In most areas, you are not required to install a hand-sink or plumbing installed for these units if you plan to sell pre-packaged ice cream only. Browse active ice cream truck, step-van, or trailer listings on our website by selecting any of the links below. Mobile Ice Cream Business - 2 Rolled Ice Cream Concession Trailers for Sale in Florida! Spread joy and happiness while earning with this 2019 soft-serve ice cream concession trailer! Novelty Ice Cream Truck: This is the truck or van you recall from your childhood. We will bring you a reliable machine, set up where you'd like it, get the ice cream flowing, and then return after your event to clean up and haul it away. Higher electrical requirements with more powerful generator to operate soft-serve machines or scooped ice cream are required and extremely important for these trucks. No one wants to spend a lot of money on a generator. Strategic Partnerships: Partnering with third-party organizations is another way successful vendors make sales. Up for sale are these awesome ice cream concession trailers - a 2017 8.5' x 18' bigger trailer with just a year of usage and a smaller trailer that was used for 3 years by the original owners. Yes, send me a weekly e-mail with the latest Used Equipment Arrivals, We promise to only send you good things and you can unsubscribe anytime. As a result of the additional equipment requirements, the cost of starting this type of ice cream truck will be more expensive and reflected in the sales price of units you see online. A truck driving around different neighborhoods in the summer with one of those familiar jingles coming through the loudspeakers to alert folks the ice cream man is here. Overtime, you’ll begin to figure out the neighborhoods that are most profitable in your area to increase efficiency and profitabilty. For sale is an aluminum 2016 8.5' x 20' Freedom food concession trailer that can do it all - from ice cream, shaved ice, or any type of edibles your creative mind can think of! Instead of being tied down to a brick and mortar location, you can now sell your treats using your very own food trailer! Here is a 2020 VW designed waffle and ice cream / Gelato concession trailer for a delightful mobile vending experience! Biz on Wheels custom build ice cream trucks snow cone truck soft serve frozen yogurt truck shave ice trucks food trucks or any kind of mobile business. Has not one, but TWO air conditioners! Call us right now to know more about this unit! 2011 - 8.5' x 16' Ice Cream Concession Trailer / Mobile Ice Cream Biz for Sale in Pennsylvania! As an ice cream vendor, you sell a high-margin product, especially if your focus is pre-packaged novelties. Provide a chilling experience like no other using this 2019 7' x 16' Covered Wagon rolled ice cream concession trailer! 2019 Soft-Serve Concession Trailer / Mobile Ice Cream Shop for Sale in Texas!!! You should also consider installing a high-power AC inside the unit to ensure product stays cold. Browse ice cream machines, ice cream freezers, ice cream carts, ice cream franchises, ice cream vendors, ice cream facts & ice cream news. 2016 - 8.5' x 20' Used Freedom Ice Cream / Snowball / Food Concession Trailer for Sale in Tennessee! This is a well-equipped unit that is ready to make your dreams become reality! If you want to learn more about operating a mobile food business, check out our business plan section to see how you can start a custom plan for your unit. Comes with a 2003 Chevy 2500HD truck to haul the trailer! Each listing contains photos, equipment lists, location, price and other important details. Let your passion for food take you to the top! 10 Money Making Mobile Business Ideas That Do Not Sell Food, Mobile Gaming Truck Business: The Coolest Venture on the Road. in New Jersey. Unlike restaurant supply websites that offer thousands of items, we limit our selection to ice cream related equipment. Use our zip code search to find the ones for sale closest to you. Copyright 2020 Foodtruckempire.Com | All Rights Reserved |, Shaved Ice and Ice Cream Truck in North Carolina, Black Soft Serve Concession Trailer for Sale in Green Valley, AZ, Mobile Soft Serve Ice Cream Van in Oak Harbor, WA, Shaved Ice and Ice Cream Food Truck Business Opportunity in Valrico, Florida, Used 2000 GMC Soft-Serve Food Truck For Sale, The World’s Largest Nitrogen Ice Cream Truck For Sale, Used Ice Cream Truck For Sale Near Janesville, WI, Power inverter system (to power freezers). 8' x 20' Schantz Custom Built Food / Soft Serve Concession Trailer for Sale in Missouri!!! This trailer includes everything you need to start your mobile ice cream business right from the get-go! Provide delightful surprise in every serving of your icy treat using this 1982 Chevrolet soft serve ice cream truck! Profit from this once in a lifetime business opportunity! If you’re not sure exactly what type of truck you need or are new to this business, we’ve written a brief guide that can help you determine the type of ice cream truck that fits your specific needs. Call us now for more details! What Type of Ice Cream Truck Do You Want to Start? 2018 12' Mobile Ice Cream Business Cold Plate Freezer Trailer for Sale in Florida! Looking for a quality new or used ice cream trucks for sale by owners? This good condition 1998 model soft serve and carnival food concession trailer is 8' wide, 20' long, and equipped with everything you need to start! But we do want to highlight why the costs of a truck with soft-serve or froyo equipment will always be higher than one that only sells pre-packaged items. Daily Service Route: When you think of an ice cream truck making money this is probably what you think of first. Create your account and enjoy a new shopping experience. These organizations supply the customers and you do the work of providing the ice cream. 2017 - 8.5 x 26' Ice Cream Concession Trailer for Sale in New Jersey!!! Turnkey Biz 2017 - 6' x 12' Ice Cream / Cookie Dough Concession Trailer for Sale in Colorado!

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