The global naphtha market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. The petrochemical industry is growing in the region in order to meet the increasing demand for petrochemical and other allied products. The generic name 'naphtha' describes a range of different refinery intermediate products used in different applications. Closer to home, naphtha is also found in medicinal products and as a shoe polish additive, for example. Naphthas are volatile, flammable and have a specific gravity of about 0.7. Petroleum naphtha is an intermediate hydrocarbon liquid stream derived from the refining of crude oil. The naphtha obtained by distillation of coal tar is known as coal-tar naphtha while the naphtha obtained from distillation of oil produced in the bituminous shales is known as shale naphtha. It typically constitutes 15–30% of crude oil, by weight. For overseas carriage aspects of Chemicals, the readers are recommended to acquire or have access to a good chemical dictionary, and a copy of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, issued by the International Maritime Organisation. Naphtha is used primarily as feedstock for producing high octane gasoline (via the catalytic reforming process). Light naphtha is a mixture consisting mainly of straight-chained and cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbons having from five to nine carbon atoms per molecule. The North America region is among the key producers of oil and natural gas. Naphthas are volatile, flammable and have a specific gravity of about 0.7. Heavy naphtha, a mixture consisting mainly of straight-chained and cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbons having from seven to nine carbons per molecule. Naphtha is a colourless to reddish-brown volatile aromatic liquid, very similar to gasoline. Find products you are looking for by Topical exposure to naphtha can cause a burning sensation on the skin within a period of minutes to an hour, followed by contact dermatitis—a rash—that can last for days to weeks. Looking forward to work together on similar projects”, “We appreciate the teamwork and efficiency for such an exhaustive and comprehensive report. We use cookies to enhance your experience. I appreciate the timeliness and responsiveness of you and your team.”, © 2020 Fortune Business Insights . The best way to determine the boiling range and other compositional characteristics of any of the specialty naphthas is to read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the specific naphtha of interest. Also consult the applicable MSDS sheet. Owing to this, the demand for naphtha as a feedstock is expected to witness steady growth during the forecast period. The region is expected to hold the lion's share in the global oil well count. naphtha production and consumption rates, this analysis has divided production and demand capacity into several groups of processes, which yield and consume different amounts of light and heavy naphtha. Seeds and agricultural products, fertilisers, Perishables and temperature sensitive cargoes, Oils, fats, acids, chemicals and petroleum products. The industry uses it as a diluting agent in bitumen extraction. In addition, naphthas may also be produced from coal tar, shale deposits, tar sands such as in Canada, the destructive distillation of wood and coal gasification or biomass gasification to produce a syngas followed by the Fischer-Tropsch process to convert the syngas into liquid hydrocarbon products. Some petroleum refineries also produce small amounts of specialty naphthas for use as solvents, cleaning fluids, paint and varnish diluents, asphalt diluents, rubber industry solvents, dry-cleaning, cigarette lighters, and portable camping stove and lantern fuels. Production of naphtha in refineries and uses. Also, the molecules with 6 carbon atoms tend to form aromatics which is undesirable because governmental environmental regulations in a number of countries limit the amount of aromatics (most particularly benzene) that gasoline may contain. Naphtha is also a valuable feedstock for the petrochemical industry and its most important process, steam cracking. clicking a category or use the alphabetical index.

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