Herbal notes of sage along with toasted pecan give it a surprising complexity. Victrola has a useful blog and website (victrolacoffee.com) that charts its roasting progress, and also lists events, which include public cuppings every Wednesday at 11 a.m., when you can visit the roastery, watch Hook and crew work with the beans, and sip and slurp the latest brews.Everyday favorite: Streamline Blend ($6.50/half pound) As an espresso shot, this blend of coffee from Brazil, Central America and South America makes a nutty, chocolaty, smooth shot with dark fruit and brown sugar flavors, and a pleasantly grainy, zesty finish. JOIN NOW. Snap! Despite being so close to such a popular coffee destination, this place had a huge line waiting to order. StarbucksUntil Starbucks changed the coffee landscape, most people didn’t think about what was behind the bean. You can change this at anytime. This Black-owned cafe in south Seattle serves super small-batch beans from Ethiopia alongside spices, meals, and my beloved wine. Elliott Bay Book Company is Seattle’s premier indie bookshop, but browsing books isn’t the only thing to do within the hallowed walls of this big bookshop. Come check us out! Beans are roasted right at the shop, which is located in a building from 1909 and was chosen by founder Dave Olsen for its proximity to one of the busiest entrances to UW. website | 7320 Greenwood Ave N (Phinney Ridge), 5611 University Way NE (Ravenna), & 901 Dexter Ave N (South Lake Union) | monthly subscriptions available. As with many culinary offshoots, the coffee world has adopted the term “terroir”—the special characteristics of the place and climate in which beans are grown—which is not only acknowledged by a few coffee geeks, but asked after by picky café hounds. My favorite beans come from Kiko Ribeiro out of Brazil (~$14). You can’t go wrong. Best as an espresso shot or macchiato. Most of our coffee is grown and processed in higher altitudes (MASL – meters above sea level) which takes longer for the coffee bean to develop but brings out the most flavor! By 2003, Victrola ventured into experimenting with roasting its own beans and the rest was history! Perfect for French press. Stay up to date on new coffees, events and Broadcast news. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. And don't think the coffee you'd be getting here is any less - Public House is run by Cherry Street Coffee House's founder's daughter, the United States Barista Champion in 2014. ©Copyright 2020 Tiger Oak Media. This company’s website is full of content showing its staff truly geeks out over the science of coffee. Best as an espresso shot or in a short latte. Sign In My Account. I’m lucky to live in the city known for coffee, but you don’t have to live here to enjoy the best coffee beans in Seattle. This coffee is especially good without milk if you like to take your coffee black. Everyday favorite: Theo Blend ($15/pound) Some of the best coffee and chocolate experts in town got together to create this blend of fair trade organic beans from Peru and East Timor for an espresso full of dark nuttiness, tobacco and cocoa flavors that play well with chocolate. Best as a shot of espresso.Rev 'er up! The bean has arrived. website | 2955 4th Ave N (Fremont) | monthly subscription available. It has lingering floral notes and and milk chocolate finish. : Bizzarri Blend ($9.95/12 ounces) Roasted medium-dark for an espresso that tastes wonderful in milk-based drinks, giving it a chocolaty flavor with notes of caramel and hazelnuts. Literally, there’s nothing on the internet about this Larry person. In fact, visit if you want. When made this way with Hairbender Blend and poured over ice, an amazingly fruity, chocolaty, creamy—yet refreshing—coffee is born. We even date our labels so you know exactly when it was roasted. On his blog, baristaexchange.com, Richardson offers tasting notes on all the latest arrivals—a fun read, not to mention helpful in picking out your favorite beans.Everyday favorite: Espresso Blend ($10.25/12 ounces) This proprietary blend shows bright grapefruit acidity with a buttery mouthfeel and spicy/grassy finish. Wednesdays at 11 a.m., the Victrola Roastery and Café on Pike Street offers free public cuppings, which combine brewing demostrations and sampling a coffee. This allows for a truly traceable method of payment to ensure farmers are getting paid fairly. Today, Caffe Umbria’s master roaster is Emanuele Bizzarri’s, the third generation to work as a coffee roaster. : Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere ($12.95/12 ounces) In an espresso shot, this single-origin coffee has a lightly grassy, hazelnut, whiskey aroma, with a bright orange peel and tropical fruit flavor and a clean, citrus finish. Seattle Coffee WorksRoast master and owner Sebastian Simsch is obsessed with getting the roast, the pull and the drip right, to show off the beauty inside the bean. This Black-owned Renton coffee shop sources beans directly from Africa. At the time of writing this, The Corson Building was selling bags of Larry’s Columbian Huila Monserrate (~$18). Fonte Coffee is some of the finest in Seattle, with a clientele list to back it up, including Wynn and Mirage in Las Vegas, W Hotels, Google, and Four Seasons hotels! website | 6630 Rainier Ave S (Rainier Valley) | monthly subscription available. Vivace focuses on espresso only, and all the coffee beans it roasts are proprietary blends, leaving single-origin coffee to the other guys. The name is inspired by the old ports and harbors where he grew up in coastal Rhode Island, which he thinks is similar to Seattle. This used to be one of my go-to coffee shops around the corner. Bonus: Zoka fans can have favorite coffee beans delivered to their door through one of three monthly coffee clubs: Endless Blends (favorite everyday blends; $21–$23 for two 12-ounce bags), Roaster’s Reserve (a coffee of the month chosen by the roaster; $25 for two 12-ounce bags) and Artisan’s Elite (unique single-origin coffees; $35 for two 12-ounce bags). Thin Man Roasting is honestly one of the most elusive coffee roasters in Seattle. Join Our Email list! For example, I love smooth, chocolate-y coffees best, so I’m a sucker for bags that say things like “cocoa, molasses, sweet”. Rev 'er up! It’s all espresso, all the time. My assumption is that a lot of the shitty coffee I tried growing up used these latter beans, which made me think I hated coffee. Stumptown is a Portland-based coffee roaster with locations in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Chicago. The best part is we found out about this place while walking around Capitol Hill like a couple of tourists and lost. Crackle! I have a cheap Kruger electric grinder (labeled coffee, so I don’t accidentally grind spices in it!). It tastes exceptional both black and with some cream. North Star Fine CoffeesRelatively new to the coffee scene is North Star, which has offices in Columbia City and a roastery in Stanwood. We ate Cherry Street Public House when we were in Seattle, because we needed food - they serve the same premium coffee at Coffee House alongside a Persian menu. Product successfully added to your shopping cart, translation missing: en.products.wishlist.added_to_wishlist. Well, I'm not here to tell you to not do that. : Ethiopian Nekisse ($24.50/pound)  A truly special single-origin bean with the surprising aroma of roses, lavender and dried herbs, and deep caramel undertones. Based in Seattle, WA. 599. Then he tests and blends to highlight the fruit, acidity, nuttiness or spicy complexity of each bean. Fonté Coffee Roaster 5412 6th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98108 888.783.6683 http://www.fontecoffee.com. Herkimer Coffee . One of my favorite Fulcrum coffee bags is the single-origin coffee, Thailand Som Poi (~$14). I put them in loose order, starting with my favorites that I buy again and again. Best as a French press or straight espresso shot. The old guard that started roasting beans in the 1970s in Seattle—Jim Stewart of Stewart Brothers Coffee (eventually Seattle’s Best), for instance—hand-roasted small batches of beans in either the northern European lighter style or the bolder southern Italian style of espresso.

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