This is is incredible, @typewolf! It began its life in 2016 as a lettering project and was later released as a work-in-progress on the Future Fonts platform in 2018. Get this curated collection of full-size, high-resolution screenshots to add to your personal inspiration library when you subscribe to my weekly type roundup newsletter. The completed typeface was published in 2020 through OH no Type Co. If you would like to read it away from your computer, it reads very nicely on a phone or tablet. I spent over a year creating this with the majority of that time being spent on research—I really believe it is the most exhaustive resource on typography ever put together. Payment is made securely over SSL/HTTPS using any major credit card. Lifetime updates are included for free, so it’s the last typography resource you will ever need to purchase. Design skills are in high demand and with a mastery of typography you will be able to charge much more for your work. Such a good investment. No. Although many of the principles are timeless and can apply to any medium, the core focus is on designing for screens. The illustrations are a much larger size than what you will find in books, which are confined to fitting small images on a single page. Before creating this product, I had thought of myself as fairly knowledgeable on all things typography. Yes and yes. I’ve read 10+ books on type & this doesn’t fail to deliver heaps of useful tips—@typewolf’s Typography Checklist. 24 Independent Type Foundries That Monotype Doesn’t Own, Industry-Leading Designers Share Their 3 Favorite Typefaces, Covers absolutely everything—typeface pairing, design and branding tips, body text best practices, legibility and readability, layout and hierarchy, punctuation rules, using OpenType and much, much more, Save hours of time—no need to pick up that dusty typography book sitting on your shelf or aimlessly search Google—everything you need is right at your fingertips in an easily accessible format, If you are like most designers, then you learn best by looking at visual examples rather than reading dense theory—each typography principle includes a large illustration that clearly demonstrates the concept using before-and-after examples, Includes every actionable tip distilled from eight of the most well-regarded books on typography, Printed books can’t keep up with the latest best practices in web typography, so this product also includes current information from over two hundred online articles (and will be continuously updated to make sure everything stays up-to-date), You can probably recognize a site that has nice typography, but you might not know exactly, My goal was to make this product more comprehensive than any college-level class on typography, This is the only educational resource on typography you will ever need—there is nothing out there that is more thorough and exhaustive, either online or in print, Check off items as you complete them—the percentage bar will tick up showing how close you are to achieving flawless typography, Expand checklist items for more in-depth details and to see visual examples demonstrating the principles, Collapse all the items to skim through the list as a quick refresher, Use the numbers on your keyboard to quickly navigate the checklist, Includes comprehensive coverage on using cutting-edge OpenType features such as small caps, standard and discretionary ligatures, tabular figures, lining figures, oldstyle figures and swashes, Take advantage of modern browser support to get print-like typography on the web, The Typeface Selection & Pairing section is the part of this product that I am the most proud of—I believe it is the clearest guide available about a topic that is massively misunderstood by most designers, Almost all typeface pairing guides that I’ve read are full of vague, ambiguous advice such as “seek out harmonious proportions”—I’ve put together a simple, straightforward system that anyone can use to find typefaces that pair well together, Includes a cheatsheet that shows exactly how to pair 180 of the most popular typefaces used by designers, I will be actively updating and improving this product so it will always be the most up-to-date resource on typography available, I’ll be using this tool myself on every design project for years to come, Putting this together is the biggest project I’ve ever worked on in my entire life—I’ve pored over every tiny detail and it includes an, Become the type expert on your design team who knows everything about typography—after reading, you’ll know more about typography than 99% of designers, Design skills are in high demand and with a mastery of typography you will be able to charge much more for your work, Integrate this tool into your workflow to ensure you will have flawless typography on every design project for years to come, The Flawless Typography Checklist is used by the internal design team of a large social media company, in the design curriculum of a major university and by designers all over the world, The knowledge you gain from reading a book is only useful insofar as you can apply that knowledge when you need it. Visit this page for more details. I stare at type all day long working on Typewolf. The important thing is to make sure you understand each checklist item before checking it off or skipping it altogether. Wonderful tool and super useful. - a Pakistani Designer. Although all three of these neo-grotesques were based off Akzidenz Grotesk, Folio tends to follow the design the most closely with its smaller x-height. Everything is approached from the perspective of a professional designer with a focus on real-world design examples rather than theory. The checklist sets a cookie to remember which items you have checked.

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