Mustonen, T. (2013) p. 7). The demand for improved radiometric accuracy of the remote sensing instrumentation used for diagnostic applications involving hot gas emission spectroscopy requires regular "in-field" recalibration. The comments below have been moderated in advance. This value framing of peatlands is heavily dependent on “Expert Knowledge” (knowledge that originates from formal institutions), and has until recently been dismissive of local knowledge and experience. Päivi Lähteenmäki PMO Specialist. Full list of chess players with games in Database Letter H (page 7) (full list) , ordered by name. A more significant driver for ecological loss was the expansion of state-led forestry for pulp and paper industries after the Second World War. The restoration of the Linnunsuo wetland is just the first step in a long-term approach to restoring the entire Jukajoki watershed. This question is of particular importance within the context of climate change - as we move from a stable climate paradigm, our governance systems also need to be adaptive, recognizing the complex synergies between resource users, the health of natural environments, and local communities that have knowledge of, and often personal interest in, sound resource management. Further, the case study provides insight into how the collaborative management governance model is a critical mechanism for natural resource management - a useful alternative to the more traditional top-down approach that often overlooks local traditional knowledge. Intercomparisons are commonly carried out to verify the accuracies of the temperature and the radiance scales of the national metrology institutes2, ... 2) Decreasing the reflective properties constant BRDFs of optical surfaces, that is, increasing the absorptivity and reducing the scattering strength of scattering surface by the surface nigrescence treatment. The co-management council meets in person twice per year, with regular contact between members via email. The areas of Karelia in present-day Finland are the regions of North and South Karelia. ... Incandescent lamps are typically used as calibration transfer devices but are of questionable stability. The Centre Party lost the most ground compared to the 2015 election as voters punished them for their failure to push through an ambitious health reform plan while in government. The adoption of a modified FEL-type lamp has recently been proposed as the most suitable transfer standard for spectral irradiance measurements. Local-traditional knowledge is also informing the climate adaptation components of the Jukajoki restoration effort. In the context of the Jukajoki restoration project, Selkie village residents provide local-traditional knowledge through experience-based monitoring and evaluation practices. Greenpeace Finland called Sunday's vote the 'climate election,' saying that 'never before has climate and the limits of planet Earth been discussed with such seriousness in Finland.'. In the Jukajoki context, local and traditional knowledge is not replacing scientific observations and data, but is a parallel stream of information that is informing both the management process and on-the-ground restoration activities. The 1980s They create further webbing on the trunk and near the base of the tree, which hides them as they pupate. However there are numerous alternative values provided by preserving intact - and restoring damaged - ecosystems. Community members learn about ecosystem restoration and scientific monitoring approaches, policy-makers learn to share decision-making power and local land use decision-making with local communities, scientists learn to cooperate with public and private parties that are living and working in the area. "Industry thus was forced to negotiate with many partners about access to raw materials.”1 This fragmented land ownership system has caused numerous environmental impacts, especially in regard to biodiversity and habitat fragmentation. 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Maps: Planned restoration sites, map, © Snowchange, 2015 But the Finns Party railed against public sacrifices in the name of fighting climate change. Swimming, boating, hiking, running and other forms of recreational uses provide occasional observations of change.”. The Finns Party have ridden the wave of populist anger in Europe to come within one seat of the lead in Finland's general election. As the previous section outlines, natural resources in Finland have been primarily valued in economic terms (e.g. The sources both make use of a novel concept, detector stabilization and monitoring, which allow the sources to provide high accuracy calibrations over a period of time more than four times tha... Melting and freezing temperatures of Ir-C and Re-C eutectic fixed-point blackbody cavities were determined for the first time during a joint experiment using detectors from NPL, PTB and VNIIOFI which were all radiance-mode narrowband interference-filter based detectors calibrated against either national realisations of the Temperature Scale ITS-90... During an international comparison of radiation temperature measurements performed at the AllRussian Institute for Optophysical Measurements (VNIIOFI), Moscow, in June 1997 by participants from the VNIIOFI, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Teddington, and the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Braunschweig, detailed measurements of... A series of black-body radiation-temperature measurements has been made over the temperature range 1380 K to 3100 K using two different designs of pyrolytic-graphite black bodies with calculated emissivities of 0.999.

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