I was overwhelmed with the quality of my painting and will be ordering more in future. Compared to his mild and pious expression in the 1490 portrait, Albrecht now seems impatient, while in the words of Marcel Brion the "stunned look in his eyes seems already to foresee his own death...[the] almost haggard intensity of [his] questioning gaze [is] directed upon those about him as if they could solve the urgent problems to which his own set lips had no answer. best wishes. The painting I ordered (The Bridge at Argenteuil by Monet) came in wonderful condition and was delivered promptly. [6] In 1455 had moved to Nuremberg and changed his name to Dürer to adapt to the local Nuremberg dialect. He holds a rosary. Please try again. We cannot deliver to P.O. For himself he had little need of company and worldly pleasures; he was also of few words, and was a God-fearing man. We enjoy the arts and love what we do. The portrait of Albrecht the Elder may well have been the right wing of a diptych, with the other panel portraying his wife. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. In 1636 the heads of the city of Nuremberg, both canvases were presented to the Duke of Arundel to be donated to the English King Charles I. [8], Albrecht apprenticed his son to Michael Wolgemut,[10] a painter also aware of the northern artists, when he was 14. With his much younger wife Barbara Holper, he fathered 17 children, of which only two reached adulthood. Most prints ship the next business day and we offer a money-back guarantee for up to 30 days after your purchase. Portrait of Dürer's Father at 70 (or The Painter's Father) is a 1497 oil on lime painting attributed to the German painter and printmaker Albrecht Dürer, now in the National Gallery, London. He is wearing a black Hungarian hat and long brown robe with a black undergarment. Already the young artist was showing such potential that his father believed he should be trained by the best local master available.[11]. National Gallery, London. While there he was exposed to the work of both Jan van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden, and developed a strong appreciation for them which he passed on to his son, whose art displays a large debt to these painters. [1] Both are of the same dimensions and show the subject at half length. [13] Both were later sold by Cromwell. In this portrait, my father, of course, looks older than on the above-mentioned early canvas, his lips are thinner, his features are sharper, his gaze is more perceptive. Free art print of Portrait of Durer's Father at 70 by Albrecht Dürer. The canvas will be rolled-up in a secure postal tube. I couldn't ask for better artwork on my walls I like to put them on canvases myself but other times I frame them they're great artwork and I think they're the best place to get them from Free Art is a quality company to work with! Oil on wood panel. I am truly very impressed with the workmanship, and my deepest compliments go out to the artist. Apr 28, 2013 - Albrecht Durer Portrait of Durer's Father at 70, , 1497, National Gallery, London. "[5], He was born Albrecht Ajtósi in 1427 in Ajtós, near the village of Gyula in the Kingdom of Hungary. 1497. ♔ ♔ ♔  Don’t hesitate, scroll to the top now and click Add to Cart to take your amazing shirt today! By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. Box or APO addresses 4. International orders, customers are responsible for any custom duty and/or taxes in their country We Deliver Via FedEx and UPS: 1. "[12], Albrecht retains some of the handsomeness of his youth; he has strong bone structure with the high cheek-bones characteristic of the Slav and Magyar blood in Hungarian appearance. A piece of a paper label was found on the reverse which was believed to have dated from the 17th century, and was similar to another found on the back of Dürer's 1498 self-portrait. Black Friday Sale - Now through Sunday, November 29, all products are 20% off. [1] However this claim is not made by the National Gallery who display it as "attributed to Albrecht Dürer".[4][3]. Portrait of Dürer's Father at 70. Thank you. The painting ordered exceeded my expectations. Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Von Fircks, Julian. Da dürer, ritratto del padre, 1497.jpg 2,922 × 3,516; 5.65 MB. Albrecht Durer Senior at the age of 70 years”. When it arrived we were overwhelmed, your interpretation was both singular and refreshing. Portrait of Dürer's Father 1490 Oil on panel, 48 x 40 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence: Dürer's earliest surviving oil painting, done just after he finished his apprenticeship, is a portrait of his father, the goldsmith Albrecht the Elder (1427-1502). All orders will be hand delivered by FedEx or UPS couriers directly to your door 2. Please try again. National Gallery, London, UK. FreeArt provides Free 8x10 inch prints. Thanks for a great pieces!!! I hope we can do business again in the future. The finished canvas is ready to be stretch and wrap around the sides of the stretcher bars. It was a beauty – thank you! Albrecht Durer Senior at the age of 70 years”. An additional 2-3″ (5-8 cm) will be extended around the canvas. It was cleaned in 1955, revealing especial quality in the description of the face, leading some to believe that it is a Dürer original. Five years later, my father passed away. A portrait believed to be of Barbara Holper, still in Nuremberg and attributed to Dürer, could well be the other half of the diptych, although it may be an early copy of a lost original. [13] These discoveries lead to the belief that it was the Dürer painting recorded in Charles I possession. The art was real, beautifully done by hand. The picture of the British indiaman off Capetown SA is my second martime subject ordered from you and BOTH pictures now hang on my sitting room wall. We are a family-owned and operated business. I received Klimt's "The Kiss" yesterday, and it was breathtaking to see it in person. Apr 28, 2013 - Albrecht Durer Portrait of Durer's Father at 70, , 1497, National Gallery, London. The sitter's similarity to the earlier portrait, as well to a 1486 silverpoint drawing believed to be a self-portrait by his father, leave no doubt as to his identity.

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