Traditionally, this pie is topped with meringue or whipped cream, but we’re topping this vegan key lime pie with some of Nature’s Charm coconut whipping cream! Bring the water to a boil. Alyssa, it's just the plain old Jello brand!!! Melt the chocolate chips in a small bowl and add to the mixture. When I figured out you can add sweetened condensed milk and create a chocolate pie, I was one happy girl. It sits in a classic flaky pie crust. Hopefully, you’re not feeling too overwhelmed and down, but if you are, I’ve got the perfect citrus dessert to brighten you up! Refrigerate until pudding layer is firm, about 3 hours. Yes No No Preference. If you love recipes made with condensed milk, give this Reese’s peanut butter fudge, or buckeye brownies, a try. Mix well, making sure crumbs are well coated with butter. He challenged me to keep a food journal. I didn’t come across key limes at my local grocery store so I substituted with regular limes and it came out delicious! Thanks for the recipe! no-bake coconut cream pie. This to-die-for Coconut Cream Pie has a  dreamy  homemade, sweet coconut custard filling and it’s topped with plenty of whipped cream. Makes one pie - printable version here. Firming-up in the fridge at this moment. The only difference I did in my version was I used almond extract instead of coconut flavoring (simply because my grocery store was out) but it gave a nice little nutty flavor to it. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. If you use a tart pan as I did, you’ll end up with some extra filling – enough to fill a ramekin. Not that I eat poorly, but there is a whole other guilt factor going on when someone is monitoring what you eat. Keywords: Coconut Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Pie, Tag @beyondfrosting on Instagram and hashtag it #beyondfrosting, Sounds delicious but I have one question. Melt the chocolate chips for about 50 seconds, and add to the mixture. Get my fav tips to take your cakes & cupcakes to the next level. Put it in the fridge to let it cool overnight! Tips to making good whipped cream: 1) Make sure your can of coconut whipping cream is chilled. Sweetened Condensed Milk Chocolate Chip Bars - Back To My Southern Roots, […] Sweetened condensed milk chocolate pie […], Copyright © 2020 Back To My Southern Roots | Trellis Framework by Mediavine. Filed Under: Desserts Tagged With: coconut, coconut cream pie, Cool Whip, easy desserts, no-bake desserts, sex in a pan. Many people know that coconut cream makes for a great vegan substitute for whipped cream. Oh, and mint chip ice cream! However, with this, the graham crackers don’t get soggy because they are made into a nice compact crust at the bottom. I made this pie but used some older slightly stale chocolate store bought cookies we had lying around and omitted the sugar in the crust. Hi Kimmy…rather than this recipe, you'd probably prefer my quickie banana pudding which does use a 8×8 pan–here's the link: or the banana split parfait–now that's made in a 9×13 but if you don't have that size, half the recipe will fill a 8×8: Coconut cream pie without the baking or the work! It’s best if you put it in the fridge a day in advance. Will be making this again. Blend until smooth and pour it over the cooled graham cracker crust. 6 oz. It was about 2 ½ years ago when my then boyfriend and I were in Seattle for the first time. Continue stirring until the pudding starts to bubble lightly and thicken. A 9″ pie pan is the perfect size. I also had to explain to him why sometimes I eat a slice of pie for breakfast, because I definitely ate an entire slice of this pie on a Sunday morning with a second cup of coffee. COPYRIGHT 2020 BEYOND FROSTING, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There is a reason I called this “to-die-for” Coconut Cream Pie. It lives up to its name. In a high powered blender, add the agar mixture, soaked cashews, lime zest, and sweetened condensed coconut milk. Mix together until combined and press it into a pie plate or 9-inch tart pan. I forgot how annoying it is to cook for one person, especially after you’ve been working all day. This vegan key lime pie is so creamy and tangy! Mix together until combined and press it into a pie plate or 9-inch tart pan. My favorite tips to take your When I first started recipe testing for this vegan key lime pie, I tried baking it as you would a classic key lime pie, but it turned out to be a complete disaster! Then add the powdered sugar and unsweetened cocoa and mix. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Or, spread in microwaveable pie plate. Oh I know exactly how you feel! Put the lid on. Pour into pie crust. And, voila! The filling in a traditional key lime pie, a classic American dessert from Florida, is made using sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, and key lime juice.

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