We know it can be difficult to leap before you look, so we've rounded up some of our favorite homes that will reassure you that gray paint, in particular, can be paired with tons of fun colors. It’s been called a “compromise color” because it sits between two non-colors (black and white) which creates a sense of calm. Are you the type of person who always sticks to neutrals—who can't seem to escape the best white paint colors, best brown paint colors, and best greige paint colors when it comes to decorating your home? This living room offers rustic pillars and hardwood floors, as well as a ceiling with exposed beams. There is a good use of reflective surfaces and gold to build a very luxurious living room. The room offers comfy seats and a large fireplace. The room is almost divided by the color theme. Stark white furnishings are backed by black and yellow walls. This creates a cool and upscale and calming atmosphere. You can use brown colored furnishings and home accents for highlights. Color palette software used (with thanks): Tineye (used with permission). The teal, purple, and darker pink throw pillows add continuity throughout the room, and the silk fabric provides a luxuriant feel. The marbled effect is done with shades of beige work as an excellent backdrop for all your wall hangings. It offers a long L-shaped sofa along with gray seats and a fireplace. A living room featuring a set of classy seats and is lighted by glamorous chandelier set on the tray ceiling. From calming pastels to bright, eye-popping colours, you are likely to find many unexpected shades that add a hint of drama to your hall! A sofa is a great place to add color and a great deal depth and appeal. This versatile colour is slowly making its way into the mainstream market which is dominated by pastels and neutrals. As you’ll see, the most popular floor color brown, which is expected given the color of hardwood floors. Small living space featuring red walls and cozy seats set on the white area rug. This can make the room feel bigger (you can also paint one wall as an accent wall). Use a darker shade of brown for your flooring and compliment it with lighter brown blends for the walls. The use of the color white is carried over to the chairs on the right, which features a black print that contrasts well with the vivid orange hue. White living space featuring a white L-shaped sofa set in front of a wooden fireplace. Black living space featuring comfy seats set on a stylish black rug near the fireplace. Carnation pink colored wall hangings give this living room bold and unique color and a freshly feminine cheer. Notice in this picture how fresh white accents are used to punctuate and break up the brightness of the orange color to keep it from being overwhelmingly bold and in your face. Here, an oddly shaped attic space could have made for an awkward bedroom, but the white and gray accents and bold bird wallpaper come together for a comfortable space that guests will never want to leave. The orange brings a glowing warmth the creams and off whites, giving a warm lit and cozy illuminated look. Our peach colour combinations list (below) is also helpful for choosing matching colours for a Peach-themed reception venue decoration. More about us. Designed by Crosby Pye. Would the gray Swedish look good in any setting? Mix an array of textures. While beige is often avoided because it seems a little drab or old-fashioned, it’s a tone that works well with most living room sizes and designs. It’s no surprise to me that it’s the third most popular living room color these days. Keep the ceiling, sidewalls and other interior elements in lighter shades to offset the dark walls. It has a fireplace as well. Firstly, make a mental sketch of how you want your room to look like! to add a quirky character to your room. This room is transitional done right and is a study in balance, form, and carefully applied eclectic practices that offer a dazzling display of colors and textures to please the eye. We suggest adding a little texture to a gray-and-white space with Turkish towels. Play with different brown blends for your living room – from your walls to your floors – as it can actually calm your mind and give a homey feel. Not only do these colors supplement the calming effect of violet, but it also gives a clean and elegant feel to your living room. This way, you can get a realistic picture of what your colour really looks like on the wall and save time and money. If you are willing to experiment, then try this electric green, which can lift even the dullest of moods. Designed by Boom town. Take a look at this latest colour suggestion for hall by Nippon Paints, which brings an aesthetic appeal to your home. Try painting one wall black and accenting with black vases, bright colors, and plenty of textural elements to break up the darkness of the color scheme, Elegant and versatile cool-toned neutral that looks fantastic when accented by polished wood accents and pops of unexpected color, Classic, fresh, and clean paint option that livens, brightens and enlarges rooms. Intricate details in the same shade of pink will tie the look together for a cohesively spunky and fresh look that is reminiscent of the Spring season, Black walls are an ingenious way to add depth, personality, and tone to an otherwise drab color scheme. The trendy colour adds a sense of calmness to your hall. Take a look at this ultra-modern hall, which is done in a combination of white emulsion paint and Sunmica sheets. A simple color scheme can have a great deal of life brought to it by something as simple as a colorful accent pillow. Olive, White and Wood Living Room Color Scheme. This living room features a couch, a gray area rug and a fireplace, along with wall lights. Although the color red is often associated with danger and other negative feelings, it is meant to have positive associations in interior design. Large Traditional living room with pink walls, arched doorway and a brick fireplace. Try playing with a grey, brown and green color scheme throughout the room. We don't blame you! Although pink isn’t typically a “go to” color for many people when they think about designing their living rooms, it’s not a color to ignore either. This room has a darker black and off white backdrop for warmer colored furnishings. This living room features beige walls and hardwood flooring. If red is your favorite color, you probably don’t think twice about using it throughout your home and in your living room. Going for a classic look for your living room makes it look homey for others. This living room is surrounded by gray walls. Eclectic Living Room with Mid-Century Components and Black Walls. See more of this home here. Whether it is icy blue, powder blue, navy blue, or even true blue; this cool watery hue is a tried and true classic with true versatility. Is there a better sight on a gray day than when the clouds part and a glimmer of sunshine peeks through? The whites and light grays are brought to life with a theme of light blues. Shades like this deep blueish black can add the much-needed drama to your room. Although red can boost appetite and even bring out other emotions, using subtle and more rustic blends of red and combining it with grey would neutralize those emotions and instead, calm you as you gaze around the room. We don't blame you! Third, you can go by the “overall” color which is based on all design elements and you choose by what you consider the dominant color. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. This bold and beautiful duo can become your latest obsession! A colour like Purple can look quite intimidating, if not used wisely!

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