0000045552 00000 n Once the emergency situation is out, the cause of low insulation should be attended. If the motor is not put into operation immediately upon arrival, it is important to protect it against external factors like moisture, high temperature and impurities in order to avoid damage to the insulation. The measured resistance indicates the condition of the insulation between two conductive parts. 0000015854 00000 n If its still bad the motor must be replaced. 0000045003 00000 n Lower values warrant further investigation before the unit is placed into service. The insulation resistance tester, generally known by its trade name Megger, is capable of providing critical information regarding the condition of motor insulation. Select the required circuit and disconnect its live conductors from the distribution board (the earth conductor can stay) Step 2. 0000133933 00000 n The full data table of test results can be included with a simple drag and drop. www.biddlemegger.com/biddle/Stitch-new.pdf, IEEE’s Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Rotating Machinery, VHDL code to input data of size 18432 bit as word by word of sizes 64 bit. and when you meggar between other phases you get more than 0,5 Megohm even between phases and earth is 0,5 Megohm. They could tell you when they need service, or remind you to check up on them from time to time. 0000008657 00000 n 0000009017 00000 n What we learn from this data helps inform our service schedule to avoid unplanned downtime. The above article reads partially as follows: ” The minimum insulation resistance of new, cleaned or repaired windings with respect to ground is 10 Megohm or more. How bad is the insulation? -dPo@�4ӑ�@��U �9R9 endstream endobj 32 0 obj<> endobj 34 0 obj<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/ExtGState<>>>>> endobj 35 0 obj<> endobj 36 0 obj<> endobj 37 0 obj<> endobj 38 0 obj<> endobj 39 0 obj<> endobj 40 0 obj[/Separation/PANTONE#20123#20CV/DeviceCMYK 60 0 R] endobj 41 0 obj<>stream 0000020935 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %âãÏÓ 0000054266 00000 n The instantaneous resistance measurement is 283 GΩ . Using Fluke Connect, you can easily see: If the resistance drops off, this would suggest poor insulation health or moisture content. Resiliency, security needed for digital automation future, Top 5 Control Engineering Articles Nov. 16-22, 2020, How to maximize people power with digital capabilities, What 3rd generation AI for asset performance and process optimization will look like, What you need to know about cybersecurity. 0000005752 00000 n Step 1. 0000001940 00000 n 0000008965 00000 n 0000002749 00000 n Energize the winding for one minute at an appropriate voltage (see Table 1) and correct the measured IR value to 40°C by multiplying by a KT from Table 2. z 5 Date of test r eading in Megohms The graph below shows an example of the insulation resistance readings on an electric motor. the stator then must keep out for well drying. In addition, a summary graphic of the test results can be included without separate calculations or chart preparation. Voltage magnitude and existing charge also can affect IR, but selecting the voltage from Table 1 and following proper grounding practices before testing should eliminate this issue. First, the it must be Atex (the symbol is EX inside a triangle or hexagone) group IIA. Once the tester is configured, you can start and stop the test remotely, a safe distance away from any operating, energized equipment. 0000010080 00000 n And How they are interconnected with different IR values? Current Electro-Tech-Online.com Discussions. 0000010228 00000 n 0000001056 00000 n You can quickly and accurately set parameters such as: Remote control of your insulation tester allows you to use your smartphone to set up a ramp test ending at 2500 V. These parameters can be entered from a safe distance away from the unit under test and any other potentially hazardous equipment. 0000006625 00000 n `�`Hf�nhc�x�)�d�����>�����'�� �� �����00�0- During the measurement and immediately afterwards, some of the terminals carry dangerous voltages and MUST NOT BE TOUCHED. 3. Anyone who has ever had to read someone else’s illegible hand-written chicken scratch knows the frustration. 0000010199 00000 n I would like to learning 3phase 5hp motor wiring . Winding configuration for testing. It is because of An Electrical Equipment for that matter should run at High Value of IR.based on Operating Voltage and current as well. trailer <]/Prev 434695/XRefStm 2169>> startxref 0 %%EOF 1470 0 obj <>stream In fact, it takes many years of experience to determine whether a motor is ready for operation or not. A general rule-of-thumb is 10 Megohm or more. Larger insulation systems will show a steady decrease; smaller systems will remain steady because the capacitive and absorption currents drop to zero faster than on larger systems. But for critical operation this can be lowered to 0.35 M Ohms as stated. The test measures the insu-lation resistance between the phases and/or between phase and ground. Most modern insulation falls under the "Thermosetting" category. My candit option is the article have been so explicit, however, you have said the IR, varies, depend on the type of material used, the size… Is it in kW? The example above is saying that 0,35Mohm is the minimum IR for a 690V motor. 0000044743 00000 n Fluke Connect makes the job of data collection and analysis less difficult with drag and drop report creation. can we talk about figures in Mega Ohms for example and the system voltage? 0000011524 00000 n this can be done by an oven. 0000013904 00000 n The insulation resistance test is an electrical test which uses a certain type and level of voltage (500V d.c. for low voltage installations i.e. Fluke Connect eliminates hand-written notes and maintains data in a cloud for easy access. 0000044863 00000 n Check for the presence of contaminants that affect the results of IR testing. That’s why Fluke developed Fluke Connect®--an app for your phone or tablet that connects wirelessly to Fluke’s insulation resistance testers. 0000002169 00000 n After 1 min, you should read and record the resistance value. If the motor is kept in a place with high humidity, a periodical inspection is necessary. What may be the cause when you meggar between L1 and L3 and get results of less than 0,5 Megohm? Also, when we increase the temperature the IR tend to reduce not increase because isolating material have a behavior different from conductive materials. Why? 0000011395 00000 n Requires overhauling. The ramp test shown can be difficult to interpret just looking at the display on the tester. 0000003036 00000 n How about the ratio one min per 15s and 10mins per 1 min? 0000007617 00000 n Replace the motor, and disassemble the motor clean the winding and let it dry using heaters and monitor the insulation continue drying and heating until a good insulation can be obtain. If the insulation resistance is below this value, the wiring section giving that value should be rewired or checked thoroughly until the required value is obtained. Curve A shows test values as measured; Curve B shows same values corrected to 20°C (see page 22), ... periodic insulation resistance tests, and what you should do with the result: Condition What To do (a) Fair to high values no cause for concern. Table 3 shows the recommended values for the corrected IR. The content is copyrighted to EEP and may not be reproduced on other websites. 0000002977 00000 n Search Products And Discover New Innovations In Your Industry. The motor should dismantle and the stator must be washed by a water gun by a recomended cleaning method. That’s why Fluke Connect also displays a trendline, which makes real time data interpretation easy. 0000009148 00000 n As an unexperienced engineer those articles are very educating and informative. 4. Ambient test conditions can be included (ambient temperature, temperature compensation. The One-Megohm Rule. To perform the tests needed, you will need an Insulation Resistance Tester or a multifunctional tester such as the Megger 1553. It helps you. The problem is on your driven pump, (at no load the motor draws 22A and when it’s coupled with pump load current becomes 149?) which is operating by PLC controller, normally when it is constructed the insulation is subject to certaines electrical tests and if i remember well the test are hight tension test, short circuit test, blocked rotor test. See Figure 3-3. 1. 0000006543 00000 n I myself use a motor winding cleaner chemical it removes oils and dirt, it is a non conductive chemical, i use it with a spray gun with less than 20psi pressure. %PDF-1.3 %���� 02 Technical Assistance (800) 343-1391 3 of 6 Utilizing the Guard Terminal The guard terminal is useful when measuring very high resistance values. The insulation resistance thus measured should not be less than 0.5 MΩ on a firm, sound and fixed wiring. Discharge for safety and accuracy. 0000009923 00000 n With a sudden drop in resistance the 155x will cut the voltage and display the ramped voltage and resistance. Watch for factors that can affect the IR test. Edited by Chris Vavra, production editor, Control Engineering, CFE Media, cvavra@cfemedia.com.

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