The main goal of rehabilitating NIA’s irrigation systems is to close the gap between the irrigated areas and the service areas. The rice crisis drove millions of Filipinos to poverty and hunger. The service area has already been consistently low and this was aggravated by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, when lahar flowed to the Tarlac River Dam, its water source. The issue is more glaring during the El Niño months, when households are given priority, to the detriment of the farmers. The economy of the Philippines is the world's 31st largest economy by nominal GDP according to the International Monetary Fund 2020 and the 13th largest economy in Asia. The situation hit a low point in April when Aquino revealed that the agency had only less than two days' worth of buffer stock. Estrada, however, managed to increase average rice production growth to 12.47% and imports returned to lower levels in the next two years at about 800,000 MT. “Further, direct loans from the government is prone to politicization and is often seen by borrowers as dole out instead of loan. The government, however, was quick to deny the existence of a rice crisis, insisting only on a “price crisis.”. By March, NFA reserves were down to up to two weeks' worth of supply, and average price for regular milled rice had gone up to about P43 per kilo by June – almost a 50% increase from the usual P25 to P30 per kilo. by the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (Nica) that was leaked to the media warned the former president of a looming rice shortage brought by changes in the international food market and weather systems. Albeit lending by the banks to the sector was 26% higher than what was granted as of June 2017, total lending to the sector settled to roughly half the required amounts during the period. It is even more critical in developing economies like the Philippines because of the sector’s role in terms of food supply, employment, raw materials, and exports among others,” said UPLB’s Mr. Gordoncillo. In the 1970s, the country was visited by strong storms that caused tremendous damage to the agriculture sector. However, irrigation systems should be built under the assumption of maximum use with inefficiencies caused by losses during distribution properly addressed. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization also saw stable production for the next two years. It was only in October that the rice situation seemed to have eased, when Duterte finally lifted restrictions on rice imports to reduce inflation. “As contemplated in Circular 908, value chain financing must be supported by well-defined policies and analysis which inform the bank’s entry point in the value chain and the financing products to be provided, among others,” Ms. Tayag said. Factoring allows an enterprise to sell “contracts of sales of goods” at a discounted price to a financial institution that will receive the entire sales revenue once the contracts matured while warehouse receipts can be used by the farmer as a collateral to the bank. on smugglers, but on reduced imports in 2013 in line with the rice self-sufficiency program. 4 issue). The Department of Agriculture also set suggested retail prices for rice to combat inflation. It was in 2014 when rice prices began to rise, with average retail prices going beyond P40 per kilo, reminiscent of the 2008 rice crisis. KEEPING UP Aside from trade receivables, factoring and warehouse receipts were also available. According to Ms. Laviña, AGFP and PCIC includes the penalties received to their existing fund which had accumulated to P3.5 billion for both agencies. As observed last quarter from BSP data, rural and cooperative banks had shelled out 35.64% of their total loanable funds or P26.65 billion of P74.76 billion as compliance to the law while thrift banks only lent 8.1% and universal and commercial banks had granted 13.6% to the sector. An irrigation system, to be effective, should take into consideration the structure and other underlying factors that may affect efficient use, such as water supply, areas that can actually be serviced, and a monitoring and evaluation system that will make people accountable for the rehabilitation work. Meanwhile, UnionBank’s Mr. Asuncion promotes partnership between banks and financial technology (fintech) companies in the country as a better substitute for penalties. Added to this is the percolation rate or the absorption rate of the soil for septic drain. Soft collateral became a test of character for the farmers if they can deliver to their word. Soaring prices, weevil infestations, and the depletion of reserves in several areas worried Filipinos in 2018, causing an uproar and even raising questions on the leadership of National Food Authority (NFA) Administrator Jason Aquino. Philippines - Philippines - The Spanish period: Spanish colonial motives were not, however, strictly commercial. Arroyo ordered a crackdown on hoarders and rice smugglers – who allegedly bought subsidized rice and sold them at higher prices – to “ensure that cheap government rice ends up on the tables of the intended consumers – the country's poor.”. The BSP had also incorporated in Circular 908 some incentives for financial institutions interested to participate in the agricultural value chain financing. According to the World Rice Statistics and Food and Agriculture Organization, the Philippines, despite being the 8th largest rice producer in 2008 (at 16.8 million MT), was also the world’s top rice importer (1.8 million tons) which could mean that the country was directly affected by the crisis. Thus, it is very important to support agriculture development.”. in order to protect local rice farmers. Irrigation is an important component of the agricultural system. Agri-agra The huge increase in imports was influenced by the effects of. “We have to recognize that banks inability and disinclination to lend to the agri[culture] sector stem from a number of factors, which make serving the sector high risk or high cost. Unfortunately for the farmers, they have to find alternative ways to put this stalled water to use. These economies understand the crucial part of agriculture output to economic development.”, “In fact, mere minimal positive annual growth increments from agriculture will make a huge difference for all of GDP growth in the Philippines. The country also suffered from a major drought the months after.

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