I’ll try and bring the latest details of the crew of the USS Discovery as soon as possible. The helmsman–you know, the person that actually flies the ship. Separate from the security chief, Gen Rhys acts as Discovery’s tactical officer. For a long time, TNG’s Wesley Crusher was the most recognizable ensign in Trek canon, until Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) came along and started seeing action on a weekly basis (seriously, she does a lot for an ensign). 739, This story has been shared 699 times. Captain Gabriel Lorca doesn’t deserve that command! On Discovery, Joann Owosekun (Oyin Oladejo) keeps everything running smoothly. The reentry module (返回舱) is located in the middle section of the spacecraft and contains seating for the crew. Where Was ‘Happiest Season’ Filmed? There’s also another science officer on board: the scene-stealing Linus! 1,843, This story has been shared 1,223 times. The ISS Shenzhou (NCC-1227) was a Terran Walker-class starship that was in service to the Starfleet in the mid-23rd century.. Beyond that, a lot of the characters have gotten promotions or changed roles, or they’re part of departments we rarely see highlighted on Trek shows (WTF are you doing, Stamets?). (DSC episodes: "The Wolf Inside", "Vaulting Ambition"). The "Star Trek: Discovery" crew is back for a second season. And then there’s Discovery, a show that doesn’t have a transporter chief (that we’ve met). … // Set the date we're counting down to The aft service module (推进舱) contains life support and other equipment required for the functioning of Shenzhou. [6] The general designer of Shenzhou-1 through Shenzhou-5 was Qi Faren (戚发轫, 26 April 1933), and from Shenzhou-6 on, the general design was turned over to Zhang Bainan (张柏楠, 23 June 1962). At first, ensigns were mostly the redshirts that beamed down to alien planets just to die. On a vessel tasked with exploring the far reaches of space, you need someone with a science background on board to help make sense of new alien worlds and species. On Discovery, that job falls to Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) as well as Tracy Pollard, who filled in for Culber while he was, uh, dead-ish. (DSC - Succession comics: "Issue 1", "Issue 2", "Issue 3"). China signed a deal with Russia in 1995 for the transfer of Soyuz technology, including life support and docking systems. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello", "Battle at the Binary Stars") Under the command of Captain Georgiou, Shenzhou visited Vulcan in 2249 where it received its first officer – recent graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy, Mich… }, 1000); Be sure to check back soon as filming began in January 2017, just a few kilometers from where I live. 8,526, This story has been shared 4,528 times. However, Detmer, Owosekun, and the bridge crew were then killed by Airiam who threatened the remaining crew by cutting off life support to other parts of the ship. if (distance < 0) { When Does 'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 3, Episode 4 Premiere on CBS All Access? There is enough room to carry an inflatable raft in case of a water landing, whereas Soyuz astronauts must jump into the water and swim. // Find the distance between now an the count down date Where to Watch 'Citizen Kane' To Prepare for 'Mank', How Amy Adams Transformed Into Her 'Hillbilly Elegy' Character, Bev, Stream It Or Skip It: 'The Mystery of D.B. active (2256), In the mirror universe, the ISS Shenzhou (NCC-1227) was a Terran Imperial starship, a Walker-class vessel in Imperial Starfleet service in the mid-23rd century. These people keep the rest of the crew alive. In March 2005, an asteroid was named 8256 Shenzhou in honour of the spacecraft. 'Star Trek: Discovery': Did You Know That Starfleet's New Leader Was Also in 'The Mummy'? 751, This story has been shared 739 times. Shenzhou consists of three modules: a forward orbital module (轨道舱), a reentry module (返回舱) in the middle, and an aft service module (推进舱). The Phase One spacecraft followed the general layout of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, with three modules that could separate for reentry. Upon it's arrival, the Shenzhou beamed Burnham and her party to meet with Airiam's contact, Katrina Cornwell. The first crewed launch took place on 15 October 2003 with the Shenzhou 5 mission. Interim 'Jeopardy' Host Ken Jennings Under Fire for Insensitive Tweets, 'This Is Us' Season 5 Schedule: When the Next Episode 5 Will Return, 'Drew Barrymore Show' Under Fire for Giving a Teacher and His Alleged Former Student a "Fairy Tale Wedding", How to Watch the Diego Maradona Documentary on Netflix, Who Killed Elena in 'The Undoing'?

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