Such conditions were themselves incitement enough to a prompt redemption of the promise of parliamentary distinction, even without the restless spurring of ambition. Normally I have to wait to hear back from my teachers so I was shocked to receive such a prompt reply from Mr. Edwards. The boot process should proceed and take you to a login prompt, or at least a state where an ssh daemon is visible. fibroid in a post-menopausal woman would arise suspicion and prompt surgical removal. In the near future, strange alien attacks in Washington D.C. prompt a group called Trust to send in rookie agent Michael Ford to investigate. Even though Tiffany has said that she would rather be taken seriously as an actress, there is no telling when the constant lure of reality show stardom may prompt her to sign up for a third season. Dean was surĀ­prised by the FBI's prompt response to what he'd described to Winston as an unimportant matter. , The taxi driver could not promise me the trip would be prompt because of the heavy traffic. (arrival) " Her reply was very prompt. " Prompt treatment normally prevents immediate complications, but a delay in the treatment of a severe allergic reaction can result in rapid deterioration and even death. You may ask yourself this questions if you're new to writing or suffering from writers block and look to a prompt as a source of information. The prompt and vigorous pursuit of Sir Henry Clinton across New Jersey towards New York, and the battle of Monmouth, in which the plan of battle was thwarted by Charles Lee, another foreign recruit of popular reputation, closed the military record of Washington, so far as active campaigning was concerned, until the end of the war. Given prompt treatment, most animal bites are not cause for major concern; as has been mentioned, minor bites can be treated at home without a visit to the doctor. The Samaritans were prompt to claim like privileges, but were forced to confess that, though they were Hebrews, they were called the Sidonians of Shechem and were not Jews. Failure to make a prompt report may count against them in the event of disciplinary proceedings. In a flash he realized his danger and made prompt arrangements to begin his retreat on Namur, the only line to France that was then available. Clean bathroom surfaces, disinfected toys, and prompt washing of soiled clothes in hot water also help prevent the spread of infectious germs. These are discussed by Mr Howard in the paper referred to, but in brief they all amount to measures of general hygiene, and the isolation, prompt removal, or proper sterilization of the animal or human excrement in which these flies breed. A message or symbol on a screen to show that the system is waiting for input. The revenge taken by the new king and his cousin Richard of Warwick for the slaughter at Wakefield and StAlbans was prompt and dreadful. The new look of your couch cushions might even prompt you to do a little work on the perfectly functional cushions throughout your house that need a little update. In the first stage of the history of the statesgeneral Mirabeau's part was very great He was soon recognized as a leader, to the chagrin of Jean Joseph Mounier, because he always knew his own mind, and was prompt in emergencies. (3) I'm looking forward to a prompt reply. Toggle temperature recording mode (prompt T) Other basic functions. Is customer service key to the success of your company or is it more important for the consumer to think of you as prompt? Service is friendly and prompt, with lunch and dinner served daily. Examples of Prompt in a sentence. Originally posted by centaur Thank you for your very prompt reply. While a well-stocked toy shop will offer a variety of stuffed dogs throughout the year, different holidays prompt themed items, such as a dog holding a heart for Valentine's Day or wearing a Santa hat for Christmas. It is far preferable to treat the constipation naturally and solve the problem instead of relying on prescription and over the counter drugs to prompt your child's body to pass stool. A danger, calling for prompt action, had at last come very near. Prompt sentence examples. A writing prompt is anything that inspires an author to put pen to paper or, as the case may be, fingers to keyboard, and get footing on a solid road to creativity and production. This struggle engendered extraordinary bitterness, since success might mean continued life, and defeat prompt demise, to competing towns. A message played to a caller that gives the caller a choice of selections in a menu and asks for a response. The taxi driver could not promise me the trip would be prompt because of the heavy traffic. In October 1898 there was an uprising of the Pillager band of Chippewa Indians at Leech Lake, which was quelled by the prompt action of Federal troops. Though he neednot be blamed for making a prompt end of the traitor Eadric Streona and of Tjhtred, the turbulent earl of Northumbria, at the commencement of his reign, there are other and less justifiable deeds of blood to be laid to his account. in a form-filling task, the subheadings; in a Writing task, the content points; in a Speaking task, a picture. Failure to recognize the urgency of repairs led to delays where prompt action would have saved money or prevented the problem getting worse. Whether you're a first time buyer, or planning to build, refinance or even renovate, Midland Mortgage's commitment to prompt, personal service follows through to a variety of affordable mortgage programs offering competitive rates. When, therefore, the latter, on the 22nd, marched southward to reopen his communications by the defeat of the enemy's army, always the surest means of solving this difficulty, he actually reached the neighbourhood of Eckmuhl with a sufficient numerical superiority had he only been prompt enough to seize his opportunity. In 1806 the family of Tippoo Sultan produced a dangerous mutiny at Vellore, which was nipped in the bud by the prompt action of Gillespie and his dragoons. Send me an email. Prompt administration of steroids often pre-empts the need for intubation in most cases of moderate or severe croup. If you only experience eye problems occasionally, then choose a less permanent solution that delivers prompt relief when you need it. The recall of a nutrient deficient cat food brand should prompt pet owners to investigate the nutritional content and processing of their pet's food. What are synonyms for prompt? averted by prompt action by a neighbor, and the perpetrator was apprehended by the Police. Parents can also go in and reset lessons at any time to prompt a student to retake that assignment. prompt for the interviewer by providing the details that back your claim to be a preferred candidate. The banking system, which retains many features of the Scotch system, on which it was originally modelled, combines security for the note-holders and depositors with prompt increase and diminution of the circulation in accordance with the varying conditions of trade. Retrenchment in expenditure formed a major item in his programme, together with a prompt and thorough revision of taxation. If you need ideas to prompt your creativity, however, check out various nail art design galleries or pictures - there's a lot of inspiration out there! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Every user ID is unique, so if the one you choose is already taken, EBay will prompt you to choose a new one until you select one that no one else has chosen. Prompt attention to tubal pregnancy means less medical intervention in the long run and reduces the risk of ectopic pregnancy leading to infertility. State, municipal and private charity here again join hands in the prompt relief of sickness and cases of urgency. Prompt definition, done, performed, delivered, etc., at once or without delay: a prompt reply. the owner would have died but for the, - In the Sermons, indeed (1729), Butler seems to treat conscience and calm benevolence as permanently allied though distinct principles, but in the Dissertation on Virtue, appended to the Analogy (1739), he maintains that the conduct dictated by conscience will often differ widely from that to which mere regard for the production of happiness would prompt.

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