Veterinary technicians or veterinary medication clerks. Animals that are hospitalized for treatment of contagious diseases shall be isolated in such a manner as to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. HTML PDF: 246-933-270: Examination results. The final step to qualify for a license is passage of the Washington state exam, which tests each candidate's knowledge of Washington state law as it relates to veterinary practice. (4) For animals or animal products for food consumption: (a) There must be a written agreement with the client that identifies the farm veterinarian of record (VOR) who is accountable for drug use and treatments administered to the animals on the farm operation; (b) The VOR is the responsible party for providing appropriate oversight of drug use on the farm operation. A mobile clinic is not required for house calls or farm calls. HTML PDF: 246-933-295: Temporary practice permit—Military spouse. The disciplining authority may conduct further review if the credentialing supervisor can’t verify the applicant meets all requirements. [Statutory Authority: RCW, Frequency and location of examinations. The development and operation of the clinic will be aided by $3.5 million in private gifts. [Statutory Authority: RCW, AIDS prevention and information education requirements. Loose hair shall be removed from the surgical area; (ii) Scrubbing the surgical area with soap and water; (iv) Draping the surgical area if appropriate; (k) Anesthetic equipment appropriate for the type of patient and surgery performed shall be available at all times; (l) Compressed oxygen or other adequate means shall be available to be used for resuscitation; (m) Emergency drugs shall be available to the surgery area; (n) Grossly contaminated procedures, such as lancing and draining abscesses, shall not be performed in the room designated for aseptic or antiseptic surgery. Please sign and date this form which must accompany your application for licensure/registration. Major species include horses, dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, turkeys, and chickens; (9) An instructor with credentials or qualifications in practice management or professional development; (10) Any international, national, state, provincial, regional or local veterinary medical association; (11) The Resources for Alternative and Integrative Veterinary Education (RAIVE); (12) A resident or intern in training for an AVMA recognized veterinary specialty organization; (13) The United States Animal Health Association (USAHA); (14) A veterinarian who is a faculty member of an accredited college of veterinary medicine when teaching a course within his or her area of expertise; (15) The Washington physicians health program (WPHP). (a) Upon request by the board, the veterinarian is responsible for submitting documentation of completed continuing education. Those applicants may request a hearing to appeal the decision. (8) An approved monitoring program shall provide the board with a statistical report on the program, including progress of participants, at least annually, or more frequently as requested by the board. Cost of your WA vet license includes initial application fee $170 + state exam fee $210. (6) Veterinary specialty licensees shall be charged the impaired veterinarian assessment on each license issuance or renewal: Provided however, That no licensee shall pay more than one impaired veterinarian assessment per year. (2) A candidate may take the Washington state jurisprudence examination up to six months prior to graduation from an approved course of study. A maximum of ten credit hours may be claimed in any two-year reporting period for completion of preprogrammed educational materials. (1) A licensed veterinarian shall complete and document thirty hours of continuing education every two years and comply with chapter. (b) Separate records for companion animals shall be kept for each animal. (1) To reactivate a veterinary license that has been expired for three years or less, the veterinarian must meet the requirements of chapter. If a state examination was administered, please have the state board attach the examination subjects and scores to the verification of veterinary technician registration form. Waste receptacles shall be lined, covered or in a closed compartment, and properly maintained. [Statutory Authority: RCW, Licensing/renewal/late penalty. 246-935-060: Eligibility for examination as veterinary technician. (7) An approved monitoring program shall report to the board any veterinarian who fails to comply with the requirements of the monitoring program. The board adopts the model procedural rules for adjudicative proceedings as adopted by the department of health and contained in chapter. (c) Does not have a criminal record in Washington state. (1) Emergency services shall mean the delivery of veterinary care by a licensed veterinarian during the hours when the majority of regional, daytime veterinary practices have no regularly scheduled office hours (are closed). 18.92.150: License — Display. (ix) Except for (b)(ii) through (iii) of this subsection, an approved monitoring program may make an exception to the foregoing requirements on individual contracts. A veterinarian shall not, on behalf of himself or herself, any partner, associate or other veterinarian affiliated with his or her office or clinic, use or allow to be used any form of public communication or advertising which: (1) Is false, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading; (2) Refers to secret methods of treatment; (3) Is not identified as a paid advertisement or solicitation; (4) States or implies that a veterinarian is a certified specialist unless the veterinarian is certified in such specialty by a board recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Veterinary Technician National Exam Most state and provincial agencies use the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE®) to evaluate the competency of entry-level veterinary technicians and require a passing score for a veterinary technician to be credentialed. Reports shall include treatment prognosis and goals. It is not the intent of the legislature to allow these agencies to provide veterinary services to the public at large. New practical experience candidates and those who have already completed some of their practical experience training for veterinary technician licensure can access the new standard tasks and procedures for qualifying candidates on Washington State's legislative website.

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