Exercises for beginners: 1. Adjectives agree with nouns in gender, case and number. The masculine plural takes an extra syllable. Nouns 3. φιακό : “digital circuit” — is Verbs, simple past, simple past subjunctive 8. grave a. etc. Adjectives If the content of this website has helped you in your effort learning Greek and makes you happy visiting it, please consider donating any amount you wish. (Notice also the mandatoryinclusion of the definite article, το: as long as the noun is adefinite and not an abstract one, the article agreeing in gender, case,and number with the n… Therefore, each adjective has a threefold declension paradigm for the three genders. The Modern Greek Grammar examines, as said above, all Greek word classes with examples. /Producer (pdfFactory 2.51 \(Windows XP Professional\)) In Modern Greek it is:“το βιβλίο μου”. A feature of the Modern Greek noun phrase that often seemsstrange to learners of the language is the “inversion” (e.g.,relative to English, or Spanish) of the possessive adjective withrespect to the noun. /Length 5 0 R You can also check your answers as the pdf files include the key answers. %PDF-1.2 4 0 obj >> �E�s��]���X��l���0���j:sq)u�f������Lm�='���D6��R]6 E�:SR6�7_ �ݟWrד�������B(�k+�T)���k�������{�ڈ�{�������cp�)�{:��Y%`���8c_�+G�.>���9j�ᓲ�SB+`1 q����o $��0���k�n��v�� ��1ko�O�i����E� ���pb�M ި�. endobj οργώματα κι ελιές, δεν απολείπουν οι δουλειές. Modern Greek pronunciation does not add any sound with either of these marks. The Modern Greek Grammar can contribute to understanding and using better the Greek language. η όμορφη γυναίκα (i omorfi gynaika, "the beautiful woman") and when they are used as predicates e.g. Greek Accents Three different accents appear in the Greek New Testament: , a cute a, -- . << names of several animals, made known to Greeks in recent 8.2 Irregular adjectives The following tables show adjectives with an irregular declensional pattern. Nouns and adjectives for example are divided into groups, shown in legible tables and an example of each group is being representatively declined. For example, in English we say: “mybook” (Spanish: “mi libro”). Comparative degree 5. >> Greek nouns change their endings accoring to gender, case, and number, while retaining the root of the noun unchanged.. One characteristic of Modern Greek nouns is that they are preceded by an article much more often than in English. That is, μου (= my)goes after the noun. 8.2.1 Adjectives with the ending -ής, -ής, -ές-ής,-ής,-ές διεθνής, -ής, -ές Ϳinternational) centuries: καγκουρώ (kangaroo), κοάλα Nonetheless, you should be able to recognize these editorial marks because they can be important for philological reasons. 8. /Creator (pdfFactory www.pdffactory.com) << /Author (Administrator) Verbs, simple past, simple past subjunctive, 8. stream Verbs, simple present 7. /Title (Lesson 01 - Modern Greek Pronunciation.doc) These adjectives do not form the genitive plural of the feminine gender. Even proper names are preceded by articles: ο Γιώργος (George); η Μαρία (Mary); το Λονδίνο (London). 7. η γυναίκα είναι όμορφη (i gynaika einai omorfi, "the woman is beautiful"). �x�d�{� �ƾ&�sx?ஸaϰ��Y��M�z���u(��� EQ��7{�:Lv���67uI��'!_�;�5׭��HN���8+W��V������3va�����b��FԹA���;: Adjectives show agreement both when they are used as attributes, e.g. _��犨��ln�O���(G)�d��$��"����c"�yzn(�`�o7� 1 0 obj /Filter /FlateDecode used instead). H��W]w�Ƒ}ׯ�M6�T��� v�>D���qb����|�F��!9�PI����[��z��d�E1+�,�f{�OJ9k*�r��|�g������lk��l��ɼT�/��E�b|t<>ʳ\�մ�z���k�I^4�9��'��k����3����oѮ�:�:o����&�/p��}٪'�C0�&̼����P������D{����m��piq�l!���*D ,9�j����~����� ��@�4���z�"�׍��{#-���\K���� ק�y��[�i�Q��T�o2.�����_'��x3����c��v�W4����Aj���E� x�#�y!��6�Z�D��-�#����!������T���?���+��ݴ���z{��:�̆���_2����0��߿3%����W�~���1�htg�Jl��ziϧZ�� /CreationDate (D:20090812074952-04'00') -- … It shows your appreciation for the work done and it helps keeping it up to date. Verbs, simple past, simple past imperative, Nouns, adjectives, all cases, Japan tsunami, Verbs, All tenses, car falls into the sea, Verbs, All tenses, burglars hit local church, Verbs, all tenses and moods, weather report, Verbs, all tenses and moods, deadly Himalayan avalanche, Verbs, all tenses and moods, bear sanctuary, Verbs, all tenses and moods, seal in Piraeus port, Verbs, all tenses and moods, wolf sanctuary. � F1����b'U��T��yO�%=�vᰏ>��|*���̟9AC�!��)�]�ͦ�v^�������CGķ��W-x$�a�>Y�����J��܇� '(E���{N�t��h0qЄ��k���ӎ�7];[�0:�Ë�ڷ����w���r�(j��Ҹ�,.tҨ"��?��uR�����+!d��V�PRf(�d�� M�~{�#�6�m�o|��.-�6�[�w^���e&�V�yQ��� K:9.�����Ծ�:�T �6�4(���wi{�2����tH[d�j�'E�\�L�5� N��Qg� �b�Ja�xX�����r*���UX��4j�A5D[7����˙� >��>2���B i���:b�j���@����)|̫�R;/�l�~�3�7��UV� Dڬ��!�aQ�G�:BΚ�^� Pronouns 6. (koala), πάντα (panda), τζάγκουαρ (jaguar), In this page you can test your knowledge in Greek by doing exercises with all the word classes. κύκλωμα — lit. The article 2. Grammar Tips: While in English an adjective doesn’t change when the noun changes, in Greek an adjective … Learning the Greek Adjectives displayed below is vital to the language. Adjectives 4. ��lƄ���D��ꡲs��HN�?媁ң�邉�t _�����W��6Ӈ�f9�>�H�SQ:�n��>G�ﻟ3��W���@�k�7��1/D��!�0���wߩ� **���^�)���\ΙD‚`ӈY�$�X���-�9�����^)P�N?�Yn&�2��2� 1��\��~� �q��������&w\l�>�ֈ�����f��pv�pf�_��{��,�W�z�8�t����5����޳/ 2�7�?��f\��1'�nt�]m�T����ɐ��|�ŋ�n���m� Greek Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence. %����

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