What features unify those three? Eating fish more than once a day is a lot of fish! And I say this as someone not starting from a position of health. Home; Weight Loss. Don’t forget the wine! Two, I am so with you on the question of grains and health. So, I was eating mostly meats, poultry, FISH, olive oil, eggs, 3 ounces (100 g) cheese daily, and vegetables 200 g daily. Probably not, but why not? This calorie reduction is a well-documented effect of very low-carb diets. So I’m a special case, I need to point out. Would the phytonutrients provide more of a benefit? Does the KMD incorporate enough of the healthy components of the Mediterranean diet? No calorie counting. In over two decades of medical practice, I’ve never run across a case of mercury or dioxin poisining from fish consumption. For now, I’m planning on avoiding grains. I should think the sorry science behind the saturated fat – heart disease linkage, etc, etc is reminder enough to avoid blanket proclamations that are actually beyond our current ken. Quickly boring, even unappetizing. It seems that the human body is marvelously designed to survive, even thrive, with multiple ways of eating—but not all ways. Occurs typically on days 2–5 of very low-carb dieting: achiness and fatigue. My secondary goal is good health, but my primary is more immediate. For the last four months—November through February—I’ve been eating the aforementioned liberalized KMD. Blogging here also helps me maintain compliance. And water. But most canned tuna is water packed, not oil packed, and is missing most of the essential oils that most people associate with fish. It’s a tough call, but I think fruits provide more healthy phytonutrients than grains. Induction flu. Great job taking control of your condition! So I proceed down this path.My one moderator is to perhaps replace sme meats with dairy…. I’m keeping my eye on the BPA-canned goods story, currently in its infancy. This is a common probably for many people in the forums. but isn’t this the problem? Since I’m from Spain, which is suppossed to be one of those Mediterranean diet countries, at least in the past, I regularly eat lots of carbohydrates. It’s also been helpful for me to participate at two low-carb online communities: LowCarbFriends and Active Low-Carber Forums. Esp re Olive Oli. I don’t label those people as diabetics, although some might use the term “iatrogenic diabetes.” Talk to your doctor about these issues soon. when you have diabetes, chances are, you haven’t been healthy (or in other words: the best possible you) for months/years before you have been diagnosed. Overall dietary patterns, such as the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet, and the so-called “prudent diet” often come out ahead in terms of health. I don’t suffer from hunger pains; I love the culinary challenges and excitement of generating and discovering new meals under this regime. If I had followed the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet and reached my goal weight, what eating plan/diet will be the best to reintroduce food again for example grains/fruit/yougurt without a relaps? I’m hoping that my outbreak is induction induced and even if I have to take Allopurinol thats’ OK. My mother does and my dead diabetic dad did too. We may never know for sure. I really appreciate the KMD and have been on it –in my fashion– for maybe 10 months. No bread, no potatoes, no sugar…? [An interesting experiment would be to try to gain weight by over-eating fats and proteins while keeping total digestible carbs under 30 g/day. I never had hunger that I couldn’t satisfy within the guidelines of the diet. Another related question: if you are overweight, then do you *definitely* have metabolic syndrome (at the very least) or can you be overweight without having it? Diabetes is one of those diseases in which you can’t just depend on your doctor to do it all. Nevertheless, I ate fewer calories than my baseline intake.

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