well i only Noticed this after i got used to the game i built 3 great towers but i have a problem building a very tall tower most of mine where wide, Dear blackice: the elevator´s shaft has a 30 level limit, it can be 1-30 or 0-29. etc. ive just downloaded sim tower and i installed it but half way through the process just before it was about to start this error came up saying. And umm... what's your OS and are you running it through DOSBox? Now, I just need my cleaning team to work. A note here: the game will run under Darwine on Intel-based Macs... Just don't try and save -- that doesn't work. *hehe* i can play it but i can't save my tower! Well essentially I started into DOS , and I managed to run the prog no probs. :angry: Hi :bye: .I`m on Win98Se operation system and I have the following problem:when I start the setup file there is a message "Initializing Setup" and nothing happens.Then I have to restart the PC,cause it blocks.Can you help with this? monthly. Nearly two years since Sim Tower was put up. Terrorists may bomb your tower so make sure your security is adequate to find any bomb. Anyway, enough memories. which will reduce those stress levels. Google for Yoot Tower. HKD – HK$ There are also a number of random events that can occur, some good, others not so good. Need to play it again.... :Brain: Home of the Underdogs might have it, otherwise you'll have to get it via ebay, I'm afraid. Thank you all for your contribution, it is really appreciated. :ph34r: EDIT: It's someplace else - but no links. It isnt a bug, its called maths, Now that Icewolf mention it, there was a good reason to make standard elevators run 0-29 and never let them stop on next lobby. :whistle: HEH :bleh: sorry about that.. i wasn't thinking.. When Abandonia was founded it was to collect and present all old games where the copyright protection had been abandoned, hence the term ’abandonware’ and the site name Abandonia.com. Remember that everyone in your tower is an individual with feelings. What does the error say? If simtower is your type of game, then you will get HOOKED. im so confused....
QUOTE(amyrbook @ Mar 20 2007, 12:35 AM) [snapback]284290[/snapback]
. I have a Vista OS, and when I try running the setup it does not work. Game's great :) At the beginning one thinks it'll be too easy. I've tried re-installing the game with no luck. CZK – Kč The fact that nobody can define all games is the only chance of dont get your computer jammed. Are you sure about ALL requirements for 5th star? where do i find this game to download? So what Compatibility Mode do I need? if you want the games. So, if we're lucky it'll come in December. I haven't got a problem running this on XP neither. USD - $ I'm running Win XP SP3 in compatibility mode (win 95), and it installed and runs fine, but I can't place a lobby so I can't even get any offices or anything. I have tried placing it in pretty much all possible positions without any luck. I've been able to install the game, although when I first tried to run simtower.exe, it attempted to find the best resolution for about 30 seconds, then just quit. It is a library of old games for you to download. ILS - ₪ BIIPER Screenshots Covers Scans Disques Publicités Abandonware TV Musiques Compagnies Personnalités Magazines … I've reached five stars several times before, each within only a couple of hours. Oh, for God's sake just read the previous posts in this thread, will you? We run on donations averaging around 6 USD (5 Euro). Seems weird, 'cause I've played it before and if I remember correctly, it even was on this very same computer. Is there any possibilty to throttle the processor? It gets real old real fast changing the rent for 1000+ units. My only solution was to build in normal mode and then switch on fast mode until I wanted to build again. Okay, I tried to find autoexec.nt, but I can't still find it. hello there - i checked sim tower pages there no ESA-protected icon and the download icon there - but download frezzes at some time - what wrong?
QUOTE(melthas @ Aug 19 2006, 02:38 AM) [snapback]249548[/snapback]
QUOTE(laiocfar @ Aug 18 2006, 04:37 AM) [snapback]249378[/snapback]
QUOTE(melthas @ Aug 21 2006, 12:52 PM) [snapback]249885[/snapback]
. it just came up with the same exact message! Play SimTower online! I've even downloaded it elsewhere and it still doesn't work. NOK – kr 0: Get the Game. At the start of SimTower you only have the option to build offices, cafes and condos. It is a library of old games for you to download. email me and i will get back to you.. hopefully you dun get the same problem as mine too.. Have fun playing.. argh.... my simtower has an error in it.. can someone help?????

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