0000000016 00000 n Appropriate structure and approach has been used. . x�b```b``qb`e``Wb`@ ����]��{�t�}Yw���8���Ӣ籹�n��dP衒p��ʥIa�m�`R�*�R ��^��i��*Ll��T_j�0���C �kޔK�R�'5��4MF�1�qJ�|9-u��9�f,Y�{a��ƺ�P[�Rg�ހ�Z�|���B�Td[����YFG�u�JJ���&.�cc�P��xE��(���� ���w�DX����r�z��4�. You understood that there is the need to create a marketing plan and a marketing research where you need to specify the importance of understanding the influence of marketing on society. (SWOT) analysis, the concept of the product life cycle (PLC)/tourist area life cycle (TALC), Boston Matrix, strategic and tactical objectives, Ansoff’s matrix, competitive advantage, and public policy, the impact of marketing on society, consumerism, environmentalism, legal, Tate Modern literature review as a platform for study to the module’s assignment, Introduction to LO 3 Understand the role of the marketing mix in the travel and tourism sector, To explore the Marketing mix: product; price; place, Product: elements eg product features, advantages and benefits, tangible, intangible and. xref . Highlight each question clearly. 0000002184 00000 n In order to get a Distinction you need to address the characteristics of D1, D2 and D3.Use a common format for the questions, for example: Underpinning Knowledge (write about the relevant theory/points), Conclusions and Recommendations (summarizing the whole scenario keeping in view pass, merit, distinction criteria. This methodology usually carries a set of questions identified in advance. 0000009571 00000 n As a new marketing executive of London Gatwick Airport, describe its marketing mix. Seminars are interactive sessions led by the learners. Any act of plagiarism will be seriously dealt with according to the colleges and awarding bodies’ regulations. 0000010076 00000 n . Unit 11: Delivering the Travel and Tourism Customer Experience (Learning aim B) 27 Topic C.1 Plan international travel (cont.) The marketing mix is vital to get it right if an organisation wishes to meet out the marketing objectives. ... A good face to face communication in a travel and tourism job where the staff is always surrounded by people is very important because it counts as a customer`s first impression which will help to build a rapport between the staff and customer. The college’s approach towards teaching and learning is simple and effective. P2.2- Discuss the relevance of marketing research and market, P2.3 –  Assess the influence of marketing on society, Summarized Feedback for Task 2(reflecting 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, Pass merit and distinction. This assists in the assessment of the learner’s ability to apply to the real world the tools and techniques of analysis which they have learnt. ), TASK 4                                    Case Scenario, P4.1  Assess the integrated nature and role of the promotional mix, Summarized Feedback for Task 4(reflecting 4.1 and 4.2 Pass merit and distinction.). This task is your first serious assignment and whether you will be offered a permanent position after your training has been completed depends on your performance. You understood that there is the need to create a marketing plan and a marketing research where you need to specify the importance of understanding the influence of marketing on society. Include a Bibliography at the end of the assignment and use the Harvard referencing system. 59 34 . 0000004476 00000 n 0000008668 00000 n The importance of interdependence has been recognized. %PDF-1.3 %���� Use a standard report structure, Word-process the report and use Normal script of a proper font size 12. 0000040461 00000 n This will enable students to engage in the learning environment and promote success in both their academic studies and subsequent career. Assignments submitted after the deadline will not be accepted unless mitigating and may be entitled for a late fee. You still work as an Assistant Marketing Manager for the same tour operator. 1 Unit 4: Customer Service in Travel and Tourism Unit code: L/600/9488 QCF Level 3: BTEC National ... 3 Know the customer service skills required to meet customer needs in travel and tourism contexts 4 Be able to apply customer service and selling skills in travel and tourism situations.

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