The globin of hemoglobin is a___________ which is composed of___________ parallel layers of closely packed ___________ chains. The abnormality of hemoglobin C is found in the β-chain at position_________ , the amino acid glutamic acid is replaced by___________. 14. 53. 9. Write the correct answer number of the followings: 1. Plagiarism Prevention 4. Methemoglobin is present in normal_____________ about _________ per cent of the total hemoglobin. In plants, the activities of catalases are signifi­cant. 58. Here is a compilation of important objective type and fill in the blanks questions on Hemoglobin. 9. Most stable hydrides is of: Lead. Bioinorganic chemistry is about the structure, function, mechanism and dynamics of biologically relevant metal complexes and metal-containing proteins. Choleglobin is formed from hemoglobin by ____________ in presence of ____________. (a) Oxygen of air, (b) Hydrogen peroxide, (c) Po­tassium Ferricyanide, (d) Potassium permanga­nate. The reduced form of cytochrome C is auto-oxidizable. UDP-glucuronyltransferase; bilirubin diglucuronide; glomerular filter. 7. 13. Practice Multiple Choice Questions. Methemoglobin can carry oxygen in blood. Acute intermittent porphyria causes periodic at­tacks of abdominal pain which is associated with fever and leukocytosis. 16. A porphyrin with a completely symmetrical ar­rangement of the substituents is classified as a porphyrin of. Glucuronyltransferase activity is inhibited by ____________. 48. 44. The cytochromes are iron porphyrins and act as electron transfer agent in oxidation – reduction reactions. Get to the point CSIR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) Chemical Sciences questions for your exams. Hemoglobin takes up the number of molecules of oxygen, 19. So they form ____________. Inorganic Chemistry Periods Online Quiz Test MCQs. Chemical Sciences. MCQ 14 – Amino Acids: Part 5 @. 4.8. on Bioinorganic Chemistry D Ray. 3. English. 37. The peptide chain of human heart cytochrome C contains ____________ amino acids. Complete study material for Kerala CEE Medical Chemistry, Kerala CEE Chemistry Test Papers, Kerala CEE Chemistry Sample Papers, Kerala CEE Entrance, Kerala CEE Exam, Engineering Entrance, Medical Entrance, Class XI, Class XII, NDA, Pharma preparation, 22. Question 3 of 15. Outline 1. 9. MCQ 10 – Plasma Membrane Lipids @. Russian. MCQ 11 – Water, pH & Buffer Action Part 1 @. Ans. 24. Question 2 of 15. MCQ 12 – Water, pH & Buffer Action Part 2 @. Erythropoietic coproporphyria shows large amounts of coproporphyrin II in the erythrocytes. The abnormality in hemoglobin S occurs in ____________ chain, glutamic acid at position 6 is re­placed by ____________. About Inorganic Chemistry in CSIR exam For all branches of chemistry students to crack CSIR-UGC NET exam, solving the inorganic questions is very essential. 25. Mendeleev was a scientist: German. 40. A type III porphyrin results with the condensa­tion of the components. MCQ 12 – Water, pH & Buffer Action Part 2 @. MCQ 07 – Amino Acids: Part 4 @. MCQ 09 – Fats and Fatty Acids @. 8. The α-chains of hemoglobin A contains__________ and β-chain contains_________ amino acids. Objective Type Questions: Write the correct answer number of the followings: 1. Porphyrias are of two types – congenital and ac­quired. 60. (a) 44,450, (b) 54,450, (c) 64,450, (d) 74,450. MCQ 13 – Water, pH & Buffer Action Part 3 @. (a) Type I series, (b) Type II series, (c) Type III series, (d) None of the above. 56. Chlorophyll is magnesium-containing porphy­rin and the photosynthetic pigment of plants. Indicate “True” or “False” of the followings: 1. In erythropoietic protoporphyria, there is in­creased ____________ and ____________ in the circulating erythrocytes, plasma and the feces. The molecular weight of catalases is about ____________. CSIR-UGC NET. Report a Violation, Questions on Detoxification and Immunochemistry. The iron of heme is coordinated in β-chains at positions. Inorganic Chemistry-Bioinorganic Chemistry: Questions 1-7 of 20. Ans. When the concentration of met-hemoglobin reaches________ per 1000 ml of blood, __________ usually develops. The porphyrins are___________ compounds with __________ structure. 22. 25: Non - metals in Biology - IV In acquired porphyria, there is increased excre­tion of ____________ in urine. As such; amino acids; ferritin “pool”. Acquired porphyria is caused by severe ___________ diseases and ingestion of certain ___________. 4. This test is Rated positive by 86% students preparing for Chemistry.This MCQ test is related to Chemistry syllabus, prepared by Chemistry teachers. Catalases contain the number of gram atoms of iron per mole. The globin of the hemoglobin is a protein com­posed of closely packed polypeptide chains of. 52. (a) A and B, (b) B and C, (c) A and C, (d) B and D. 10. This test is Rated positive by 86% students preparing for Chemistry.This MCQ test is related to Chemistry syllabus, prepared by Chemistry teachers. TOS 7. 21. d. […] (a) Molecular oxygen, (b) Water, (c) ATP, (d) B6-P04. 13. Content Guidelines 2. Iron in the ferrous state is incorporated into pro­toporphyrin to form heme. Hydrophobic; hydrophilic; “heme pockets”. 43. Two mols of Amlev condense to form porpho­bilinogen catalyzed by the enzyme Amlev dehydrase. Met-hemoglobin is an _____________ hemoglobin ____________ is in the firm combination. Free Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Practice Mock Test is for CSIR UGC NET, GATE & JAM students so can practice before exams and get involved the right way to handle exam time pressure. 55. 10. (a) Ferroxidase, (b) Ferroreductase, (c) Ferro- chelatase, (d) None of the above. When hemoglobin is catabolized in the body, globin is reutilized__________ or in the form of its constituent__________ and iron enters_________ for reuse. Bismuth. Acute intermittent porphyria is due to a marked increase of hepatic ____________. Mixed function oxidation; Electron transfer. 18. 24. 10. 2. 2. Chemistry . 45. Login. 2. 15. 1. 24. MCQ 14 – Amino Acids: Part 5 @. 30. 7. Fetal hemoglobin comprises _________ per cent of the total hemoglobin in the new born. The porphyrins are found in nature in which the various side chains are substituted for the hy­drogen atoms number, 5. 19. 27. Bioinorganic, biophysical, and bioanalytical chemistry of transition metal trafficking and regulation in yeast cells and vertebrate animals, with an emphasis on iron metabolism.

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