitening Services, Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Practitioner, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Provider, Renew Online with EMS Certification Online, Medical assistant-certified recognized exams, Approved Controlled Substance Education Courses, Who Can Prescribe and Administer Prescriptions, Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions, File Complaint About Provider or Facility, Emergency Information for Specific Groups, Public Health System Resources and Services, Become a Board, Commission or Committee Member. Members of Relief Rover get 20% off memberships at VETgirl. Who Can Order X-rays in Washington State? Roles and responsibilities of Assistant Attorneys General (AAGs). Certificates of Status Below is a list of standard fees related to requests for Certificates of Status. Assess, investigate and make recommendations related to complaints against practitioners which may range from a Notice of Correction to a license revocation. Attend the one-day Department of Health Board, Commission, Committee conference for Chairs and Vice-Chairs. For those who need their documents in a hurry, the Corporations Division offers expedited service for … We’ve got you covered with our easy to use relief vet wage calculator. Establish qualifications for minimal competency to grant or deny licensure of veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary medication clerks. Your Washington state veterinarian license must be renewed yearly for $185/yr. This is contact information for the Washington State Department of Health, and they will refer you from there- possibly to a voicemail. FurWork was created by a veterinarian and is a uniquely organized veterinary job site. You won’t need to submit NAVLE scores but instead are required to send a letter from your AVMA approved specialty stating you are in good standing in your specialty. Hearing panels: One to several days per year. This request is being forwarded to you to verify that the applicant is currently licensed and in good standing to practice veterinary medicine in you state.

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