Here are the different ways you can help our Filipino rice farmers. With the fund, adjustment costs of rice farmers can be lowered, resulting in fewer farmers exiting the agriculture sector. This then creates competition with many of our Filipino rice farmers. Calls to revert to restrictions on imported rice and the role of the National Food Authority (NFA) in the rice industry are, in my view, misinformed, because short-term measures can be taken to mitigate the adverse effects without losing sight of the fundamental goal of rice tariffication. At this rate, the most conservative P4 estimated price decrease, they lose P80 billion (and P140 billion,  if we assume the average P7-price decrease ). (ALSO READ: Siglo’s Farm to Fork Initiative: Encouraging the Community to Support Local Farmers), Photo sourced from Darren Langit via Rappler | @rapplerdotcom. Perhaps, the DA can check on the progress of the ASEAN rice forum. Millers have stopped milling, and feed millers are short of darak (rice bran) because of that. Bordey has impressive statistics to show that to survive the 35-percent tariff, the play yield must be at least four tons per hectare. Although they pay the 35% import tariff, the local rice market is still far from competitive, and these initial players are still at liberty to earn margins higher than the taxes they pay the government. We are approaching the start of the main planting season and I share with all observers the view that low farm prices can discourage rice farmers from planting rice. This then creates competition with many of our Filipino rice farmers, causing them to struggle to make ends meet. farmers with significant marketable surplus, seed traders, and millers, traders who have yet to learn the business of importing rice — find the net value they received from the industry are significantly lower. The direction of these changes is expected, and validated by the statistics that we read at this point. Do you have a story for the Team? Some groups even set up local markets nearer to the city for our convenience, and you can even meet the farmers themselves! I hope you too can join in on the conversation and fight alongside them—with the initiatives of these many people and organizations, I hope our Filipino rice farmers won’t have to die for their trade. It may be time to think of alternative delivery mechanisms of the assistance to be funded from RCEF. Farmgate prices of palay or unhusked rice plummeted this quarter by 17%, while rice consumers’ savings have not been as large as expected. Calls for the review of the rice tariffication law at this point are premature as it has been less than a year since it started being implemented. Action for change isn’t a one-time movement. Nowadays, people like to shop for their items through online shopping. They are now suffering. For example, the performance of past DA administrations when it came to the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund or the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act was disappointing. 11203) which removes the regulation of imported and domestic rice in the country, various businesses have chosen to import crops from elsewhere due to its cheaper price. The response time in the law is five days. This process, however, adds additional fees to the product, What we can do is to buy directly from local markets or. In recent years, however, our nation hasn’t been able to keep up with the agricultural modernization as compared to other parts of the world—and its effects are showing. You Can Now Order Food From Filipino Farmers Delivered Straight to Your Door, Siglo’s Farm to Fork Initiative: Encouraging the Community to Support Local Farmers. You can check out other groups on Facebook, cause there’s a lot. The biggest agricultural product is rice, and the largest number of agricultural workers are found in it. The Philippines is currently facing different problems especially in the sector of agriculture. Its revenues go to RCEF, which can accumulate at least P10 billion a year to give rice farmers the opportunity to retool and make rice farming in the country more productive, or even to assist them to shift to other farming businesses.

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