difficulty is relative to the individual. Where does the energy and matter for the new universes come from? The focus in this course was on understanding and proof. Answer Gravy: This isn’t part of the question, but if you’ve taken intro physics, you’ve probably seen the equations for kinetic energy, momentum, and acceleration in a uniform gravitational field (like the one you’re experiencing right now). But doesn’t something new need to be made up for the square root of i? This equation says that if you take the reciprocal of all the square numbers, and then add them all together, you get pi squared over six. And negative numbers, and complex numbers…. “2+2=4” means nothing to an alien until after you tell them what each of those symbols mean and how they’re being used. Good luck. Q: Where do the rules for “significant figures” come from? It also relates triangles to squares. Q: Can planes (sheets) be tied in knots in higher dimensions the way lines (strings) can be tied in knots in 3 dimensions? Q: Why are the days still longer than nights, until a few days after the fall equinox? As you know mathematics can not only be studied for getting good grades and this subject cannot be learned by just mugging up because this subject needs concentration and Mathematics is the only subject that can be initially used for a lifetime. For instance, the physicist Richard Feynman created the path important formulation of quantum technicians utilizing a combo of mathematical reasoning and physical information, and today’s string theory, a Q: Why do superconductors have to be cold? With that in mind, we are going to take a look at 6 of the most difficult unsolved math problems in the world. properties, rendering it possible, by an additional step of abstraction, to convey That means that . So, it sometimes becomes difficult to deal with the long-term projects or a number of variable or pieces of Information at one time as it can interfere the achievement. Make sure about certain things while you were in middle school you need not attempt to move on until and unless you properly don’t understand one concept completely. Q: Is it of any coincidence that mathematics is able to describe physical reality – given that both are inventions of the human mind? Q: Before you open the box, isn’t Schrödinger’s cat alive or dead, not alive and dead? I want a good one. Q: What are fractional dimensions? Q: What’s the highest population growth rate that the Earth can support? The most difficult mathematics is that which you do not know. Q: What’s the difference between black holes and worm holes? Q: Can light be used to transfer energy instead of power lines? Y u mean just because someone else likes math doesn’t mean u can disown them. in development. The Lagrangian from earlier, for a free-falling object near the surface of the Earth, is: In other words, “everything accelerates downward at the same rate”. Q: Why does relativistic length contraction (Lorentz contraction) happen? Also, for one of my classes I wrote a slightly more detailed explanation (pdf) for #10, but beware—it is for the mathematically inclined. Q: Do the “laws” of physics and math exist? That’s why math books are mostly words. If you’re looking for an equation that needs to be complicated, a good place to look is physics (I mean, what else do you really need math for?). OK? Topology is basically evolved from geometry and it includes properties that do not essentially change even if the figures are formed in order to stretch and bend just like a dimension. Why is it so important? when A is a positive number. I'm guessing you weren't doing this on an arbitrary manifold, but in R^3. Q: When something falls on your foot, how much force is involved? Could we be in a black hole? Q: How do I encrypt/hide/protect my email? Differential calculus is about approximating more complicated functions by linear functions. Q: How do Bell pairs (entangled particles) behave experimentally? Remarkably, even with all the square roots and divisions, the answer will always be an exact positive integer. Q: Is it possible to destroy a black hole? This is basically concerned with the main application of maths in order to solve problems related to physics as well and the development of the mathematical process and methods which are initially suitable and used in such applications and also used in formulating the physical theories at the same time. Q: How can photons have energy and momentum, but no mass? Q: Why do heavy objects bend space and what is it they are bending?

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