The poster did not share images showing any battery swelling, and could not prove that’s what had happened to the battery. Oh wow… just found out why the wireless charging stopped working on the Pixel 3… check out the battery bloat that pushed the back cover out. Unfortunately, the Pixel 4 XL refused to charge and it was only after Dgecko2000’s wife’s Galaxy S10 charged on the Pixel Stand did he realize that the problem originated from the Pixel 4 XL. It’s going to be the first “premium” Pixel phone that lacks the premium hardware, and no amount of trying to excuse Google’s decision will make it any better. Pixels aren’t the only phones to experience the problems after launch, but Google has been pretty consistent at keeping this unfortunate tradition. The back of the phone is popping off because the battery is swelling. © 2020 NewAge ADS, LLC. Best Money Making App For Android- Download Google Task Mate Referral Code, iPhone 12 series battery drain issue in idle mode is unresolved. More recently, the phone became the target of a potential class-action suit concerning battery issues and camera problems. Chris Smith started writing about gadgets as a hobby, and before he knew it he was sharing his views on tech stuff with readers around the world. When the Pixel 5 hits stores in a few weeks, it will be the most disappointing Google flagship phone ever made. Google's Pixel 4 smartphone with the screen turned off. And one more reason to worry about if you plan on buying the Pixel 5. Mounting complaints of Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 4 battery bulge and... How To Watch Ubisoft Forward September Event Today? But the Pixel 5 will feature a mid-range processor that might not even be faster than the Pixel 4’s high-end 2019 Snapdragon chip. The Redmi Smart Band is the first smart wearable released by Xiaomi under its... Jio Fiber launched with 6 different plansBasic plan called Bronze starts from ₹699 a monthBronze will offer 100MB/s speed with only 100GB+50GB... During the pandemic when the lockdown was enforced, India’s UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payment system had made digital transactions easy. Few found that the phone kept on falling off from the cradle of the wireless charger due to an alteration of the shape of the phone. Built on similar lines as the Google Opinion Rewards app, 'Task... You have entered an incorrect email address! I had this happen on several phones before but not in many years. The increasing... Over the past 24 hours, many people have discovered sudden battery drain issues on their smartphones. The high-end Apple devices are famous for their near to Zero defect products. Fortunately, those who have contacted Google Support and asked for replacement have been offered refurbished devices. However, expectedly iPhone 12 series users are reporting a... Google is beta testing a paid crowdsourcing app “Task Mate” in India. More and more users have started complaining of battery bulges on Google Support Forum and Reddit. I accidentally took the case off today and noticed the swollen battery. It also jeopardizes the IP68 rating, Google phones have received against water and dust immersion. At times you get some "epic" (pardon the pun)... Today, Xiaomi has released a new smart band in India. Google has not specified the reason behind the overheating and ballooning of the battery of Pixel 3 – one of the best Android phones. Mobile phones have come a long way from the very first Motorola DynaTAC 8000X in 1983. Buyers can downgrade their Android experience from there to meet their needs and hit their price points. While the forex market is hardly new, it has undoubtedly evolved and changed beyond all recognition since the beginning of the digital... After cutting off ties with Chines publisher Tencent, PUBG Mobile is all set to make a comeback to India. All rights reserved. PS5 Showcase: How PlayStation 5 Beats Xbox Series X & Series S? As for the problem itself, perhaps Google should take a closer look into isolating the problem so that the same experience isn’t repeated when the Pixel 5 launches. It is more related to swelling and bloating of batteries. It’s not uncommon to see batteries swell on phones and laptops. The bulge at the seam near the power/volume buttons is very much visible making the rear of the phone panel pop out. The newest Pixel hardware issue concerns the newer generations, as Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 users have started noticing swollen batteries that damaged their devices. While most of these complaints concern a version of the Pixel 3 series, some Pixel 4 owners may have experienced the same problems.

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