Well to tell you the truth, Several People is these forums could do that, I'm sure a good mathematician knows just as much physics as them. A physician is a doctor, as in medical doctor. Adding to those who have already posted answers ... Let me illustrate with an example: finding exact solutions to the Einstein Field Equations. But a mathematician does not need to learn any physics at all. JavaScript is disabled. I think that by asking this in a math forum you're going to get a lot of responses biased in that direction. If they aren't correlated, then we expect people of the same intelligence to go in both fields and cover all the 'low hanging fruit' at their level. You could also look at this problem from the perspective of which field of study can be learnt by self study most easily. If complex formulas and equations –– and solving difficult problems on the page and in the real world –– are things you enjoy, then an undergraduate degree in mathematics or physics might offer the intellectual challenge you crave. A mathematical physicist is capable of earning two different PhDs, one in math and one in physics. I like to think of physics as applied math, which makes me think math is more pure. Sign up on Brilliant for FREE using the link https://brilliant.org/FlammableMaths/ ! If the purest physics corresponds to less than the purest math, One may come to the conclusion math is a more pure and respectable field. Join Date Aug 2008 Posts … Lol hilarious mathwonk. Mathematicians will be able to do a physicists job for a day and won't be too bad, maybe even better. Many of the answers here make excellent points, which I will not repeat. Billiards and Quantum Physics -- A Thought Experiment, The Larmor Energy Represented in a new form of Spin-Orbit Coupling. I'm very confused with an a level maths q, Linear function (difficult for me, SAT Math II level), How do/should you study math? Sign up on Brilliant for FREE using the link https://brilliant.org/FlammableMaths/ ! I will speak here not from the perspective of research, but from the perspective of training to be a researcher. The opposite is also true. Albert Einstein piggybacked on Riemann with General Relativity, but not as many people know who Riemann is. i think math must be the easiest of all fields, as it is the only one i could ever understand anything in. Mathematics vs. Physics Degree: Which Is Right for You? #11 . Andrew's version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qdP0pd3idQ\u0026t=0sToday we are going to see how mathematical individuals act in physicists classes :^) Starring mah main spider Andrew mfin' Dotson! in some circles mathematicians are regarded as hopeless knuckle draggers, and physicists the height of sophisticted intellectuals. Generally those who have a strong understanding of advanced physics have an excellent knowledge of mathematics. Without physics, math is just Sudoku. -though i know it will be pretty tough, "Complexity is stupidity disguised as intellect.". Imagine GR without either Einstein or Riemann. But when it comes to more rigorous mathematics, proving theorems for example, mathematicians are generally far ahead. DrRocket. There is a joke which says: 'Chemists think they're physicians; .... From my undergradate experiences, I'd consider the levels of difficulty from most to least: experimental physics
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