Krang (Archie & IDW) | Baxter Stockman (Archie & IDW) | Bludgeon | Rise of the TMNT: Baron Draxum | Huggin & Muninn | Albearto | Baxter Stockboy | Big Mama | Meat Sweats | Hypno-Potamus | Foot Brute | Foot Lieutenant | Warren Stone | Repo Mantis | Evil League of Mutants | Shredder | Kendra | Marcus Moncrief, Movies Our Turtle Teens will have to stab through the steel of his atomized armor and dodge the sting of his spiked staff to do in Super Shredder! Earlier in the game, there is a Shredder boss fight added in when the Turtles enter the Technodrome the first time. MurderAttempted genocideTreasonDestructionAttempted cosmic dominationTheftAssaultVandalismTortureBlackmailingConspiracyStalkingKidnappingAnimal crueltyCallous human experimentationAbuse of powerTerrorismEnslavementBrainwashingCrimes against humanity and mutant-kind Crimes His intelligence is also quite high, as he knew the Turtles live in the sewers, knowing Master Splinter was in New York training a team of Ninjas, and is a highly cunning mob boss who controlled the crime in New York for many years. Shredder is a highly deceitful and cunning person who could easily manipulate people toward his advantage or sacrifice people for his advantage. Bebop and Rocksteady | Sub-boss - This incarnation of Super Shredder is a sub-level boss in the final Technodrome level. Maligna (IDW Version) | Threatening to hurt his minions for failing or disobeying him. However, he never considered that due to his actions, Karai would have been wiped out as well. The biggest problem is that like the super shredder figure before him from 91, he actually stands a tad shorter than a couple of the turtles (it’s not as bad as the 1991 original but it’s still noticeable). [Both mutants fall to the abyss, disappear to the clouds, presumably to their deaths! Foot Elite | Realizing that they are turtles, the Turtles jumped to the river to safety before the docks collapsed on top of Shredder, crushing him. Slash | Shredder's love for Karai was what convinced him to help stop the Triceratons, but his desire for revenge proved to be too great. Shredder considers Splinter to be the world's biggest scum and resents every childhood memory of being raised as adopted brothers. as he didn't care that destroying the docks will kill him too. He refused Stockman and Tiger Claw's warnings to stop taking more mutagen as it would make him more unstable. 2003 TV series: Utrom Shredder (Tengu Shredder & Cyber Shredder) | Karai | Baxter Stockman | Rat King | Drako | Ultimate Ninja | Hun | Darius Dun | Sh'Okanabo | Dark Turtles | Viral | Torbin Zixx | Commander Mozar | General Blanque | Lonae | Abigail Finn | Parker | Harry Parker | Zanramon | Kluh | Ammag | Levram Wizard | Dragon Face | Johnny | Yukio Mashimi | Moriah | Weasel | Master Sliver | Savanti Romero | Skonk | Agent Bishop | Triple Threat | Nano | Mephos | Boss Zukko | High Mage | Lord Hebi He made his first appearance in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze and was even the final boss in some videogames. Shredder also cares for his adopted daughter Karai, training her in his ways and after she was mutated he searched for a cure to her mutation. The Super Shredder is a fearsome and downright scary foe in the Nick series and his figure does a good job of capturing his grotesque look. Purple Dragons | Karai | He is also Yoshi's former best friend and adopted brother. General Tragg | TMNT 1 & 2: Foot Clan (Shredder, Tatsu, Tokka & Rahzar) Shredder (Mirage, Archie, IDW, Mirage Comics, Raphael, Doctor Shreddarius & Lady Shredder) | He can also attack with a sword. Comics Kitsune | 1987 TV series: Shredder (1987) | Bebop & Rocksteady (1987) | Baxter Stockman (1987) | Krang (1987) | Rat King (1987) | Lord Dregg (1987) | Antrax (1987) | Barney Stockman | Don Turtelli | General Tragg | Groundchuck & Dirtbag | Krangazoids While he is a very cold, violent, hardened, and contemptuous man, Shredder was in no way incapable of love, the very cause of his quest for revenge against Splinter was out of jealousy that his love Tang Shen preferred his friend over him. Occupation He later sheds any affection he has for the few people he loved. Rise of the TMNT Other Media. Karai stated with everything strange that's happening, he should have questions. His stamina and endurance is also high for his age, enough that he was able to take the jaw strength of Leatherhead, but the type of armor that he wears could be very proactive for his body to take many blows of attacks. Final boss - After defeating Shredder and Krang, Shredder uses an ooze canister to transform into Super Shredder like he did in TMNT II. As for his stamina he was able to still fight back just shortly after he was attacked by Leatherhead.

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