It produces new jobs and it increases the employment rate. It is important to look at the pros and cons of agribusiness before making an investment or getting directly involved in this industry so that an empowered decision can be made. Chemicals and wastes that were not properly disposed causes water and land pollution. It became cheaper, faster and very comfortable. 5. Posted on November 18, 2016 by environmentalsustainability65. 1. Introduction: Factory farming is the process of raising large numbers of livestock in a high-density environment, where the farm operates as … 5. Working from other factories is exhausting. It causes overcrowded cities and slum areas appeared. 2. 10 Pros and Cons of Agriculture Technology By Smriti September 30, 2020. Nations started to identify national pride and identities. Another negative result of industrialization is that it brought a negative impact on culture, values and morality of mankind. It aids in improving the infrastructure, such as roads and railways, and increases the standard of living by providing jobs to local workers. It increased wealth. Despite the advantages, the farming practices of industrial agriculture also have their latent costs. Here are the pros and cons: Pros of Industrial Agriculture. What are some social and environmental concerns associated with growing genetically modified (GM) crops? Agriculture. 6. 6. 2. GMOs: Are genetically modified foods safe? GMOs: Are genetically modified foods safe? New lifestyle trend means new invented products. Industrial Agriculture Damages Soil. Industrial agriculture can (note - can), lead to soil degradation - both soil structure and mineralisation - and to erosion on a massive scale (the 1930’s Dust Bowl in the USA). The overuse of monoculture in industrial farming is a major culprit of soil damage. It increases food production. 9 Pros and Cons of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization, 27 Perfect Songs for 40th Birthday Slideshow, 32 Best Songs for 70th Birthday Slideshow, 28 Perfect Songs for 50th Birthday Slideshow, The Advantages and Disadvantages of Activity Based Costing. The pros and cons of the Industrial Revolution are an interesting study in the socioeconomic effects that occur when true innovation is present. Factories, automobiles and aircrafts produces unthinkable air pollution to some advanced cities in the world. The dust and fumes from chemical factories can also harm a person’s health. It provides life full of comfort and convenience. It is like taking the small family farm and exploding the size of work done so that it is possible to provide a wide range of agricultural products. Livestock is the main name of the game, with mechanization at a level that one would expect in an advanced society. What are the pros and cons of industrial agriculture? The Industrial revolution was a time of rapid growth and change throughout America and Europe. The Industrial Revolution helped to move people away from an agricultural-based society toward the modern society we have today. The cons first. 3. There are countless web pages, articles, clubs, and groups on facebook that are out to destroy the agriculture industry. Cheaper and fashionable clothes were designed. Again, not everyone realizes what would happen if that happened. 0. Most facilities will raise cattle, pigs and swine, or poultry indoors using this method under conditions which receive strict controls. The goal of this operational method is to maximize the levels of food productivity while minimizing the costs of production. 4. As an effect of industrialization, classes in the well being of people increased. Not Everything About Industrial Agriculture Is Bad, But Not All Of It Is Good. It promises a good life but not all were lucky. Pros and Cons of Industrial Revolution. Large-scale industrial farms have an advantage over traditional farms when it comes to producing food fast and in larger amounts. Pros and Cons of Industrial Agriculture. This could be a good thing, considering that the world’s population continues to grow steadily. Cons. 1. Pros and Cons of Industrial Agriculture. Industrialization in modern cities attracts immigrants. Commercial agriculture in developing countries often benefits the communities. More goods where able to be produced, and in a shorter amount of time. It makes a lot of people to become successful in life. The deliberation about this subject never dies. Factory farming is a process that rears livestock with methods that are generally intensive. Everything about Factory Farming/Industrial Farming is large, from the number of animals raised through the process to the size of the facilities. This … New appliances were invented and upgraded slowly as time passes by. Agribusiness is a distinctive culture in today’s world. The means of transportation changed enormously. One activist group that comes to mind is PETA. This is owed to advancements in architecture, agriculture, transportation, and communication. Comfortable, strong and cheaper houses were built every day. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.

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