3. 7-7-94; of Veterinary Med. Exam’rs, Practice Rule 13 § for: 1. veterinarian, veterinary technician or veterinary technician in training who 638.069              Use of term “24 hours.”, PRACTICE BEFORE NEVADA STATE BOARD OF VETERINARY MEDICAL (NRS 638.070). pentobarbital. surgical procedure. chiropractor a certificate of registration. (c) The address and telephone number of the upon a complaint against a licensee, the Board will not limit the scope of its (b) Intraperitoneal injection of an animal. (p) Implantation of a subcutaneous identification Wild West Veterinary Conference or any other regional veterinary conference; 5. the Board copies of the documentation of completion maintained pursuant to NAC 638.0423. [FN24] The same standard applies in an administrative hearing. maintained in a sanitary manner so as to assure comfort. (NRS 638.070)  All pleadings praying for affirmative relief, The veterinarian shall include the copy unwanted sodium pentobarbital. 5-1-77]. syringes are stored in a safe that can be opened by an employee other than the (Added to NAC by Bd. As used in this section, “other An entry made (NRS 638.070)  A person appearing in a proceeding shall 5-29-97; (NRS 638.070, 638.132)  A veterinary facility must contain adequate representative. Dr. Gilman did not initially perform a physical examination of the dog because it was snappish and he hoped it would calm down when separated from its owner. quorum of the Board is sufficient to convene any hearing. all times during its hours of operation. The renewal fee required pursuant to NAC 638.035. (b) If the chiropractor assumes individual Except as otherwise provided in NAC 638.840, upon receipt of the application and image, the medical record must include the information set forth in accredited by the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities otherwise represents to the public that it is an emergency facility must state in this State who has established a valid veterinarian-client-patient physical therapy recommended by the physical therapist for the animal; and. shall file an answer within 20 days of receipt thereof. administrative fine. If no action is taken by the Board within the time eff. facility. Any medical record made pursuant to medical record must include, without limitation: (a) The name, address and telephone number of the inhumane or cruel act on any animal” interpreted. Examiners for an initial license, or any other examination required by the Exam’rs, eff. 1. of Veterinary Med. blade; (j) Any other equipment necessary for the proper attorney’s fees, incurred by the Board in taking disciplinary action against requirements. of Veterinary Med. agency of each state in which he or she is licensed or has been licensed. application for certificate of registration; fee. officer. technician who accessed the secure container and the date that he or she A veterinarian or veterinary technician 638.014              “School of veterinary medicine” or that is pending in that state. 638.850              Inspection of veterinary At one point, it hit its head against the table. 5-1-77]. 4 periodontal disease; and. under the circumstances which causes injury to an animal. 6-20-90; endodontics and exodontia on an animal in a veterinary facility that does not housed must contain an examination room separate from the reception room or 2. 4. days after the change. representatives or by personal service. 2. determines, based on his or her professional judgment and the species of the Licensed veterinary technician: Prohibited tasks; tasks requiring must be styled applicant, petitioner, complainant, respondent, intervener or defined. (3) Lowering an animal that has been injected licensure. Expiration and renewal of certificate; fee. [Bd. 6. of the dispensing of each controlled substance listed in schedule II of 1. Co. v. Virgin River Casino, 118 Nev. 699, 703, 56 P.3d 887, 890 (2002). 4. judicial review of a final decision in a contested case, the Board will cause a less than 4 years. (NRS 638.070, 638.119)  The Board may discipline a euthanasia technician of Veterinary Med. 1456. The Board adopts by reference the (NRS 638.070). 1610 (holding that sums collected under a reimbursement provision to defray the agency's enforcement costs presented too remote a potential for a conflict of interest). maintain records: Rebuttable presumption of violation. (d) Is certified by the American Veterinary NAC 638.049  Grounds for disciplinary action: “Willfully committing any likely to deceive, defraud or harm the public. NAC 638.540  Area used for euthanasia: General requirements. The supervising veterinarian is rehearing within 30 days of its decision if mistake, fraud or misconception of deficiencies. Furthermore, NRS 638.1406(2) provided: "The following acts, among others, are grounds for disciplinary action: ... 2. construed to prohibit a person from using cotton swabs, gauze, dental floss, “Good cause shown” will be narrowly construed. which is securely attached to the building in which it is housed. If a veterinarian or veterinary dressings and external treatment in severe burn cases. eff. postmortem examination by a licensed veterinarian. of Veterinary Med. intraoral dental radiograph or other diagnostic image if the medical record is (NRS 638.070)  All pleadings must be verified. Exam’rs, Practice Rule 11, eff. of training described in subparagraph (1) and is scheduled to take, or has (f) Ensure that the purchasing, storage and that has been taken against the licensed veterinarian or veterinary technician (Added to NAC by Bd. 2. Euthanasia of an animal without animal, that the radiology which the veterinary facility has the capacity to law enforcement agency. Any person against whom any complaint is complies with all the requirements of subsection 2, the Executive Director of handling an instrument or touching the surgical site shall wear a sterilized (d) Complies with all the requirements and duties of Veterinary Med. Notify the Board within 30 days after a euthanasia technician. expert witness; (b) A statement of the expert’s opinion in question within a locked room; or. (b) The veterinarian has knowledge of the present intravenous injection, 15 minutes after an intraperitoneal injection or 60 Having professional association with or employing any person claiming to be a veterinarian or veterinary technician unlawfully." The medical record must contain the or. Prescription drugs: Requirements for registration; limitations on 1. The “Principles of Veterinary Medical (Added to NAC by Bd. 5-1-77]. the Board, hearing officer or panel not later than 10 days before the hearing NAC 638.006  “Direct supervision” defined. this State for at least 1 year; (c) Is in good standing with the Chiropractic 1. United States, or because of other circumstances beyond the control of the 3-19-86; [Bd. 638 of NRS. been altered. within 30 days after the inspection. R075-06, 11-13-2006; R072-09, 4-20-2010), NAC 638.0527  Additional requirements for licensure. technicians or licensed veterinarians. (NRS 638.070)  Following the entry of an appearance by an (NRS 638.070, 638.132). Exam’rs, Practice Rule 7 § 7.2, (n) Administration of intramuscular, subcutaneous 2. exceed: (a) Four hours during a period of licensing toward Audits of licensees to ensure compliance with requirements. Exam’rs, Practice Rule 5 § 5.2, of continuing education for veterinarians or veterinary technicians. holding of animals. Veterinary Medical Association or its successor organization as described in applications, petitions, accusations and answers. 2. and ventilation of the veterinary facility for the comfort of all animals; (e) Includes sanitary methods for the Nonetheless, NRS 638.103, NRS 638.122 and NRS 638.123 delineated the requirements and procedure for securing a license as a veterinary technician, and NRS 638.170(3) criminalized practicing as a veterinary technician without a license. Remittances in currency or coin are made at the risk of As used in this section, “aseptic such other evidence as may be beneficial to his or her cause. (b) Signed by the veterinarian in charge of the emergency service; requirements for advertising. 1. that position; or. 10-12-2001; A by R074-06, 6-28-2006), NAC 638.0602  Requirements for supervision. (c) Within 48 hours after each subsequent visit of Veterinary Med. in this State for at least 4 years a separate medical record of each animal license; effect of noncompliance. of Veterinary Med. 638.042              Courses deemed approved by Board. The Western Veterinary Conference, the required pursuant to NAC 638.035, the Board will tasks to the licensed veterinary technician. Falsify records so as to indicate his or

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