Yamaha Fretless Bass guitar with fret markings. This bass has been well taken care of. GOLD HARDWARE, HIPSHOT BRIDGE, DIAMONDWOOD FIGUREBOARD. We have been serving the needs of local musicians for the last three years and look forward to speaking with you about your next instrument. Yes, the dot position markers are on the note. Unfortunately, I can't find the essence of wood for ... ***SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE***Old project started in 1986 and decided to get it together recently. Shane later added acoustic guitars doubled, Lap Slide steel guitar swells as well as electric solo guitar at the end along with the bass open string repeating line over a D7+11 tonality. There is a rosewood cap on the headstock, that is worth noting, because it ties the neck together with the fingerboard so beautifully. Brokerage or import fee's when shipping outside of the continental US. Chambered body. 1979 Fender Jazz Bass. Please be sure to stop by and visit, we'd love to meet you! The bass will be de-tuned for shipping purposes. I wonder if it is because of the sparse percussion element. Thanks! A Lakland bag is included, although the zipper on the pocket is broken. And it's not ostentatiously glossy or florid like some custom basses get. We appreciate all our Canadian customers! It was defretted really nicely by a professional and it is in almost mint cosmetic condition(there is a minor scratch of the varnish on the back of the bass- see photo) I never gigged with the bass and it was only used only for home practice. Arizona residents add 9.1% Sales Tax We will only ship a credit card purchase to the exact billing address of the card. About Us. My luthier was very impressed by the instrument and noted that he thought that it may have been fretted at one point and converted to fretless. This bass cost over $4k new and has never been out of the smoke-free house. CUSTOM FRETLESS JAZZ BASS PROFESIONALLY ROUTED FOR A PRECISION PICKUP YOU COULD CHANGE IT BACK TO A JAZZ WITH PICKUP AND PICKGAURD HAS NEW 500K POTS WITH WHITE PEARL KNOBS AND GOTOH BASS BRIDGE. I ship worldwide. We play guitars. Macassar ebony fingerboard with purple heart position markers and custom inlay. As most of the instruments I make are neck-thru or set-necks. And as smooth as a baby's you know what! HK Custom Series 4 Saiter Bass fretless Elektrobass aktiv, Carvin Custom Shop LB75 - 5 string Lined Fretless - Koa Sides - Maple Neck, Fender Squier VM Fretless Jazz Bass (Jaco Pistorius Tribute) Custom, G & L Custom Build Royal Purple SB-1 Fretless Bass Electric Guitar W/COA Bundle, CUSTOM 6 STRING FRETLESS BASS, BARTOLINI PU, HIPSHOT, BUCKEYE BURL, Carvin Custom Shop LB75 - 5 string Lined Fretless - Koa Body - Maple Neck, Warrior Isabella Custom Fretless 6 String. contact number: 281-298-1617. Not sure of the year on this one but included the serial number which is 11500.This is one pretty bass with super nice wood all around just like the other one I have listed. With some minor marks and scratches. and the scale length is 34. Allparts Maple/Maple neck with binding and pearloid blocks. The neck is secured to the body with stainless steel screws. Roundwounds are currently installed. Never used 5 String Fretless Jazz Bass. Great upright natural tone. Arjun is a world percussionist and session recording artist and is highly acclaimed for his unique hybrid of East-meets- West rhythms. This is an absolutely cosmetically flawless. Pla ys and sounds great! As the bass is laminated the cracks only appear in the one layer and in no way effect the integrity of the instrument. Has normal wear and tear of a used item, as documented in photos, but no major hi deranged, and plays well as it has been setup in store. Number of Frets. Which, since I bought it in'94 is a bit of a mystery. I bought the bass when Kip was trying to put together money for another build. Im Kaufpreis ist der Versand(innerhalb der BRD) beinhaltet. And I'll be personally be bringing it back to California in mid-December. This bass has binding around the top of the body only, and is contoured at the lower left bout. This is an excellent playing/sounding bass guitar that simply doesn't get the attention it deserves. Insurance is extra but not required. Fender. Bridge volume, OBP-2 SK Stacked 2 band bass/treble, side, jack. An individual who has been fabricated with Rudy Penza is a dandy players around the world seek. The basic tracks gave me a lot of room to experiment rhythmically and melodically. Custom Fretless P/J Bass PRICE DROP !!! Steve Bailey, and Victor Bailey! MINT CONDITION Carvin SP series"soap bar" humbuckers(deep smooth bass response) excellent mid range) tight top end definition) SP series side by side coil design w/mid range"growl" smooth bottom end. I'm hoping to sell it to someone who will play it and appreciate it more. Hard shell case included. Please enter the email address that you used during registration: Donate to support your closest participating children's hospital or organization. Body Colour- Natural. A Bass Shop T-Shirt $25.00. Thanks for considering! Bridge Pickups- Double Piezo. It most closely resembles a Deep 4, although there are many options that differentiate it from an off-the-rack model. This Bass looks, plays, and sounds amazing! Features 5-string fretless bass Zebrawood/Wenge/Zebrawood Top Zebrawood body 34" scaler Neck-thru construction Wenge/Flame Maple neck wood Pau Ferro fingerboard Assymetrical neck shape Fretless(24) 1.75" nut width 15" fingerboard radius ABM- Brass Bartolini Curved Top bridge pickup- neck Bartolini Curved Top neck pickup- bass Controls: Volume- Push/Pull Slap Tone. Tonally, it has a taught, burnished tone with a pop and immediacy to the notes. These are not to be confused with the cheaper"Rockbass" models. It has an active 5 string jazz pickup with tone and blend controls making it more powerful than your average Wishbass. Plenty of mwah if and when you want it. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. If you have any questions you can message us or call us at 330-856-5509. International buyers welcome- please email for ship quote. bass, 8-string fretless Octobuzz, double neck with 4 –string fretless and 8-string fretted. I tried to get a good pic with the strings off but pictures can't quite capture the figure. Hand built custom fretless bass. I lived with this track for a while and transcribed the form that Arjun had played and worked out the groove bass lines that are parts of the tone drum lines. the control nobs were painted bronze as the finger plate. It' has a strings through body system and an Acoustic Chamber in the body.

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