View additional information about the tracking objects, including its speed, exact address, petrol consumption, travel history, etc. unblock it. Another one to consider is the Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi, which will calibrate from pointing it one or two stars and has a GoTo facility… also currently quite cheap. Would it be possible to get some really wide field shots with a dedicated astro camera? With 15TRACK, you can now make the StarTrack tracking process more manageable and save a lot of precious time. But want to consider the option of getting a 200 or 300mm L lens in future if this works out. Download. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "abc12e3eb767b09db1d0fdec129d2821" );document.getElementById("ca45a71fa0").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. I often see comments from beginners about being limited to a maximum exposure time using a particular mount before the stars begin to trail. ( separate tracking numbers by comma ). The Carina Nebula from Costa Rica (9-minute exposure using a star tracker and small telescope). This page gives you an opportunity to get the info about every package, sent using Star Track couriers service. Let StarTracker guide you to explore the universe. When comparing the specs between the iOptron SkyGuider Pro, and the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro, you’ll notice a number of similarities. It’s a slightly smaller and lighter version of the pro reviewed here. The Fornax Mounts LighTrack II looks and acts differently than all of the other star trackers I previously mentioned. Receive automated alerts when the object enters or leaves marked boundaries. This package was registered at the carrier’s database. It simply wasn’t possible to bring my computerized telescope mount to this location (on a plane), yet a star tracker fit in my carry-on bag and allowed me to collect tracked images of the night sky from the middle of the resort. Compatible with ebay / aliexpress / magento: with your ebay,aliexpress,magento account bounding to trackingmore,our system will collect the data together , so you can manage your shipments in one place. Here is a look a single 180-second sub exposure using the LighTrack II with my Canon 60Da, William Optics RedCat 51, and the OPT Triad Ultra filter. Luckily for amateur astrophotographers and photographers, there are a lot of great star tracker options to choose from these days. With the counterweight kit attached, the SkyGuider has no trouble with larger telephoto lenses and even small refractor telescopes such as the William Optics RedCat 51. b. To polar align an equatorial mount for astrophotography (including a small camera tracker), you need to adjust the altitude and azimuth of the base so that the polar axis of the mount is aligned with the celestial pole. You can see any stars, constellations and deep sky objects you are watching in real time. Would be great to review that system some time in the future…, Trevor, I think the skyguider Pro would work great but I would also like a mount with a Goto feature and I am guessing I would need to use like the HEQ5 if I need that. I have a 300mm zoom lens that I want to try this out on (not pro grade – so not so heavy). Reports include various information by date and the GPS tracker name, including driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled, fuel consumption and much more. Get instant alerts about your tracking object. - indicates that your item arrived at the facility, where the sorting will start. At times you cannot be sure that everything will be okay during the whole delivery process. Your resource for stars, planets, the Sun, the Moon, and astronomical events, See the Earth live from the International Space Station. Star Track Express branded tracking experience Give customers the best post-purchase experience with proactive delivery updates. I wondered if you had tried using this rig with the ASI294MC Pro, using a EOS-T2 Adapter ( The fine friction strip helps the LighTrack II maintain balance, and was designed with strict production tolerances. Hey, get outdoors with your friends and enjoy star gazing! Any additional friction between you and a successful image has a way of affecting your decision process of stepping outside on a less-than-perfect night. 1.Shipment Tracking Management: a. - while the sorting was successfully finished, the courier identified all the points the parcel should pass Now you can go to If you have a StarTrack tracking number, you will be able to track your StarTrack parcels conveniently on 15TRACK. - success! Star Track integrates the following technologies to provide real-time GPS tracking and fleet management with vehicle security service for both professional and personal needs. This ultra-lightweight star tracker is iOptron’s latest variation of their incredibly popular and affordable wide-angle astrophotography mount. The package is acquired. However, there are 2 colossal differences between the iOptron and Sky-Watcher camera trackers and the LighTrack II. Enjoy this app for free, plus many more free of ads and in-app purchases, with a Google Play Pass subscription. (I’m thinking about it for use with a camera…). Welcome to StarTrack’s new Track & Trace solution, providing more accurate shipment delivery information and new features to help you track the status of your shipments and confirm proof of delivery. b. All you need is Star Distribution tracking number. The images were 3-minutes each at an effective focal length of 400mm with my camera system, and the unguided exposures were excellent. All of the star trackers mentioned above are capable of accurately tracking the night sky for incredible long exposure images like the one below (including the most affordable option, the iOptron SkyTracker Pro). Later that summer, I tested the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer (Pro Package). My portable star tracking mounts have traveled with me to some amazing places and captured some of my favorite astrophotos. I realize that many people are accustomed to traveling with an external power supply for various devices, but I am not one of them. box will be scanned and distributed to the next depot. If you’re thinking about diving into the world of telescopes for astrophotography, I’d recommend the RedCat 51 Petzval APO or Radian Raptor 61 to compliment the SkyGuider. The carrier established high level of their service to satisfy even the most demanding consumer. I really like that the Star Adventurer can run on 4 AA Batteries. * The Fornax Mounts LighTrack II requires an external 12V power source. Please enter the captcha to To know more about it click below. Get SOS alarms if it has been stolen, and easily turn the engine on or off. We consider all the offers. Shanghai, China, 200443, Star Walk 2 Free - Sky Map, Stars & Constellations, ISS Live Now: Live HD Earth View and ISS Tracker, Cookies help us deliver our services. Don’t expect these little units to carry a heavy telescope, although small refractors are an option if you’ve got a counterweight system to help balance things out. In fact, a lot of the star trackers available online today come in a potentially confusing number of packages and bundles.

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