The Baptism that John administered was a formal induction into the Jewish faith community. Moreover, while Rachel was giving birth to that son Benjamin, Rachel died there. A few general explanations seem needed. Since death is a punishment for sin and she was never tainted by sin, why would she have died? provide powerful additional witnesses both to the correctness of Mary's dates as well as those of the women she links to. No, John the Baptist was not born free of original sin. REGARDING MARY'S AGE. Nevertheless, the links to Leah are real and so are shown. The links to Leah are all to her birth date, and Leah and Rachel were twins, so the links may really be only to Rachel. All Rights Reserved. The Son, Jesus, was anointed. That, of course, is not the case. Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ. In such a linked web, each point tends to testify of the correctness of all other points, because of the statistical odds against so many links even being possible by random chance. It was for Jesus a messianic consecration — an anointing — revealing his divine mission. And usually the dates were not only holy days on those two calendars, but also on many other sacred calendars as well. Moreover, there were husband-wife links as well. Mary, of course, was human. 3, the day name on each spoke is a holy day, being either Mary's birth or death date, which matches the birth or death date of the woman the spoke connects with. As Paul said, "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive" (1 Cor. First of all, the day on which the law of Moses commanded her to present Jesus to the priest at the temple, was the day 1 Birth on the Mercury Calendar. As I said, centuries of speculation touch upon your question. Thus, the amazing number of links to Mary with the very women expected (5 links to Rachel!) Adam and Christ are closely tied together. That means that either the birth or death date of the parent will coincide with the birth or death date on one of their children. This article proposes answers to those questions. The results of the previous section raise the question of just what Mary has to do with the Fall of Adam. Hence sin and death, although clearly related for us humans, are not expressive of the full range of death-dealing possibilities. It is not on other ancient lists such as that of the Persians. The Fall of Adam and Mary's death were on the same holy day (14 Autumn UE). Mary lived 66 Uniform Enoch years plus two weeks. Starting from the historical date of AD 48 for the Virgin Mary's death, precise dates are proposed for both Mary's birth and death. The hour of Mary's death was made known to me as that of None, at which time also Jesus had died on the cross. Another woman with which one would expect to find ties is Rachel. That two week difference corresponds to the two weeks between the Fall of Eve and the Fall of Adam. 9. Everything mortal that Jesus inherited came through his mother. Stories say that on the day of the death of Virgin Mary, she was lying on the couch in the little sleeping alcove of her home. That day completed exactly 47 Uniform Enoch years to the very day from her birth. Th en ask what your answer tells you about yourself, as well as about the Mary you want her to be. If the word "proposed" were put before every date, the reader would soon tire of it. What happened to her after her son was crucified? The proposed time for the birth of the Virgin Mary is Sun 5 Dec 19 BC, between 6 a.m. and noon. When this author began his work, he considered a wide variety of ancient works which claimed to record birth and death dates of many of the ancient prophets and patriarchs. That it, all of them were something like her, as if she were the hub and they the spokes. Mary is also linked to Adam and Eve because her son is. That is, on both the Venus and Mercury Calendars the day is 1 Birth, which is the one day per cycle that represents birth. ST. JOHN BOSCO – Holy Purity, the queen of virtues…, Wednesday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time, Benedict XVI's former butler convicted in "Vatileaks" case dies, China’s Uighur Muslim minority group a “persecuted” community, says pope, Kenyan bishops worry about COVID-19’s effects on caregivers, The very long history of Christmas gift-giving. She had lived a full life and her body was now old and tired. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. But because she was such a unique human person, some think that she deserved to be excluded from any experience — even a “blink” — of death. To simplify it, Fig. In those days betrothal at age 14-16 was common, if not expected, so only a few years needed to be searched. (Her body, all of the documents agree, remained incorrupt between her death and her Assumption.) 1. On being asked, in the middle of a conversation on everyday matters, how old the Blessed Virgin was when she died, Catherine Emmerich suddenly looked away and said: She reached the age of sixty-four years all … Adam's first breath and Mary's death were on the same holy day (14 Autumn UE). He named it Bernice's Hair (Coma Berenices). by John P. Pratt6 Feb 2014 (1 Reed) To the extent that you are thinking of Baptism as we know it when you raise this question, there is an implied belief that the minister of the sacrament must be free of sin for the sacrament to be valid. Was Mary baptized too that same day? It was noticed that the stars in that area exactly fit the shape drawn at Dendera, namely a woman sitting on a chair, holding up an infant-sized man. First, let it be understood that nearly all of the dates listed in all of my papers are "proposed", but they are usually referred to as if they were certain. The best quotation known to me of a historical record of Mary's death date is the following: Just looking at each of her holy dates alone, the most impressive is her death date on the Jubilee Calendar. The question arises of just when Mary was baptized. Neither, though, was the Baptism of Jesus the sacramental rite that you experienced and are undoubtedly thinking of as you formulate your question. That is an incredible number of links between ten possible dates. That is very unusual to have to links to an event in someone else's life. Peter and John likewise, must have seen the glory of Mary's blessed soul, for their faces were turned upward, but the other Apostles were kneeling bowed to the ground. There is an entire article devoted to restoring that constellation, which was named "The Infant Prince". After all, Mary is a descendant of Leah, mother of Judah. The Fall of Adam and Mary's death were on the same holy day (1 Adult V). This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. In other words, it is as if Mary is at the hub of a wheel, with links like spokes going out to the other women at the circumference. He is also a descendant of Adam and everyone in Mary's genealogical line. One of the main focus points of the mission of her son Jesus was to overcome death, which had been introduced by Adam and Eve. All rights Reserved. The word "links" is used in my work to refer to when two events happen on the same day of the same sacred calendar. Your second question is one that has prompted theological speculation for centuries, but has not yet been answered in any definitive way. The Fall of Adam and Mary's death were on the same holy day (1 Storm SR). On the other hand, to me the Book of Jubilees is fiction because all of the dates within it seem spurious and invented. A few years ago, this author undertook the project of restoring that lost constellation. First, it is the last day of the year, which is the Last Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, one of the holiest days of the entire year. And my second question relates to the Virgin Mary. The Father, through John, did the anointing. Moreover it completed exactly to the very day 70 Sacred Rounds of 260 days each. The next two links are to the day of the baptism of Jesus. [2] A comparison of the ancient and modern renditions of this constellation is shown in Fig. The other spokes represent days on five different sacred calendars. On the sea of glass were standing those who had won the victory over the […]. Then I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Something very important may have been going on in her life also on that day. – S.S., CONNECTICUT. Each provided many precise dates. Photo: jorisvo/Shutterstock. All present … On the other hand, there were almost none to other great women.

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