Step 2: Be aware of headlight warnings. The light switch of an automatic headlamp controlled car resembles the switch of a car with conventional headlamps. Now what? When you notice a headlight warning light you should contact a certified mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, to come inspect the system as soon as possible. Step 2: Turn the headlights off. Using your headlights is remarkably easy, and will only take you a few seconds. Red may also indicate an important reminder. Headlights are designed to give you maximum visibility while driving your vehicle. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Headlight Bulb. If your vehicle is equipped with automatic headlights, they will be indicated with the word “auto,” or the letter “A” enclosed in an upside-down headlight. There’s something wrong under the hood. head light problem. I was hoping it would be a mini fuse issue, but he assured me the bulb After you are done driving, be sure to turn off the headlights. If you have any issues with your headlights not working properly, a certified mechanic from YourMechanic can come to you and diagnose the problem. Fact: when the check engine light comes on it spells bad news. Get Diagnostic App [/b3_column] [/b3_row], Indicator light will turn on when the normal headlights are in use. half-a-dozen different settings to choose from, Find out the best Nissan cars to buy pre-owned. First of all, it just pops on. Then, it's time to break out the electrical diagnostic equipment and dive into the wiring. But I agree that, if your car is so equipped, you should use the automatic setting. © Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2,000 U.S. cities. If you do not have someone to help you with this task, you can park your vehicle in front of a solid wall, and view the reflection of your lights as you change the settings. Please see our, Kia Sedona - Lights (Headlamps/beams/brakes) - Lawrenceville, Georgia. Learn how your autolamps work and step-by-step directions on adjusting lights. Don’t panic! Get Diagnostic App [/b3_column] [/b3_row], Indicator light means that there is an exterior light on the vehicle that is not functioning properly. Get Diagnostic App [/b3_column] [/b3_row], Indicator light turns on if there is an issue detected with the headlight range control system. What do they all mean? The high beam lights provide extra light when it is very dark out. Attend to it! 2. Can You Drive a Car with the Check Engine Light On? These car light symbols and indicators are related to your vehicle’s lighting system and are generally green, yellow or blue. The Best on a Budget: Find out the best Nissan cars to buy pre-owned. Headlights are not only an important safety component on your vehicle, but also a feature that you are legally obligated to use. Great service! Augustine was fantastic!! Step 1: Find the headlight controls. Very excellent experience and i will use them anytime i have a problem!!!! The wipers and lights will not function automatically. Get Diagnostic App [/b3_column] [/b3_row], Indicator light will lit when adaptive headlights are turned on. To turn on the fog lights, rotate the fog light switch, or press the fog light button (this depends on your car). Step 1: Check the operation of your headlights. Failure to use your headlights while driving at night comes with an expensive ticket, and you can even get a fix-it ticket if any of your lights aren’t operating properly. Read more. Most of the time, you will never actually need to use... GE makes a whole range and you might check out their options at any good auto-parts store. Dan was AMAZING. Email us at, GOFAR Connecting Cable – 200cm extra long length, GOFAR Custom Connecting Cable – 140cm standard length, Alerts you when your car is sick and tells you how serious it is, Helps you drive smarter and spend up to 30% less on fuel, Free App + easy self-install + no tools needed. In order to use the correct headlight setting, you’ll need to identify the different headlight symbols. These car light symbols and indicators are related to your vehicle’s lighting system and are generally green, yellow or blue.. Get Diagnostic App [/b3_column] [/b3_row], Indicator light means rear fog lights are on. YourMechanic’s technicians bring the dealership to you by performing this job at your home or office 7-days a week between 7AM-9PM. He found my problem and fixed it in a timely manner. Your headlights will automatically be turned to the off setting, which is usually a symbol of an empty circle, or the word “off.” There will also be a symbol of two lights facing opposite directions, which indicates the parking lights or daytime lights. Made with ♥ in Silicon Valley. The second likely location is on the dashboard, to the left of the steering wheel. LEARN MORE. They light up the front of your car when you’re driving,... Like Like other electronic systems on your vehicle, your headlights have a fuse that ensures operation, but also protects against voltage fluctuations.

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