1 Cakes. Get the full recipe. This classic has only recently become a popular wedding cake flavor. While it might not be as sugary or as decadent as a three-layer chocolate cake with frosting on top and in between the layers, a pound cake is more practical. It's a pretty situation-specific cake, though, which is why it's not higher up on the list. A fruity teacake made with fresh Fuji apples and quality spices. Sometimes, when you bite into a slice of banana cake, it doesn't even taste like there's real banana in there because it's so sugary. This makes Angel food cake a delicious no-fat dessert. Top this delicate dessert with berries and whipped cream for the perfect flavor combination. Fudgy Chocolate Cake. I've always loved cake for one main reason: icing. 5. Who's craving a slice of cake right now? Browse our entire collection of Cake Recipes. Get the full recipe. This amazing sugary invention is an awesome way to get some frosting since it might seem strange to simply buy (or make) some and eat it... although it's probably been done. Vanilla cake might be boring to some people (and many would always choose chocolate over vanilla), but we have this to say: a vanilla cake is the best cake ever when you want to go nuts with frosting. It screams "fancy dinner party" and seems like just the thing to make for your special someone on Valentine's Day. We have nothing against a cake with a strong story and family memories. "Homemade angel food cake is worth the work," says Syd. This might not be up there with vanilla or chocolate, and people might not talk about an orange cake very often, but does anyone have anything against orange? Get the full recipe. Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer who loves coffee, avocados, pop culture, and barre classes. This can also be called a banana chocolate chip cake, which, obviously, sounds epic. Suddenly,  you see them everywhere, especially on social media. This tastes even better than it looks, trust us! The cake itself is extremely dense, since it doesn't rise as much as the American-style butter cake. Get the full recipe. Marble cake needs to make up its mind: is it a vanilla cake or a chocolate cake? Baby Mac's super-simple sticky apple and cinnamon tea cake is a must this winter. This fabulous squidgy lemon-ginger cake recipe is the perfect afternoon tea dessert combining two delicious flavours. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. These dense cakes are sturdy enough to hold thick icing and fillings and are perfect for rolled fondant. Cake is cake, right? Wedding Cake Flavors for Fall Apple and Spice Pumpkin Caramel Maple Spice This gives them their lighter, airy texture (think angel food and sponge cake). We can take it or leave it, and while we might turn down a freshly baked slice, there are so many cake flavors out there, we'd rather eat one of those. With a top fruity mousse and brownie biscuit bottom, it's an ideal summertime dessert. Passed on from her mother, the buttery cake is easy to make and can be frozen for up to 6 weeks. Of all the desserts, everyone can agree that cake is the best one—well, except for the people who claim that pie is more delicious. If you enjoy coconut, though, you love it in cake form. My fiance's three-year-old nephew always asks, "Is it cake?" The only thing that this cake has going for it is that you bake it in a special pan, but that's not that exciting, really. It's always sweet and often has a great glaze on top. How the cake crumbles! There are many different types of cake-whether it's birthday, angel food, pound cake, and so many more. A tube pan with a removable bottom is highly recommended.". Combining two classics, it is no wonder that this Caramel Apple Cake is a hit, plus it's perfect with a cuppa and a dollop of cream! 2. Early recipes for carrot cake had a healthier reputation – carrots and dried fruit were used for sweetness. Plus, there's the fact that it kind of seems like a seasonal dessert. A chocolate chip cake is amazing.

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