While it is important to examine strength and weaknesses in an organization, it is also import to understand how these two elements feed off each other; one cannot exist without the other. It opens up the company for threats by the competition. Factors such as: flexibility, creativity, openness to use of technology and innovations, communication across the organization and talented employees are a must for competitive advantage (Porter & Millar 1985, p. 149). Also this paper will touch on discussion of the company’s competitive advantages and also limitations found in one analysis tool. The three models chosen for this analysis are: (1) SWOT analysis and (2) PESTEL analysis. The company (some opinions) in general has spread itself too thin by diversifying in multiple markets and products whose life cycles run short. It also brings to light how political and social forces are at play when it comes to value systems for innovation and technology. Also, times are tight for a lot of people due to increasing energy costs and lack increased spending power. Of course, the American government has every right to protect its public but at what cost to business and the consumer? Remember. Above leverage was addressed as a strength and it was identified as both a strength and a weakness because this tactic puts Microsoft in a negative light. https://phdessay.com/strategic-analysis-of-microsoft/, Financial Analysis of Microsoft Corporation, Financial Analysis in the Case of Ford Motor Co and Microsoft Corporation, Case Analysis – Microsoft in Europe, the Real Stakes. In other words, the experience can also be seen as a positive, another chapter in Microsoft’s long success. Available from http://www.thestreet.com/b/markets/economics/10210791.html. Available from http://www.quickmba.com/. In many ways this can also be seen as a weakness depending on if you are a fan of Microsoft and its fight against the American government’s view of monopoly. Microsoft has been able to create competitive advantage by utilizing leverage developed over time by the success of its products and services. SWOT Analysis of Microsoft Corporation: The Company with Sheer Excellence Microsoft has been the pioneer in the OS world. Microsoft has been able to do this effectively because of its product diversification and strong customer service. Because of the company’s past unfortunate negative press, not only are social factors to acceptance an issue when creating opportunity but also continuing improvements upon new innovation. Microsoft is an industry giant not only in the software realm but the company has presence across telecommunications industry. In doing this, the company can reassess its strategies toward marketing, customer service and product innovation. Political forces that may influence Microsoft is relationships with countries in which the company provides services. At this time, Microsoft has a competitive advantage over other such companies in its service areas because the group focuses on customer service at an affordable price. Also this paper touched on discussion of the company’s competitive advantages and also limitations found in one analysis tool of SWOT. on. Strengths and Weaknesses are considered internal factors while Opportunities and Threats are external to a company (SWOT Analysis 2006). People stop trusting the brand name. It means that creativity is not valued or seen as a must to inventing new products and ideas. It has presence on a global scale but also cohesion due to strong leadership and a common goal of creating innovative products. The cost of doing business on such a grand scale, while it continually changes, also has increased over time due to increases in insurance premiums and pensions (TSC, 2005). By using three different models of (1) SWOT analysis and (2) PESTEL analysis; a company like Microsoft can get a better idea of where it stands in the market place. The consumer also gets to feel a part of an innovative company when he or she comes in contact with some of Microsoft's special features. The concept of 'opportunity' can be a daunting element within any organization (SWOT Analysis 2006). An organization needs implementation of strategy to happen on every level within the company structure in order to function. In this respect, a company must stay one step ahead, constantly studying threats to their assets.

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