Baked Vegetables in White Sauce Recipe, Baked Vegetables Recipe June 30, 2015 by maria 4 Comments One of my favorite dishes Baked Vegetables in White Sauce Recipe ! Mix the steamed vegetables and white sauce gently and pour into a casserole dish. Baked Vegetables in White Sauce is a rich creamy dish of vegetables cooked in cheesy white sauce.Baked Vegetables in White Sauce is one of those beautiful one pot Continental dishes which you can devour just by itself.. unique, healthy, yum, cheesy and delicious worth trying! had loads of veggies in fridge and I wanted to make something healthy so made Baked Vegetables in White Sauce. Bake the casserole … Be it baked vegetables in white sauce or just a simple flavored vegetable bake… Top it with some grated cheese, a hand grater comes handy while grating cheese. I like cheddar, swiss or pepper-jack but you can use any cheese of your choice. Baked Vegetables in White Sauce was one of the first baked … A vegetable bake recipe is a simplest yet most versatile answer to so many food questions due to the hundreds of customizations it allows you to do with it.

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