What are my safety and health responsibilities? Is there a safety and health committee or a worker representative? At the end of the quiz, should you need to review your answers. B. Note:  You must have a full subscription to the Safety Library in order to use this material. 3. Keep your feet together 2.) “SafetyInfo.com is the first go-to website for safety professionals and companies to use in establishing a solid safety program", 3 Module Software - Manage, Track, Schedule & OSHA Log. WHMIS Quiz – 1 Practice Test Question Answers 2020 (FREE PDF): This test is just a sample supplement is designed for workers who have previously completed a WHMIS 1988 course. Industrial Hygiene 12. Test your safety skills with this 11 general safety questions. A. The Internal Responsibility System (IRS) is all about sharing responsibility for knowing the safety and health problems at a workplace and doing something about them. D. Sneezing Protective Equipment15. A safety test can provide the necessary assurance that both the student and teacher are upholding their end of this impor-tant responsibility. Keep your back straight D. None of the above, Learn More → Regulatory Compliance Training. Every 15 minutes, even if you are not thirsty Accident Reports3. D. 1 to 2 weeks. Reporting will also help you get compensated for the time you miss work to recover. Question 1 . 14. Is this workplace covered by Workers Compensation? Chemical Exposure16. Each safety quiz has an answer key. What’s in Your or Your Patient’s Medicine Cabinet? The special pricing on these courses is only available until June 30th, 2015. Chemical Every 15 minutes, even if you are not thirsty 6.) Please contact us first, if you would be interested in reselling or using our materials for reproduction. Record all progress and issue certificates. What types of food should be stored in the refrigerator door in the employee break room? Vehicle Accidents10. D. Make your password using a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols The Science Laboratory Safety Test and additional safety materials are available from Flinn Scientific, Inc. This material was produced under grant number SH-27685-15-60-F-17 from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. Registered with the Better Business Bureau for over 16 years, SafetyInfo has assisted tens of thousands of companies and safety professionals meet their goal for a safer, more productive workplace. Accident PreventionAir QualityAsbestosBloodborne PathogensBoilersChemical SafetyCompressed GasConfined SpaceConstructionConstruction WorksiteCranes & SlingsDriver / Fleet SafetyDrug Free WorkplaceElectricalEmergency ManagementEngineering SafetyEnvironmentalEquipmentErgonomicsFall ProtectionFire Safety & PreventionFirst AidFlammable MaterialsForkliftsHazard CommunicationHazardous MaterialsHearing ProtectionHeat StressHot WorkHousekeepingJob Safety AnalysisLaboratoryLaddersLeadLockout-TagoutMachinery & EquipmentMaterial HandlingMSDS (SDS)Medical & First AidOccupational HealthOffice SafetyOff the Job SafetyPersonal ProtectionProcess SafetyRecord KeepingRespiratory ProtectionSilica SafetyRules & PoliciesSigns & LabelsSlips, Trips & FallTrainingTerrorism ProgramsTool SafetyVehicle & DriverViolence ProgramsWelding & Hot Work, Back SafetyChemical CorrosiveChemical EnvironmentalChemical FlammableChemical HarmfulChemical IrritantChemical RiskChemical ToxicConfined Space DeathConfined Space Hazards & ResponseDriving & MedicationDrowsy DrivingElectrical Arc Flash HazardsEmergency PlanningErgonomicsEye ProtectionFall PreventionFall Protection - Tie OffForklift Carbon Monoxide HazardForklift Tipover AccidentsForklifts & PedestriansHealthcare Worker SafetyHearing ConservationHot Work DangersLadder SafetyLockout - TagoutOffice SafetyReactive Chemical Hazards - Process SafetySafety For Small BusinessSubstance AbuseTrenching BasicsUnderstanding Job Stress - for ManagersYoung Worker Safety, Videos/CoursesTalksArticlesPowerPointHandoutsTraining OverheadsQuizzesSupervisor BriefsManagement BriefsSafety Sessions2 Minute OSHA Safety TalksPamphletsFirst Aid TrainingSupervisor Training Hazardous MaterialsBomb ThreatCrossword PuzzlesBiological Agents, FormsChecklistsAudit GuidesInspections GuidesSigns & LabelsEnvironmental Audit GuidesRecordkeeping - OSHA 300Sign & Label Maker, Safety Manuals/Written ProgramsErgonomic ProgramsEmergency PlansProcess Safety ManagementConstruction SafetyOccupational Health EnvironmentalTopic SheetsDOT Fleet-DriverHazardous MaterialsChemical SafetyDrug Free WorkplaceTerrorism ProgramsDevelopment Guides, 23 Module Software - Manage, Track, Schedule & OSHA Log1.

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