Once again Warhol had used a mass-produced object to create art, and while he was a fervent critic of American consumerism, he never declared himself of any political party and left his work open to interpretation. The first time was in 1911 (the same year the Mona Lisa was stolen, bad year for art) when the painting was slashed by a man using a shoemaker's knife. Leonardo is also thought to be the model used for two artworks by Verrochio, the bronze statue of David and the Archangel Raphael in the Tobias and the Angel painting. A third attack occurred in 1990 when a man sprayed acid onto the canvass, but thankfully, it only damaged the varnish who covered the painting. or man-made, like glasses, musical instruments etc. The painting measures 3.63m by 4.37m, but it is smaller than it used to be. Willem Kalf painted still lifes which reflected the opulent lifestyle and status of their owner. Just like the Mona Lisa, this painting was the target of vandalism. It is during the 1960's that Andy Warhol's work really became famous and his influence over American pop culture established itself. Many of his paintings were bought by Prince Frederick Hendrik, the ruler of the Dutch Republic. Andy Warhol died in February 1987 from the complications of a gallbladder surgery. Others, the more advanced ones, use only their imagination. He opened his own studio around 1625 when he was 18 or 19 years old and he started to host art classes and art education workshops where he taught beginners Dutch artists. But still life is also nothing else but a portrait of usually a life-less scene. He later became an art instructor himself, leading drawing classes and teaching fundamental drawing techniques to apprentices. Maybe some of the most well-known work by Warhol is the 15 feet tall portrait of Mao, leader of the Popular Republic of China. A still life is a work of art whose subject matter is inanimate, typically artfully-arranged everyday objects like food, flowers, books, jewlery, plants and even dead animals. The Captain can clearly be seen gesturing to his men to march on. As a result, still life subjects have allowed artists to really test what … The original work was trimmed in 1715 to neatly fit between two columns in the Amsterdam city hall. He started the Factory, an art studio, that became a hub for artists, musicians, writers, journalists and actors, and underground celebrities. Art studios were very different at the time from what they are today and as an apprentice, Leonardo had to learn many crafts including drafting, chemistry, metallurgy, metal working, plaster casting, leather working, mechanics and carpentry as well as the artistic skills of figure drawing and painting, sculpting and modelling. Maybe his most famous work, the Mona Lisa painting is displayed in the Louvre museum in Paris. This painting was one of the first to depict a live-action group portrait. In the UK, there is rarely a week that goes by that doesn't have an exhibition opening about Andy Warhol somewhere in the country. It took him a few years to make a breakthrough but in 1629, Constantijn Huygens discovered him and helped him to get commissions from the court of the Hague. Early in his career, Warhol worked as a commercial and advertising artists, he went on doing extensive work for the American shoe manufacturer, Israel Miller. He mastered the art of printmaking using both abstract and realist subjects capturing the essence of objects or celebrities. Still life artists often placed religious symbolism within their artwork, which for the most part can't be seen at first glance. Still life drawings and paintings have a long history, back in time. He is still recognised today as a "Universal Genius" and his influence on the world is still felt today. Yet, what differentiates Rembrandt from other Dutch master painters of his time, was that his works depicted a wide variety of style and subjects, from portraits and landscape, on biblical, mythological or allegorical genre. It is today estimated to be the most valued painting in the world, with a price tag of nearly $800 million. Leonardo started his artistic life in the service of Verrocchio, as an apprentice in his Florence atelier. The painting gained international fame when it was stolen from the Louvres in 1911. Often considered to be the greatest visual artist in the history of art, and definitely, the most important Dutch artist, Rembrandt influence on his contemporaries and today's artists make no doubt. He suffered a decline of popularity in the 1970's when he was perceived by the rest of the art world as more of an entrepreneur and businessman than an artist. Not only did Rembrandt taught many Dutch masters but his influence on today's art and especially his work on light and shadows and on action movement, continue to inspire artists today.

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