I see no benefit to separating the contents of the episodes in and of itself, but the way they truncated and edited them only puts this version at a further disadvantage. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet Hell, some may even prefer the more truncated version as it allows for binging or digesting the material at a slower pace of 22 minutes a day compared to 55-95 minutes a day or what have you. That's exactly what happened and then some, though that isn't enough to make this a bad series. Even a mediocre retelling of wonderful material still leads to a good show. It is a prequel done exceptionally well, and it is easily one of the best installments in the franchise. GLIM SPANKY (eps 1-4), #2: "Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete (水の星へ愛をこめて; From the Aqueous Star with Love)" by SUGIZO feat. La loi vous autorise à télécharger un fichier seulement si vous en possédez l'original. Some may not even notice these faults, however, especially if they haven’t seen the OVA or read the manga. Other instances are simply due to how rushed the pacing of some of the weaker episodes of the OVA --namely 1 and 4-- were. Abonnez-vous pour recevoir les nouveautés par mail, Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin Advent of the Red CometSaison - 01 VOSTFR 720p. Even when the pacing felt abrupt, it somehow still felt deliberate. I knew that no matter what, it would still be a good show and perhaps a more accessible way for certain fans to get into the series, but I also expected it to hinder the material with unfortunate removals and jarring edits. Note: A re-edited TV version of the six OVAs released from 2015 through 2018. Pas de japonais? The rest of the CGI outside of the first episode still ranges from good to downright stellar, with the mechs being particularly great in several instances. The Zabi family who seize control of Side 3 and lead the Principality of Zeon, the early days of many renowned Zeon ace pilots who later fight in the One Year War, the secrets of mobile suit development, conflicts with the Earth Federation Forces, and the road leading to the outbreak of war—all will be revealed. I can’t even begin to do justice to how much this works at celebrating 40 years of Gundam far more than the show itself does. I expected some of the pacing and editing issues presented here considering they needed to adapt from a more theatrical OVA format to a more controlled and limiting television format. The final OP and the later EDs provide the only bits of genuinely new content in this show, though since you can simply look them up elsewhere, they don’t necessarily provide much of any real advantage for this version of the series.I won’t lie when I say I am disappointed with this TV re-edit. It isn't as egregious as the general pacing and scene sequence issues, but it emphasizes how this version is about rushing to get to the meat of the story regardless of how tactlessly it may do so. Winners of the 2019 Newtype Anime Awards were announced at the Machi★Asobi event. The winners were selected by fans in magazine and online polls. The only one I genuinely like is the ED that plays in the final episode, that being a somber song known as “Hikari no Hate” by SUGIZO by Aina The End (BiSH). The direction is mostly kept intact and along with the crisp animation and expressive character designs, it leaves the series looking gorgeous. What was important was highlighting how Astraea was never an intellectual partner for him and what that meant for both her and the owner who resented her. Advertising you can imagine my worry when this adaptation was expecting a TV re-edit. worth watching for any UC Gundam fan, and the shorter run time of the TV version may make it a more appealing option than the OVAs. #1: "Sora no Uta: Higher and Higher (宇宙の詩 〜Higher and Higher〜; Space Song: Higher and Higher)" by LUNA SEA (eps 1-4), #2: "Hisoubi (悲壮美; Tragic Beauty)" by LUNA SEA (eps 5-8), #3: "Beyond the Time: Möbius no Sora wo Koete (BEYOND THE TIME ~メビウスの宇宙を越えて~; Beyond the Time: Beyond the Möbius Universe)" by LUNA SEA (eps 9-13), #1: "Meguriai (めぐりあい; Encounter)" by SUGIZO feat. However, there were times where I was actively bored or annoyed by the handling of certain episodes, which was never the case with the OVA. Some of it comes down to simple removals and awkward edits like when a scene in episode 5 goes from Char laughing when Garma tries to befriend him to an explosive mock battle that comes out of nowhere.

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