The word marketing mix was used by the Neli H Borden in 1964 A.D. Communication has as its central objective the transmission of meaning. Because job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction do not balance each other out, the elimination of a dissatisfier does not necessarily lead to job satisfaction. According to Thomas A. Staudt and Donald A. Taylor- Marketing mix refers to the actual work that must be done to reach the target market and achieve corporate objectives. The theory states that a person will be motivated when the individual perceives a link between what he or she is doing and the expected reward. In one way, the definition indicates that motivation is where someone (perhaps a team leader) causes someone else (a team member) to act in a certain way. Wrong information means wrong decisions; hence, the need for proper communication. In conclusion, marketing means the process of things or company in the same way of time. It is also to cause a person to act in a particular way. In essence, there seem to be two conflicting views of motivation. Promotion:It is related to informing, educating, persuading, reminding the customers about the benefit of an organization offers. Price: Price is the amount of money which customer have to pay to get the product. To create the positive image of country, region. Tourism marketing has the certain type of characteristics. The process begins at the strategic development stage. Shaking hands or tapping someone’s shoulder can have positive or negative effects, so it is necessary to be very respectful in this matter and know cultural conventions. Channel noise rangers from static that disrupts a telephone conversation to typographical and spelling errors in a letter or e-mail message. All chapters are based on international research in tourism and Special care has been taken to give the book a global touch. People need to be active. Communication plays a vital role in the growth and sustainability of tourism. Company Registration No: 4964706. Managers do not only deal with their peers and subordinates, but also with customers, suppliers, and bankers. Marketing tourism can happen on large or small scales. The word marketing mix was used by the Neli H Borden in 1964 A.D. It arranges marketing campaigns and develops all the tourism product but it cannot involvement in tourism product of marketing. It greatly depends on accurate information. Communication is one of the four traditional marketing instruments within the marketing mix. For example, you might be tasked with a national and high-stakes tourism campaign. Because communication is a central factor in the emerging knowledge economy and a major consideration for anyone entering today’s workforce, we need to look more closely at the total process of communication. Looking for a flexible role? The form of the idea will be influenced by complex factors surrounding the sender’s mood, frame of reference, background, culture, and physical makeup, as well we the context of the situation and many other factors. Job enrichment, Hertzberg proposed the idea of job enrichment as a reaction to the KITA (kick-in-the-ass) motivational approach there are most managers practicing. Furthermore, what one employee may find interesting may not be of any interest to another employee. There can be more than one community in a society. Maslow believed that until the physiological needs are satisfied, the other would not serve as motivators. One can look at motivation as a deficiency, a need that must be fulfilled. For example, here’s a descriptive response. An evaluative response is judgemental and doesn’t tell the sender whether the receiver actually understood the message. We have a preference for complexity over simplicity, because complexity is more interesting. Both parties must agree not only on the information transmittee but also on the meaning of that information. Production and consumption are closely interrelated, Ownership of the tourism product is no transfer. This type of organization can neither formulate rules and implement them. Nonverbal messages, though, are conveyed by the report’s appearance (showy versus bland), layout (ample white space versus tightly packed columns of print), and tone (conversational versus formal). There are different mediums such as greetings at meetings and negotiations.

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