Drift beneath Amsterdam’s magnificent bridges, past 17th-century canal houses as you listen to tales from the heart. But romance can, of course, be found in other cities and towns in the Netherlands. Streets of listed buildings and cute cobbled alleyways make for special moments with your lover. Only 30 minutes from Amsterdam, you can avoid tourists but still relish all the delights of a Dutch city. This historic medieval city, lined with characteristically Dutch canals, is located in the province of North Holland and hosts a number of museums and events. Hi, Need help to select self driving or public transport in Europe?. ), but a weekend is plenty time … Discover castles straight out of fairytales and villages surrounded by vast seas. There are plenty of places that offer great food and drink for sale in the downtown area, too, so let loose and enjoy yourself during your visit to this great little town. It would be a pleasure to share the city I love with you and your significant other. Of course, for me Amsterdam will always be the most romantic city. For couples, craving undiscovered destinations where they can get lost together Alkmaar is a picturesque city ready for you to explore. Read on to Drive to Discover the adventures that await you in the Netherlands. Translated this means “land of the sea”. Take a 40-minute jaunt on the A4 out of Amsterdam for views of the cultivated beauty of Lisse. Go on a canal cruise. I hope I have convinced you to extend your trip to Amsterdam to include the wonders of the Dutch countryside and coast! After a day spent exploring why not return to Amsterdam to continue the romance into the evening? If you plan to stay overnight, make sure you check out the city's nightlife near the Grote Markt, which literally translates to "the Great Market." This escape to the coast is a perfect contrast to the city of Amsterdam with beaches and seaside activities on offer. The routes that we have chosen follow major highways, so feel free to take any backroads if that is more your style. Where to park in Amsterdam. Learn inspiring tales of days gone by and take pictures together you will treasure forever. People often ask me which cities are worth visiting after Amsterdam. Oh, and don’t forget to plane spot on the Panorama Terrace … Pick and choose where you want to go, because when you have a Netherlands rental car at your disposal, it is up to you how far your trip will take you. Seas of colourful flowers bloom in spring and couples can discover the garden’s innovative design that changes every year. However, it still has that magical feeling of being so close to the water, with a quaint lighthouse and fresh clear air. The massive multi-lane highways in the Netherlands are impressive but always keep right unless overtaking or you’ll get abused by a local (not that I have ever experienced that! The most impressive is Gothic Stadhuis, a gothic and magnificent building that is now mainly used as a wedding hall. Step off the beaten track to find intimate moments away from the crowds. Discover Dutch crafts and clog museums, visiting Zaanse Schans is like walking into a picturesque postcard and is only 30 minutes from Amsterdam. guide to the best time to visit the Netherlands, base for travelling or if you work online, Utrecht is like a mini version of Amsterdam. The Alkmaar Cheese Market, Alkmaar's main tourist attraction, takes place every Friday from April to September and gives travelers a look at how a traditional cheese market would have operated. A visit to Keukenhof is a delight for all your senses. Explore the gardens and pose for photos with your loved one, against one of the most beautiful backdrops The Netherlands. Slightly further away from Amsterdam but well worth a road trip from Amsterdam to  Kinderdijk, a village in Amsterdam’s South Holland province. The Dutch capital is famous for its picturesque canals, cycling culture, classic architecture and world-renowned artists. This national art museum and sculpture garden are situated in Hoge Veluwe National Park in Otterlo, up to two hours from Amsterdam. The road trip took around a week but you could do it in less time or a lot more depending on how much exploring you want to do at each stop. The old windmills that appear along the streets and canals recall a time when life was difficult, yet seemed simple, offering a glimpse into the history and culture of Holland. While Amsterdam is smaller and famous for narrow cobbled streets, Rotterdam is wide and spacious. Seeing windmills is usually at the top of people’s list when visiting Amsterdam. If you have longer in Amsterdam, I highly recommend travelling down to the south to the province of Zeeland. Nothing can compare to a romantic weekend in Amsterdam with the one you love. There are plenty of things to do in Amsterdam, so you can stay as little or as long as you like before setting off. 1055LL Amsterdam, By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to the Romantic Tour Amsterdam. You can see performances of Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Rap, Country, and much more, but make sure that you buy your ticket in advance to ensure that you can attend. Nothing evokes thoughts of the Netherlands than our grand windmills. Day 1 of your Europe Road trip: Amsterdam. For a unique and romantic Amsterdam excursion, visit Neeltje Jans, a man-made island surrounded by the ocean. I pride myself on being an expert on romantic things to do in Amsterdam. At night the windmills light up to create an enchanting view. Day 1: Amsterdam - Fly in and explore the city. Join me and discover a country of contrast and magic. This tulip-filled sanctuary - which bills itself as the world's largest flower garden and dates back to 1594 - spans 70 acres of forested areas, complete with ponds, pavilion greenhouse displays, and a windmill. Den Bosch is an old city in the south with lots of canals and many houses built on top of these. I offer a private tour exclusively for couples A day at the Keukenhof Gardens, From mid-March, to mid-May this is a must road trip from Amsterdam. Peak season is around mid-April, so planning a trip during that time will give you the best experience. Founded by art collector Helene Kröller-Müller, it has one of the largest collections of Van Gogh paintings. Planning a day trip from Amsterdam can be a great way to create beautiful memories with your partner. You can grab a beer and listen to some live music as you celebrate with the locals. When night falls, the area around the Waag fills with people on their way to the various pubs and restaurants for which the neighborhood is well-known. The city's medieval architecture remains mostly intact, giving travelers a pretty accurate picture of what life would have looked like in that bygone era. I could easily spend a week in Amsterdam alone. You could use … There are more windmills here and they draw fewer crowds, so it will be easier to find a romantic spot for the two of you. Explore the canals and inner city neighbourhoods. If you need any more help planning a romantic Amsterdam itinerary (or beyond), then don’t hesitate to contact me. The seven million flower bulbs of the garden, planted every year, burst into color beginning in March and ending in May. Visiting this picturesque castle with your partner will be like stepping into a fairytale. Nearby and open year-round, the 17th-century Keukenhof Castle stands imposingly, hosting various local events throughout the year, including fairs and concerts. You can also go for a guided tour on one of the many boats that provide such a service. In response, they built huge bridges with metal gates to close off the entire sea, so the lands could never be flooded again. Book with the Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Credit Card to earn 6x points per dollar spent on your stay. Located in the Scheveningen district of the historic city of The Hague - an hour from Amsterdam by car via the A4 and A44 highways - the miniature park of Madurodam is a truly unique experience for visitors. And as it is only 30 minutes from Amsterdam, it is the perfect romantic road trip from Amsterdam. I would recommend taking a canal tour with a guide to explore under these houses. The city of Amsterdam has so much to see and do that you could spend your entire vacation exploring its vibrant neighborhoods and historical sites without ever thinking of leaving town.

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