• Sign up for a Complimentary Copy of Lake McGregor is a man-made reservoir located about an hour southeast of Calgary near the small town of Milo in Vulcan County. My Report Called "Secret Sauce: The Bait Recipe for More and Bigger Walleyes.". With limited access, and no one around for 60 miles, there is never any chance of over-fishing at this destination. This is a popular Lake to fish both in the summer and the winter time. Northern pike are the chief predator of this species. Our camp, located at Bocquene Lake, offers one of the quietest fishing destinations I have ever been. Best known as a pike and walleye fishing hole. “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that is not fish they are after”. Groceries (all camps have electrical fridges), Paper plates & plastic cups Recommended for easy clean up (Cabins have dishes & cups), Dish soap, scrub brush & towel  ( Cabins have Pots, Pans and cooking utensils), There are propane cooking stoves and BBQ’s at camp, Freezing of food before arrival is recommended, Electrical generators for lights, fridges and to charge batteries, Spring & Summer highs +20C to +30C Lows +5 to +15C, Fall Highs +15C to + 25C, lows -10C to +10C, Sleeping bag & Pillow (all cabins have wood burning heaters), You can bring your own fish finder if you like. Males and females swim alongside each other during spawning, utilizing lake shoals with wave action or river currents to deposit eggs and milt (excretion of male sperm cells) over the spawning area. The North Saskatchewan River particularly around the Edmonton area plays host to a whole variety of species of fish including pike, sauger and walleye. Pigeon Lake is also great if you want to bring the family, as there are more than enough attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy. At these times the fish will come closer to the surface around shallow sandy areas, islands and weeds to feed on baitfish in the clearer waters. Two distinct fins are present on the back, the first featuring large spines. If fish and insects are scarce, snails and frogs are also consumed. There is camping available nearby. Walleye are cool-water game fish subject to current Alberta sportfishing regulations. Walleye begin moving toward their spawning areas in streams and on lake bottoms in late winter and early spring. If you are looking for fishing with kids, check out shore fishing options at ponds like Mitchelle Pond in … Jigging and casting spoons are amongst the favourite techniques here and the best fishing is commonly in 4 - 10 feet of water. Walleye are classified as Secure in the current General Status of Alberta Wild Species report. From the July to the end of October some of the largest walleye in the area can be caught in the Athabasca River. Note: Maximum Baggage Weight Is 100 Lbs per Person, Note: Groceries & Liquor can be ordered from Fort Smith and flown in advance of your arrival at standard air charter rates, Bear Bonez Outfitters © 2017 All Rights Reserved. With limited access, and no one around for 60 miles, there is never any chance of over-fishing at this destination. Having said that though, being a schooling fish once you find one it is likely that they will keep coming. Alberta, A Top Canadian Walleye Spot Walleye is one of the most popular species to fish for in Alberta. Sign up for Your FREE Copy of the Secret Sauce Walleye Bait Recipe Report! Ask about FREE beverage pre trip lake delivery option, fly-in camp checks.Packages from Edmonton include return airline to Fort Smith, NWT  and air charter to lake. Walleye in Alberta are located near the northern edge of this species' range, and compared to southern populations, growth rates are slower, maturity is later and consequently the fisheries are less productive. They are hatched and reared at the Cold Lake Fish Hatchery and stocked into some Alberta lakes. They are habitual enough that we know how and where it is most likely they will be found yet strong and determined enough to present a challenge for even the most experienced walleye angler. Here it can be as simple as taking your boat out until you reach a drop off, drop a 1/4 ounce jig and minnow and pull them in until your arm starts to hurt! Lac La Biche is another area, which is not as well known but is starting to get a good reputation for walleye fishing. Spring and fall is a great time to head out on the water as the fish are at their most aggressive and active. Dusky vertical bars are often found on the body. Historically, walleye were likely in only about half of Alberta's fish-bearing lakes. We now offer Special Rates for groups of 6 or more people and exclusive camp bookings. Walleye tend to feed during sunrise and sunset with some of the best fishing to be had during the night. All rates INCLUDE  grocery and or beverage pre order, delivery option at air charter cost. See: Walleye are highly valued as a sport and food fish in Alberta. A popular Lake near the Athabasca River is Calling Lake, which is said to be one of the top 10 lakes in Canada for catching walleye. If you are simply looking for the thrill and satisfaction of being able to say you caught some walleye and don't mind fishing for catch and release, then Pigeon Lake could be the place for you. Lake, offers one of the quietest fishing destinations I have ever been. And as for getting there, don’t’ worry; we offer transport via airplanes, using floats, to get you to one of the best fishing spots, offering large populations of both Pike and Walleye. Sometimes walleye are incorrectly referred to as pickerel, but true pickerel are members of the pike family and live in eastern Canada. There are a number of spots in the area including Beaver Lake and Touchwood which both have good structure making the water good walleye habitat. To purchase a draw application, visit AlbertaRELM.com from Tuesday, March 31, 2020 to Thursday, April 23, 2020. General information about walleye (Sander vitreus), a cool-water fish species in Alberta. Fishing in Northern Alberta Bocquene Lake Fishing – a most relaxing and attentive sport. However, to keep walleye from certain lakes in Alberta, you must apply for a licence through a draw system, much like big game licences for hunters. Walleye prefer deeper waters, although they also inhabit shallows. Diet consists mostly of other fish, such as lake whitefish, minnows, and yellow perch, as well as insects. No PST & No Territory taxes. Rates per person +  5% GST & subject to change. And even that is not so hard if you know where to look. For details, see the My Wild Alberta website at: Named for their big eyes, walleye are the largest members of the perch family. Fertilized eggs settle to the bottom and stay in the spaces between rocks and pebbles to incubate. walleye fishing tips that can help you to catch walleyes fast! Group & advance booking discounts available. Here you will find an abundance of walleye, beautiful scenery and plenty of accommodation options. We will only use your email address to send Bear Bonez information and not share your email with any other party. Alternatively, troll a bottom bouncer and spinner rig up and down the lake if you fancy a change. Rates are subject to seat airline  availability.

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