I have been a long lurker and built my knowledge mostly from GWE! Press J to jump to the feed. I have seen seedlings stop growing, turn yellow and burn from this :( but ya i don't think the thrips will be too bad, especially this close to harvest. It’s semi mobile so while it moves it’s slow. 100% Upvoted. Flower thrips , Frankliniella tritici (Fitch), Thripidae, THYSANOPTERA ... Late in the second instar they stop feeding and move down the plant to pupate. Couldn't find on Amazon. Well I harvested what I could , then I used avid and dino-mite 5 times over a 20 day period, to save my veg and mother plants, mean while I cleaned and cleaned. Hey GWE community! Because of thrips’ small size (1∕16 inch) and tendency to remain hidden in flower buds, they are difficult to detect before severe feeding damage is evident. I've personally seen this stuff used effectively in massive commercial greenhouses. I’d add a little Epsom salt and get to the harvest in the normally scheduled time. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cut it down figure out what you did wrong and correct it. Posted by Theylive | Oct 16, 2020 | Grower Questions | 9 |. Close. I thought my first post would be a nice grow journal, but thrips had other plans. Adults are the only stage that can be identified to species. Note: If you notice thrips when flowering it may be too late. If its just super early on in the infestation and your cutting this week, meh as long as you don't mind I guess its up to you then. No. She still has a couple of weeks to go. If you have the option cooling the grow space down will help slow their reproductive cycle to minimize damage. The difference between Genius and Stupidity is that Genius has it's limits. More posts from the microgrowery community. You must log in or register to reply here. This is my third run in this mix and i’ve had hiccups every run late in flower even after amending. if you have a lot of fungal activity in your soil, supporting a populous occurrence of gnat larvae, they will feed on the fungus, then turn on your roots. Tried about everything and they keep getting worse. It's a predatory mite (won't harm your plants) that feeds on thrips (and spider mites, actually). You must be logged in to vote. 21 votes. Azasol. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The largest Medical Marijuana media publication/organization available, currently serving more than 100,000 daily visitors, 150,000 registered members, and over 2 million followers on our social networking channels. This is a loaded question both requiring a yes or no question. Im all organic too. Look it up its amazing for late flower pests, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the microgrowery community. Dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Next week I was thinking to stop the fertilizers and to start watering the plant only with water. It is definitely going to hurt the end product not to mention there will be bugs in the product as well as byproduct (poop) which you may end up smoking. We love pictures of your plants & harvest, discussing growing methods, and helping with grow problems. Gold Member. I even saw the tiny bastards with my magnifying glass. fungus gnats can actually cause a lot of damage too. See what Jmystro or JustCoolin thinks for sure. well there is the right answer which we both know what it is ,, and the wrong answer ,that you and we really want to hear but wont work. I would wait till one of the dudes tells you how to fix this.. im experienced but no jmystro…, © 2020 Dude Grows LLC || MADE WITH GROWERS' IN COLORADO. Close. Centralized in Hollywood California, 420 Magazine has been delivering cannabis education to thousands daily since its inception in 1993.

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